Best Carry-On Luggage – Travel Pro Max Lite 4, FlightPath, Delsey Air Elite, Samsonite Aspire XLite

Friendly Review of the Best Carry-on Luggage 2018 Review. In this video, we provide an overview and test:
Travel Pro Max Lite 4 Review –
Travel Pro FlightPath Review –
Delsey Air Elite (Paris) Review –
Samsonite Aspire XLite Review –
(Make sure to look for good sales)

There is a lot of conflicting information out there on the different websites for the dimensions of the suitcases. We wanted swivel wheels as well as the biggest carry-on that the airlines would allow. For each of the carryon suite cases, we examine the size, pockets, webbing, and handle.

Almost all airlines in 2018 state that the maximum carry-on suitcase dimensions are 9″ x 14″ x 22″. Two of these options actually measure larger, but we took them to the airport and tried them in the American Airlines, Allegiant Air, and United Airlines sizer bins to test them out.

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ChiMom Morris says:

I bought the Samsonite in purple that exact model getting ready to go to Las Vegas so we are flying Southwest hopefully we will have no issues with baggage or sizes. Thanks for the video

Randy says:

I really appreciate this guide. I’m a flight attendant and was looking for something affordable with 4 wheels. I just ordered the samsonite bag and i wanted to know would it do well on Delta 700 aircrafts.

Juan Jose Rios says:

It’s all about Tumi

Lara Gaffney says:

I bought a Delsey 9 years ago. It’s been to England, St. Lucia, Mexico, and Antigua, and still does a great job. The thing I like most about it is that it isn’t black like all the others.

805gregg says:

The best is Osprey carry on with wheels and backpack straps amd a zip off day pack

usrvprogram says:

I have a Tumi that I like a lot. It’s been good to me.

Alan Smith says:

Thanks – À chacun son gout I guess, I like the Away smaller carry in because it is non-expandable and forces me to pack lighter. No longer a fan of my old AT canvas bag. But this was a great review overall.

The Laughing Lion says:

I enjoyed watching this review. I usually carry-on when i travel. I have the Aspire xlite. I like how in-depth you are with the reviews!
I’m new here, subscribed #7042 with the bell on, liked #12,
..come visit me too and join/comment so I know you’re there, thanks TFR!

Quick Fitness Food says:

This is my favorite carry on bag, had one for over a year with no issues!

Terri S says:

Shame that you overlooked my personal fave, the Briggs and Riley carry-on. Flat packing in the main case since the handle is mounted to the outside.

The Friendly Reviewer says:

It’s a bit of a long video so if you want to skip ahead:
0:53 Travel Pro max lite 4
2:57 Travel Pro Flight Path
3:40 Delsey Air Elite
5:53 Samsonite Aspire Xlite
7:52 Airport/Airline Test (American Airlines, AllegiantAir, United Airlines)
8:30 Our Pick

Jason Miles says:

Travel often for work. Went with Briggs & Riley and haven’t looked back!

Craig Netherton says:

Paul, I have the Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental, it is square and has the solid shell with the TSA approved lock. I love this bag, I can fit an entire week’s worth of clothes in it and it fits in even the smallest regional airline overhead. I have never had to gate check it, it is built very tough and it rolls like a dream.

Rudy Roo says:

I like your shoes . is it PUMA ? where did you buy it ?

ModernDayFamilyMan says:

I travel with a Delsey bag. I lucked out because I quickly picked it at the store when my previous one broke while traveling. It turned out to be a great bag and I’ve had it for a few years now and I love it.

David Pear says:

Needed a video like this. Had tons of problems with my carry on luggage and I am going to finally invest money into a proper one. Thank you for sharing, subscribed for more my friend 🙂

Frank Wheeler says:

All good bags. You failed to notice or mention how the travelpro storage goes down between the spinner wheels, to give you more storage in that area. The others are just flat across the tops of the wheels. Also, the Travelpro telescoping arms are really more engineered to be stronger than a typical one, although the Samsonite is also some better than a typical arm design. (takes a close engineering observation to see it) I would rather the nylon straps as found in the Travelpro than the stretching straps of the Samsonite, so I can further compress my clothes down into the cavity, not just keep them from falling out. Not sure of the type strap in the Delsey. I’ve used Samsonite for years and have no complaints. But these are just some observations that were left out. We bought Travelpro this time.

gast says:

Dude get a Tortuga backpack and be done with it.

Barnali D says:

I love my Eddie Bauer. It has two wheels, it is hard in the back, soft in the front and has a lifetime warranty. Cobblestones are no problem with this bag. It’s been through over 40 flights with me and I have checked it. That’s the larger one. I also have a carry on size, exactly the same. Its amazing! They are not sleek looking but they are made of nylon versus polyester which is the real deal when it comes to durability. The compartments are great, handles are nice and comfy, it actually glides along in the airport on two wheels and the front stand which I found fascinating.

MJB says:

I bought one bag 23 1/2 × 16 ×9. Looks like I’ll have to check it ?

Pa Xiong says:

Has anyone used ifly carry on @20″ with wheels & handles @22×14×10? Any issues or passing?

rrt08 says:

Just Fly Southwest problem solved.

David Kositsky says:

I want a review that will be for the most restrictive airline ie Ryan air. Not only do I need to figure out size issues, weight become very important as well since they now make you weigh your luggage andcnnit needs to be less thsn 10 kilos, and make you pay to take your case well. I love that you try each of your cases in the airlines test luggage cages. then lets get real and discuss price and quality build. We all know that the cases can be a little bit bigger than the size they specify. So trsvel pro maxi light 5 will be a very attractive possiblity.

Locating Me says:

great vid man. try adding the LOC8ING air travel tag and relax while knowing your checked luggage is on plane with you…

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