Osprey Sojourn Review & Demo – 80L/28″ Convertible Wheeled Backpack

Full Demo & Review of Osprey Sojourn! In this video I review the Osprey Sojourn 80L/28″, a wheeled convertible travel bag. I show how the backpack conversion works, how big the Sojourn is and how it looks on.

I’ve been traveling with the Osprey Sojourn for 12 months and really like how durable and easy to wheel around it is. The Osprey Sojourn 80L/28″ has a spacious main compartment that’s easy to keep organized with packing cubes, and a few smaller compartments/pockets to keep your small items organised.

Durability and function:
The Osprey Sojourn so far (after 12 months of travel) seems to be super durable. I’ve had quite a few long haul flights and a number of shorter flights as well as a multitude of other modes of transport. The Osprey has come through looking pretty unscathed.

What I really love about the Osprey Sojourn is that the wheels are big enough so that it can be easily wheeled over some pretty rough terrain or cobble stones etc without sparks flying. It rolls really easily and has a retractable handle which is comfortable and sturdy.

It has dual lockable zipper on the main compartment so you can lock the bag. You can also attach an Osprey day-pack to the front of the bag with d-rings.

Convertible backpack feature:
Osprey Sojourn is a convertible wheeled luggage that has stow-away backpack straps. If you need to carry the bag on your back rather than wheel it at some point, it can be converted easily, as I demonstrate in the video.

For a large bag the Sojourn is surprisingly comfortable when on your back. It has fully adjustable straps as well as Osprey’s ‘trampoline mesh back panel’, and quite a wide hip-belt. So the convertible backpack feature is definitely usable and useful. The straps are removable too if you are not going to use them, so you can free up some space if you need to.

The Sojourn 80L/28″ is spacious, yet pretty streamlined. It comes with some handy compartments, however not too many to add bulk. The Sojourn weighs only 3.65kg (or about 8 pounds), which is not bad for a bag of this size with a solid frame and sturdy material. It’s got foam sidewalls so it’s surprisingly protective for a soft bag. It keeps its shape really well.

There’s also a smaller size Sojourn – 60L/25″ – available if you can manage with a smaller bag.

So is the Osprey Sojourn 80L/28″ a great bag for long-term travel? Yes it is! The Sojourn in my opinion has the best of both worlds, or rather, all worlds. It’s easy to wheel around, fits lots, is quite light AND converts to a backpack, if needed. Two thumbs up from me!

Product link: http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/convertible_wheeled_packs/sojourn_2880l

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Thanks for watching!


Nicole Kainzer says:

Does the sojurn include a day pack? 🙂

Jessica K says:

Hi Eeva,
I am looking at buying the Osprey 60L, I really enjoyed your review, thanks so much.

sigit handoyo says:

I am really interested to buy this pack. Hope the convertible feature can really free me from the pain of dragging my luggage over rough surface. But is it really that spacious? I doesn’t look like as big as 28″ conventional luggage.

Leo Blocher says:

Hello Coconut Compass,
thank you for the nice review! I got a question no text or review could answer me as detailed as i hoped to read it yet. It would be so great if you could help me.

I m going to India for 11 months so i have to consider the monsoon when it comes up to buy a bag. Is the Sojourn waterproofed? And if not is it water-repellent at all?

Greetings from Germany,

Chris Martin says:

Thanks for the great review, where are the packing cubes from? They look to be a perfect size! Thanks

Peter Knack says:

Hey, nice review. I am really interested in buying this bag, it looks pretty handy to me.
Just one question: do you also own the daypack? Cause I would like to buy that too. But my problem is, that Osprey offers various ones and I don´t know the matching daypack to the big bag.

Laura Lee says:

Hello is it small enough to be a carry on?

TheFlashands says:

I bought this bag thanks to your review, thank you for taking the time to do this. Was very informative. Plus you have a great accent 😉

hfk1001 says:

Well done. I bought a Sojourn years ago but didn’t use it (I used a non-convertible backpack for luggage instead). I finally decided to give my back a break, so I broke out the Sojourn. I loaded it up with my gear, and tried to adjust it to make it comfortable, but I could never get it to do anything but sag and pull awkwardly against my shoulders and neck.. I put it off to bad design but, given Osprey’s reputation, I thought I’d do a bit of research. I ended up watching your video and, when you pointed out the clips on the bottom of the bag, I knew what I had done wrong. I tried it again, with the straps clipped properly and the bag fits well. Thanks!

Mitchell Thomas says:

Haha turtle

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