Pack & Review | Lipault Vertical Wheeled Brief

I’m back with another installment of my 2015 Travel Series! Today I am sharing closer look at my current favorite wheeled carry-on bag. Check out my blog for pics & links. Thanks for watching ☺

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Lipault Vertical Wheeled Brief

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TrueNorth747 says:

I got the Case Logic backpack , following your review a while ago.I wanna thank you for that recommendation, it’s an amazing backpack! This little carry on looks great too.

debbythewebby says:

Love travel videos! Don’t stop! 🙂

Lisset Sanchez says:

Awesome video. Really appreciate the visual on how you pack your things into the bag. I am a visual person so this was awesome to watch. TFS

Kiri Asher says:

Love this bag – especially the colour, shame it’s not available in the UK.

TheCatholicGirl says:

These videos should be 5 minutes long. No more. We don’t need s complete run down on everything and you.

Shawn Robinson says:

Hi Jenn, How are you?. I am getting off topic here from your bag which is beautiful by the way. I wanted to know if you have read the book Love the Home you have by Melissa Michaels. I think you may enjoy it. Let me know if you do read it and please let me know if you liked it. Have fun in Utah. Take care and I will be waiting for the next pregnancy vlog.

lifesbeauty0 says:

i wish you would of showed a more indepth video on how you pack your carry on for an international flight

Gail Carsten says:

Really nice purple color and features.  I am assuming you have a Longchamps Le Pliage large bag.  Could you please do a video on that.  Do you put a bottom in it to keep its shape better?  I have seen videos and they look better with some shape to the bag.  Some people make a liner themselves rather than buy a $25 one.  Thanks.  Love your videos!

Cynthia says:

Nice tote bag and great review Jen. Love your packing and travel video’s. Please keep it going. XO, Cynthia

Average Jane says:

Love this, I’ve been using a mini suitcase but I find that it can be just a little too big but then I have nothing smaller that I can wheel around

prettycountrygal says:

I have done a lot of traveling in the past; have not traveled any long range trips in a while, like it’s probably been two years but I do have hopes that I’ll be able to travel again like I use to and do more leisure trips in the next few years.  I’ve been on so many different kinds of trips in my life that I couldn’t even begin to tell all.  lol…I really enjoy your traveling videos!!!  Keep ’em coming [when you can and have ’em to post because I know most people like to see other vids as do I but they probably don’t like traveling vids as much as I do.;+) ]

snowbird says:

A little too expensive for me. I usually take a small case and put in the overhead and a tote bag for under the seat.

Gunmetalpuppy13 says:

I love travel videos!… Even if I’m not going anywhere… Lol

Karla Level says:

You do (always) amazing reviews! Thanks!

A Sensible Wife says:

I love your travel packing videos! Great information. Thank you for sharing!

Jamie Lovell says:

Loving your happy videos! Seems like your posting schedule is going great!

sleepycherisse says:

Love the look of this bag! I wonder if it’s available in the UK? I travel frequently as I’m from New York, so I love seeing these kinds of videos, please keep them coming! 🙂

Brooke Proctor says:

Thumbs up for travel series videos!!!

Shannon File says:

Hi Jen :). This is kind of off-topic but I was wondering if you could do an updated skincare routine video? Your skin has been looking great so just curious what you’re using these days :). Thanks!

Live Intentionally says:

Love that bag! Great review!!

Klimt Kahlo says:

I need to get this… Not that I ever go anywhere…

cfazande says:

I enjoy watching your carry on videos. I enjoyed the Vera Bradley rolling tote packing video as well. What do you do with your old luggage? Donate?

Sasha Duncan says:

Great review! Love hearing about anything travel related. Please share all you have.

Cathy Speerly says:

Great bag and love the color.

Stephanie June Blog says:

You’re becoming such a video editing pro Jen!! I love watching videos like this. Looks like a great bag!

lakejacqueline says:

Will the airport allow you to carry a purse along with this travel bag?

Paula Pinto-Ohlson says:

Great review jenn.. I personally have the navy blue and love it … mine has been to California, Portugal, Florida, and of course Chicago. Love it too

Kara Walther says:

This bag looks really useful! Thanks for sharing!

Helena Oops says:

Really enjoyed discover this pack!
Great presnetation.
Thank you for sharing.

beautyplayground says:

That bag is so cute. I might purchase it since I don’t even have a “real” carry-on bag 🙂 Tfs Jen! 🙂

Klimt Kahlo says:

Just saw how much it costs… Do not need to have it…

EssenceRose3 says:

The number i …. teeheeehee. Pregnancy brain sets in. I remember what that was like… it made me giggle. :p

Leslie Johnson says:

Great review. You always give great info on the products/items you review.
Off topic: I love your top! That is so pretty. Are those origami cranes?

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