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Wheeled and spinner luggage both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Learn about wheeled versus spinner luggage with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video clip.

Expert: Carolyn Paddock
Bio: Carolyn Paddock is a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider (www.inflightinsider.com).
Filmmaker: Sarosh Syed

Series Description: What you’re taking with you on a trip and how it’s packed can be just as important as where you’re going. Get travel solutions and find out about various ways to get from “A” to “B” in one piece with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video series.


Terri S says:

Most upright luggage pieces include some firm of add-a-bag strap. They have a special attachment part on top of the bag. My B&R has one also Victorinox, it’s attachment strap is in the front pocket.

maverick says:

How does a 4 wheel bag perform on uneven surfaces (think: beautiful cobblestone streets in an old European city)?

omega con4 says:

Useless video on luggage.

Amalgamaite says:

CAN you “pull” a spinner, in the same way you pull a wheeled bag???

Mike Katz says:

this was not helpful. The point of the comparison is to point out the pros and cons of each. personal perception, 4 wheel are mainly for airport to airport indoor use only… 2 wheel are more durable for reasonable outdoor needs, and backpack is the way to go for rugged terrain. hopefully that is more helpful then this video to people who find themselves here.

holdem5180 says:

wouldn’t mind taking you for a spin!!!

karen holman says:

i have 2 wheel luggage thinking about buying spinner set..but aren’t they quite a bit heavier?

AznBetty86 says:

oh thats smart. how would u attach it to the front though? Use a belt to tie it together?

Terri S says:

You can never go wrong with a 2-wheeled upright. If you’re carrying an extra bag, attach it to the front of the upright, not on top, it will not add extra weight on your arm since the center of gravity is lower in this position.

Terri S says:

Spinner bags have limited expansion before becoming off balance. If the expansion zipper is behind the front foot of a 2-wheeled bag, there will be no tipping issues.

Diane Heron says:

Thank you for sharing. I am in the market to buy new luggage and think I may get a two wheel bag as a carry on and a 4 wheel for check in.

Sven Lima says:

What about spinner bags on cobbled roads in pretty medieval towns? Or on bumpy graveled roads like in Kuba?

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