Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-on Bag – How much can I fit in there?

A small “review” on my favorite Travelon bag and what I carry with me when I travel.. This is a such a great bag, not only for traveling by plane but for traveling throughout the day as well. You could easily fit clothes and toiletries for an extended weekend trip in this bag.
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Dimensions for this bag: 13 1/4 H x 13 1/4 W x 8 3/4 D (in cm) 33.3 x 33.3 x 22

I purchased my Travelon bag at but as of this upload date it is currently out of stock. However, the same bag (although different fabric) is available at

Here is my referral link for 20% off of your first purchase: at eBags

Lynette’s review of this bag:

The little fan? It was handed out at my Friend’s Church at Easter and My bank also gave some away during a promotional even however you can find these through Amazon –

The foldable flip flops? – called Sidekicks –

The Noise Cancelling Ear Buds? They are by Audio-Technica. Model ATH-ANC23, QuietPoint. You can find them at Amazon here’s a link.

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Edna Tienda says:

do you not have to remove you laptop at the airport from the bag?

Robbin Sawyer says:

Love this bag! Where did you get it? Again, love it! BTW, I only carry on. Have traveled for a week to Puerto Rico, yes, just my carry on and a tote. 🙂

kathleen browne says:

thanks so much also got the travel bag, I was looking for a bag like this….thanks so much keep making videos I’m a mom as well

Lorena Ortega says:


kathleen browne says:

where did you get the fan

Gabby Palmer says:

This girl is an absolute mess

Elisha's Positive Training says:

Thank you for your review. I couldn’t help but to laugh at all the little stuff you managed to fit in there. We travel overseas almost once a year and I like to able to take my MacBook Air (11″), my iPad mini and my DSLR Nikon D3300 with two smallish lenses – plus all the little necessities. The backpack I have for all these things is great but gets really dang heavy when lugging through airports. I was hoping the main compartment of this would be big enough for a shell sleeve case for the DSLR since I know that all the other stuff will fit. Any thoughts?

101rosebud says:

Great video! Will this fit under the seat on European flights like  Easy Jet and Ryan Air that have size limits? And do you happen to know whether I could bring my regular larger carry on that I store in cabin and also bring this on those European airlines? Thanks!!

Glammy Bee says:

where did you get that fan????  🙂

Mystery Goodies says:

Love your channel I subscribed. If you have time check out my channel and share the love

Nettie Hughes says:

Can I use it for Frontier as a under the seat

Teresa's Journey says:

what is the little blue hand bag I can not make out the name in the video please and ty

Bonnie Hanes says:

She lost me when she went through all of her toiletries…..really? I want to see the bag!

Travelon Goveas says:

actually my name is also Travelon 

solea04 says:

Where did you get the little fan? Love it.

Susan Mayfield says:

Is it water resistant?

teenauh says:

Thanks for sharing…..what kind of noise canceling headphones do you use? Would you recommend them? I am looking for some. Thanks

NotOurJimmy says:

This is a great video! I’ve never flown with a carry-on before but I might after watching this video. Do you have to take your laptop out of the bag when going through security? How long do you suppose it takes to get through security with the bag? 

NaomiShops says:

This is a great travel bag. We travel all the time so this would get used a lot.

auroraborememalice says:

You have more stuff in that bag than I do in my house!

Tracie Merwitzer says:

Great video and so helpful!!!!!  I am not only motivated to get this bag, but motivated to get and keep things organized like you did.  Will definitely make travel so much easier!!!  I may have to watch again to collect all your great ideas.  What do you do with liquids if you are not checking luggage?

Fran Lacefield says:

too much info about her makeup…I’m interested in the luggage

Carolyn T says:

Is the bag heavy by itself? Thanks.

Toni Fejer says:

I so glad I saw your video! I have been wanting to buy one of these but there are a lot of mixed reviews. It helped a lot to see what you packed and how much it holds.
One question…are you happy you bought it?
Thanks a bunch!

Toni Fejer says:

One more question, I’m sorry!
Have you ever been questioned on the width of the bag from the airlines. The airline I would be using this on requires that the width be no more than 7.8 in. Can it be compressed a little to meet the measurement requirement, if the airline needed to measure it? Or is it too stiff to be compressed?
Thanks again!!

Regina Richardson says:

This is a great review!…what size is your laptop?

Susan Mayfield says:

Love all your sample and travel size stuff…like the flip flop, make up kit, etc. would like to know where you find those, I do a lot of travel…..Oh and your fan.

torontothegood says:

that will NOT fit under a seat.

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