Review Osprey Packs Ozone 42L/21.5″ Rolling Suitcase Wheeled Luggage

Super quality and usability. Compartments and dividers make it simple to keep things organized and compression straps keep clothing from sliding around. Large wheels make rolling easy and the extendable handle is pretty sturdy. Unbeatable warranty.

Disclosure: Free sample received for review.


Lakshmi Sailom says:

Where i can buy? I use 40L for travel 2 month ,,this one look more space i have deuter transit40 .

Ayman Almadani says:

one of the best reviews in methodology and honesty .. very practical review… awesome job !!

Jessica Dinnie says:

The sack… just… flappin there

Julia Olson says:

Chase, you crack my shit up. Hahah! I’ve already ordered the Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel, but I’m stickin’ around for the “I’m just a dad like ‘BDSM…Is that like text messaging?'” Lawl.

Matthew Yeager says:

I’ve been travelling long haul and short haul for work for many years, and have never really found ‘the’ bag for me but have recently been researching this area again and was largely disappointed until I found your review. This is EXACTLY the kind of bag a ‘techie traveller’ like me needs and wants, and your review was absolutely spot on! Seriously. I was on the fence about this bag, and it was in my top three after much research, but your review put it over the finish line. Can’t wait to get my new bag and, more to the point, use it! Thanks, mate.

n25992 says:

Man . You are amazing !! Loved your review . Always super detailed reviews . Cheers

Johanna Wright-Vines says:

Caveat Emptor
Company has no price guarantee

Also: “Pre-paid shipping label
Shipping fee will be deducted at the time of refund”
No cost is provided

Quy Doan says:

Best review ever, i laughed so hard watching you LOL. Will get this bad boy. Thanks for your video.

Tanner Robinson says:

How tall are you my friend?

B TYC says:

Great review, my suggestion would be to flip the hip straps around (current left to the right & vice versa), that way the pockets open upwards, easier to get into and less likelihood of the contents dropping out.

cxbf says:

Does anyone that has this pack think a pair of 20ish inch tent poles will fit vertically ? Figured I might have to sacrifice the water bottle pocket/ shoe pocket to do so but I need a tent lol.

Leptotila wellsi says:

Awesome review as always, Chase. On first opening one of your reviews, from a UK point of view, your presentation was a bit grating. However, I have warmed to you & enjoy your humour & style. As others have said you do a most wonderful & detailed review. On this bag you have picked up all the questions I would have asked Nomatic, indeed I have just emailed to ask about the quality of the zips & are they YKK. The Tortuga I also liked but they have stopped shipping over the pond. I am disappointed to read about the poor customer service, especially on a not cheap bag. My search continues.

svrocko1 says:

I assume you can lock the zippers?

gstbad says:

Nomatic are up to 6 months late to ship their bags to their customers. And they don’t answer our questions when we ask them what is going on. This is very bad customer service and very bad communication.

Tree Frog says:

I just bought this suitcase, thanks for the informative review.

Adam Woods says:

This might be the best review I have ever watched! Ever.

Scott Woodward says:

The strap near the retracting handle is designed for attaching another smaller bag. Good review, thank you.

Siik94Skillz says:

I’m a simple man. I’m not sure what travelbag to get. I watch Chase Reeves. I buy this bag. Thank you

Leonardo di minno says:

About the hip belt
if you invert the hip straps maybe you can open that hips way easily

CHRL Mlln says:

Warm thank to you sir, for this excellent and very good review of this Osprey Ozone 42 Rolling case! You greatly helped me to decide my purchase after watching your instructive and very good review! Wishing you happy travel! All the Best Wishes for your sir!

JanLouise Beck says:

Lololol ur hilarious! Loved watching ur review

TheTBull8 says:

Would you recommend the Nomatic or the Tortuga Setout?

Muaz Ali says:

How to remove sternum strap on nomatic travel bag

Joydeep Datta Gupta says:

I got this it. But hate the zippers too small looks flimsy. There should be system to hide the back straps like peak design backpack.

G Rimmer says:

For the price, not bad bags. I own the travel and 30L and happy with both for months now. I fly 4x/month and have had no major issues. Agree they try to do a lot which means they don’t necessarily excel at anyone feature but also doesn’t completely fail in my opinion. I would also agree with another comment that the Tom Bihn bags are the most exceptional duffle-type bags on market if looking for comfort, organization and quality specifically in an airplane travel bag (own the Aeronaut too).

the domi friedl of youtube channel says:


R J says:

Just bought one…

Cheese Travels says:

the more i check out all these reviews of other bags, the more I feel like I need the Peak Design travel bag lol

Michael Shackelford says:

Thanks. This made the decision clear. The travel bag is too big for what I want. I’m going with the travel pack.

Caleb Crawford says:

How does the Nomatic Travel Bag compare to the Minaal Carryon 2.0? These are the two bags I am torn between. Personally which do you like better? And what is your top favorite bag to travel with in general? Thanks for the super funny and informative videos! My wife and I just discovered you and think you’re awesome.

Sergey Paladi says:

i have ordered it and i am waiting very very

Martin Scheckner says:

This guy is awesome and very funny. Very nice job!!!

The G says:

you are one interesting guy! great review bro. very entertaining, too

Kenny Chen says:

Is this the 30L or 40L?

Russell Wong says:

Do you think this bag would be able to hold up if I were to check this in?

andrew dias says:

Chase just look on the site the missionworkshop radian travel pack please and give you opinion try review it but just read about it please

dweckster says:

Hmmmm… do the hip belts from the Tortuga Outset have the same ring attachment configuration as this bag, so you could swap them?

Javier Bustamante says:

there is no point on buying this bag when the Peak Design Travel pack is now on the scene, really.

Andrew says:

hi, great videos! Do you have a video that compares the Nomatic 40L travel bag and the Peak Design 45L Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools, please?

Thomas ANDRE says:

Merci pour les “crazy French weirdo hacker guy” 😉

Travel Teez says:

Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other’s channel since we both love travel )

Mike Nguyen says:

I am planning to get this backpack. Can I bring this backpack on a flight with my carry-on luggage as a personal item or will it consider as a carry-on bag?

James Angele says:

Hi Chase,

What camera setup did you use to film this video? Excellent picture and shot.


Mark Mraz, MBA says:

Great review, I had to watch twice to learn how to use this bag, a bit complicated to figure out for first use. I just got this bag for a 5 day trip to Thailand. packing it was great… it fits lots of stuff, because it’s so new, my zippers stuck too and all the material was still really stiff. I used the sundry pocks for my medications/pills/vitamins. That’s it. I’ll try to add to my review after using it next week. Putting the hip straps on was a bit difficult, the clips were tough to manage. I’m sure getting them off in the future will be “impossible.”

Jes F says:

This probably is big enough for your boots, God forbid.. HAHAHAH

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