Climb Cart Review: A Stair-Climbing Cart?

Climb Cart is a six-wheel stair-climbing cart. Here is my review, as I test it out in several scenarios depicted in the advertising. Overall, I think it’s a good product, although heavy items still require some work going up a flight of stairs.

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Junior Higgins says:

There 19.99 now

GreyFox says:

You should have walked down with the cart backwards. That would of made it easier to go down the stairs with it.

bryce jarrells says:

Does anyone else think that the mic on his camera is a bit funky?

Sky-Valo says:

Too bad for anyone over 4 feet tall…

danblckoro says:

Awesome review like always !!
Question, where do you put ALL the things you review after you are done with them ?
do you keep using some of them ? what happens to the ones you don’t like ?
Just wondering !!

George Puyol says:

Should have just sold the wheels as an attachment you can use on your own cart

Anthony Landrum says:

This sure didn’t look any easier than just a normal one when you were going up the stairs lol

Cassie C says:

I can not tell you how happy it made me to see you test it with laundry! I’m disabled and use a chair lift to get up and down the stairs to my basement/laundry. Holding a basket on my lap is awkward and it doesn’t fit well. I’ve wound up with bruises on my arms and chest from the basket getting caught on something and jamming up against me. I’m betting I could drag this thing behind me on my way up.

Now to just save up so I can afford one. Thanks!

(Downstairs is the easy part. I just chuck it all down the stairs, then sort it when I get down there, lol.)

Jenn Roy says:

The where’s don’t even seem to spin on flat surfaces?

Campy & Deweys Mommy says:

I got an immatation one from Qvc works great! I luv it. Mine was a laundry cart but bag is removable. My elderly parents have trouble carrying in soda or water cases so this helps them

Rick Garland says:

You should use a regular two wheel dolly before you used the climb cart then I bet you would see how much better it would be to have the climb cart

Tyler Steez says:

looks like a chincy piece of crap honestly. definitely wont last long with anywhere close to 50 pounds sitting on it.

Zombull73 says:

Seems like it would work just as well if it had one much larger wheel on each side instead of the three small ones. And larger wheels would be even better on rough terrain like the park grass.

Sage Wysocki says:

Decent idea but simply using larger wheels would accomplish the same thing.

- thaaCANADIANkidd says:

I wonder if movers use these things?

Sky Andropoulos says:

Keep us informed on how this product stands up over time, especially the wheels, that’s the part I’m concerned about most, as they seem somewhat flimsy.

Judith Catlett says:

Go down the stairs with the climb cart behind you. I may buy one by your review because I do live on the second level.

Daynaleo1 says:

I would like to see how well it works on the stair where the riser (vertical part of step) is open, like typical apartment or deck stairs. Without the vertical face for the leading wheels to hit and make the wheels swivel, I bet it doesn’t work that well. The other challenge might be where the tread (flat part you step on) protrudes an inch or so beyond the riser. Very few of the steps I have seen have a vertical riser intersecting the tread at a perfect 90 degrees like those in your park.

Ryan Blake says:

Confused why u didn’t try going downstairs while having the cart behind u, instead u push the cart from the front down the stairs making it awkward

Sup 212 says:

the first figit spinners

t181920c says:

What was that black thing connected to the grocery cart?

Family of Two says:

I wonder how the cart will workin sand, I’m looking for something small I could roll easily on the beach

Allie Jones says:

I live on the 4th floor (no elevator) on a military base and carry a 30lb toddler in a carrier. I absolutely hate going grocery shopping because of carrying the groceries up.

Arianna Klovstad says:

$40 WOW! I bought it for $13.00. Its at $19.99 at Walmart and target

Alexander Games says:

These new fidget spinners are pretty useful

ISOHaven says:

Bleh, anything with decent air tires can do the same thing. Good review though!

Philip Seitz says:

Looks kinda wimpy
A dolly with big wheels is not that much harder (if any) by the looks of this…

Mister Hat says:

Good idea, but it looks incredibly flimsy. They really cheaped out for $40.

Nick says:

Is it just me or is the sound quality really bad?

djstartheartist says:

The wheels looks small. Can you show it on some with wide open bottom stairs? Industrial stuff. The width is obviously a bit narrow and the center of gravity has to be CENTERED…

Linda Onash says:

I like your shoes!

MKB Rockets says:

I would like 4 of those tri-wheels and attach them to a sled for some stair sledding.

Brandon says:

This is like 17 years old, haven’t you seen Hannibal?

David says:

Ooo come on six wheel stair climbing carts have been around for decades..

gbalkam says:

What about stairs with no kick plate?

chancellorjake says:

My grandma bought these for the entire family for Christmas 2017. I enjoyed it at first, but over time it has become very unstable. Two months ago I was taking a 40 pack of bottled water up a flight of stairs and the bungee snapped off and the water fell down 14 steps. So, good concept, but not impressed with the build quality.

DutchBikeBlogger says:

Nice review

Sky Andropoulos says:

You can buy this product cheaper online at other places, Google “Climb Cart”.

alice spengler says:

glad I watched your video. I am short and have short arms. It looked too short for you so I have decided against getting it for that reason. I was already to get one too. Thanks for saving me some frustration.

Susan Robertson says:

My 1st watch of this Product!! Very good presentation!

Lorraina Flowers says:

hey there! so I realize this was posted over a year ago, but I’m just now hearing about this thing. I’m a construction millwright and these appeal to me for the purpose of lugging an arsenal of tools up flights of stairs a work area. often times this is a sensitive (and pain in the ass operation. I doubt this cart could bear the weight of a tool collection, but you did mention that this is not the only car like this. have you tested or do you know of any carts that maybe WOULD bear the weight/just be more useful? as of now we just use a dolly but this isn’t the most stable. most of the guys don’t have a whole lot of trouble. I, however, am 5’2″ and struggle EVERY time. thank you in advance -great channel!

Lisa Augustin says:

I just bought one and its great !!!!!

Buff Barnaby says:

A hand truck with bigger wheels better…and can move a fridge.

Heather B says:

WOW that’s a lot of clothes in your closet

Joyce Leady says:

I purchased mine at Menards for 23.00. I LOVE IT!!! being disabled its hard for me to lug groceries from car to house have a few front steps to door way have to clear. I have another grocery cart with four wheels it is hard to manuver up the stairs had to really tug to get it to go up, wore out before I got items in the door. So I thought I would give this cart a try and lo and behold it works so much better. I loaded two heavy boxes of Sam Club goods with the bungy cord and no problem. Yes you do have to be careful on how you load it to keep from tipping or not being able to hold the items. But, I can live with that part. Folds up easy and small takes up no room in car. I am sold !!!

Mike Doro says:

A suggestion for an additional test… Use your luggage weight scale to pull it up some stairs to see how much pull is required. That 30 pound case of water should weigh less using the cart.

John Smith says:

Try it with a 5 gallon water going up 1 floor.. please

Jenn Roy says:

I’m am amputee , use a prosthetic, but due to severe neuropathy, I use one arm crutch, I was hoping this might help me, but watching you go down the stairs, I’m not sure, lol???

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