Wheeled Backpack Review, Best of Both Worlds

I look for two things in a backpack, durability and design, and I have found Australian Company, Caribee come up spades in both areas. I recently got a new backpack, the Caribee Skymaster 80. I needed something that both had wheels and backpack straps. My previous pack was a Caribee purchased in 2003 and still going strong. But I needed to get some weight off my back, so needed something with wheels.

Caribee’s Skymaster Series are one of the most advanced wheeled travel packs currently available world wide.

Light weight, innovative, stylish and environmentally friendly, these packs are made from recycled polyester materials such as plastic bottles, containers, fabric off cuts and worn out garments. Using recycled materials lessens the need for oil, helps reduce waste in landfills and soil contamination than if virgin polyester was used.

The packs have a 3 year warranty for workmanship and materials.

Caribee Skymaster 80 wheeled backpack – http://www.caribee.com/product.php?prd=263

Caribee Toiletry Wrap – http://www.caribee.com/product.php?prd=293

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Overlander.tv says:

my last caribee pack has lasted nine years. I expect this pack to last a decade also. I wouldn’t make a video about this gear unless I thought it kicked ass…ha! No more lugging all my gear…it’s gonna be great, gonna save my back, love it!

harry page says:

hey there when carrying on back does the wheel make your lower back uncomfortable

Lacerations says:

Fed up with my poorly made backpacks. Tears frm all the weight! how much does this one cost?

Gerry Mendoza says:

Oh wow thanx 4 the reply. I’m a t.v. commercials camera operator and gaffer.
You’ve inspired me to pursue my next dream which is to travel with a camera.
Can you do a video on backing up your video files which as we know is huge?
And what are you using for your website as far as web design program?
Your aspiring traveller fan
Thanx G

Buford T. Justice says:

Are those wheels easily replaced? Those are the things I think about – I’d have a set spare if I was you. What an excellent bit of gear it is! Many happy and safe miles to you both.

Roy Loach says:

how does it compare to the Osprey Sojourn 80 series?

Warrior Prince says:

Dragging something behind you adds to the strain as it is not natural.

  Wheeled bags are fashionable but cannot be taken all the places a backpack can. They weigh more and cannot be stored as easily.

Gerry Mendoza says:

So you also back up on disk. Good
At the 1920×1080 30/24p. I just go through 1TB very quickly. Our RED ONE, this is a t.v. commercial with a budget but still relevant on low budget indies, data management is 2x external drives. If the production company only provides one drive, the 1st A.C., the DMT, data management tech will back up on his own drive also. I’ve seen some 2-3 tb 7200 rpm USB 3.0 and tiny great for travelling for less than $200. Great review. I love your gear review. More pls

lrjmusician says:

Thank you for posting this video–I stumbled upon the Caribbee brand while looking for something to use on a month-long trip–and you actually answered my question about film issues too!

My question: I’ve found that Caribbee offers this bag, the Sky Master 80 and also the Fast Track 85. I see them on the website, they look almost identical, but can you recommend why I should buy one over the other? I’m just trying to figure out the differences besides the 5L capacity variance.

Thank you.

Jefton Sungkar says:

4.9kg is not light for a backpack o_O;

Gerry Mendoza says:

Great review!
How do you bring your shooting gear on the plane with you. That pack is great but coz of its size you can’t take that onboard with you. Does it go on the small backpack?

Buford T. Justice says:

It’s good to know they are on the ball. Might be as well not to tell them you will be dragging their product @30mph through the head-hunting regions of Borneo.

Overlander.tv says:

yes they make a carryon model called the sky master 45. Perfect for an air hostess like you Rosa 🙂 Where in the world are you now?

fightington says:

awesome, down to earth, practical review :). gl with your travels brother 🙂

pawel gawel says:

5km – its not light. How much they paid you for this video?

Overlander.tv says:

Yeah visa’s can be a bitch! The countries I have spent most time in, Malaysia and South Korea had 90 day limits, this is a good amount of time. Indonesia, China only give you a month, which is crazy, tourists spend money! I just work around it. If Indo gave more time I would have spent a lot longer in Bali. I would have spent 6 weeks just surfing and editing at night, hmmm, Im gunna do this somewhere 🙂

Jeremy Ellis says:

We’ve been travelling with this for less than a year and it’s rubbish!

The wheels are worn out, roller handle is constantly jamming, and the zip is dead!

pawel gawel says:

I meant kg

Coco A says:

do they sell a 40 l wheeled backpack?

Jeff Secrist says:

Just spent 3 weeks backpacking Europe  the 70L was perfect! Rugged, lots of room, comfortable. My wife had a regular back pack, wants one like mine now lol. Wheels are good!

Overlander.tv says:

my laptop is 15″

bebum0 says:

Hi. Do you think it can fit a 17” Laptop? Great Review.

Buford T. Justice says:

As i was watching you I was thinking how much I would love to be able take a slow ten minutes examining that. God we men love our tech stuff eh ..

Overlander.tv says:

It’s gonna get a major workout with me 🙂

Overlander.tv says:

Just got a response from Caribee, they said regarding the wheels “we very rarely have issues, but they are interchangeable and usually we or one of our distributors can post out a replacement if there is an issue” Good to know!

Matt Essam says:

Im sold! Been looking for something like this for ages! Great to see someone doing it right. Thanks for the detailed review

Overlander.tv says:

About $270 USD to get sent out from Oz

Overlander.tv says:

My laptop, cameras, batteries and hard drives fit in the small backpack. Tripod, most leads, chargers etc go in big pack.

Overlander.tv says:

traveling with about eight 1TB hard drives. If anything goes wrong, I’m stuffed! Maybe a better option is to do a stint (maybe 2 months) and stop and edit, then send disks home…or add to cloud if in a country with good net

baddogonline says:

I have a question; I’ve been reading about visa requirements, and there seems to be a 90 day maximum stay limit in some countries. Are you finding this to be a problem, or are you just avoiding those countries all together? Keep the great videos coming… 🙂

Samson Reddyhoff says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I am after the similar but cheaper Caribee Sky Wrangler 60L Wheeled Backpack.

Not sure if you would know the answer to my question. The smaller detachable bag, does it have a holder for a laptop that also protects it? I think it will be similar to your one just smaller. Thank you.

Margaritaville3 says:

Thax for the backpack info. I am in New York at the moment.

bebum0 says:

Answering myself and adding to the review: Yes, the daypack fits a 17” laptop. Tight, but it works… got my Sky Master 70 a couple days ago and it seems to be great stuff.
You got this toiletry wrap separately, right? I thought it would come attached, inside the main pack, lol.

Margaritaville3 says:

Loved the bag presentation, the bag looks very practical, I wonder if the company makes the small bag pack with wheels and handle, I could use one for my one day trips . 🙂

rus3013 says:

Get a gym membership son.

Tom Bungbrakearti says:

Hi, with the Day Pack, what size laptop does it take? 15″ or 13″ thanks

Buford T. Justice says:

It won’t be much fun if the wheels decide they’ve had enough. I’d be inclined to check if the company will send you spare wheels – you can always send them this url to show how much free advertising they got already.

WWZ inOZ says:

security? I can use a pen to open all the bags

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