Going on a longer Trip? Reviewing the Thule Crossover 56L Rolling Duffel

With 56l capacity This is the biggest bag that I have reviewed yet. But don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with how I pack stuff for almost three weeks.

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arrGjjj says:

that haircut is great for you so much better than long hair. About the video Thule bags always are 1st quality materials great review.

LiamS4ys says:

I don’t even need a bag, I just like watching your videos. Nice video!

Julio Nagashima says:

Very nice video. You should comment about the price. Thanks

Wai Hon Woo says:

@bo ismono Will you review KP duffle or Peak Design everyday messenger?

Wamed Libya says:

I just open the video put am sure is coooool

Muhammad Ibrahim Alvi says:

Dude you are awesome

Guillaume M says:

Hi ! Nice video thanks for sharing ! I am going on a 6 month trip around the world and i am looking for a durable bag which would not be damaged after the first few flights. Looks like this one could be the one ! (in 87 liters version though !)

Regginald Williams says:

Is aircraft carryon friendly?

darkbrian ' says:

Hi mate, thanks for video! It’s awesome.
Can you do review of – Piquadro backpacks also?

bajigurwedangronde says:

Excellent video as usual Bo! Thank you for the review of this roller bag!

BTW I want to let you know that my pursuit for messenger bag is finally over, I finally chose ONA Bowery for my EDC messenger bag. It’s not what I originally want, because It’s not modular, nor does it provide any option for attaching something (no MOLLE webbing), but it’s perfect for my EDC bag actually, and in a pinch it can turn into a padded camera insert to pack on my larger bag.

My dedicated camera messenger bags will remain the same, the Billingham Hadley small and pro.

Master Nec says:

Hello from Mexico. Your videos are so interesting and i like it. Sorry if i have has a mistake but my english is not good hahaha

Seb Alex says:

Love your videos. Subscribed! quick question, what camera and lens are you using? the quality is so good!

Luke says:

Another great video 🙂 What would you recommend as your go-to bags for every-day walking around (day bag) and a longer trip bag?

Eric Wahlrab says:

great video! are you still using the goruck as your number 1 bag? I’ve got the GR1 and I’m considering the GR2 for travel, shame about the vast and duties though….

Yohan Limerta says:

Hi Bo, great video as always. Is this bag cabin friendly?

Asura Lee says:

Aww the part where people fit a bunch of into the bags are my favorite part of the review

Keegan J Solomon says:

Great video.

H M says:

great video and I enjoy the filling of the bag with your stuff


hey bo! loved the song in this video! Is it royalty free? and what is it called?

killersl20 says:

I really like your videos they are very professional and give all the information needed while at the end still being entertaining and short. I believe that you will make it big, keep up the good work man. By the way you earned a new subscriber today

Zacky Mokhtar says:

your video is highly informative and professional looking. but it is much better if you could provide a link on where to buy the reviewed products for US, Europe and Asia? just an opinion. keep up the good work!

Michael Neglia says:

Great video man. also appreciate how you point out the everyday issues that are important!

Wanyu Ma says:

Hi, great review man! When will the northface accesspack review come out?

Eduardo Barreto says:

Excellent review as always you do! Go ahead Bo!

Jan Karlsson says:

Great video!

manifest 73 says:

Putting a lock on a zipper handle is useless. Pushing a pen through the zipper area can easily be open.

richard enano says:


Techno State says:

Very good quality videos! Congratulations from Argentina

Leo says:

Hey Bo, hast du schon ein Video über dein Arbeitsbereich (würde mich am meisten interesssieren) und deine Video ausrüstung gemacht?

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