What’s In My Travel Bag Ep. 5 – Peak Design Travel Line 45L Backpack Review

This was a pleasant What’s In My Bag episode surprise, the Peak Design Travel Line 45L Backpack has instantly become my favorite travel bag. It’s smart design, comfort, and adjustability give you so many ways to carry. Throw in the Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Shoe Bag, Packing Cubes, or Camera Cubes and you’ve got endless possibilities for organization.

Peak Design Travel Line – http://bit.ly/2Oyx6Iu

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Roblox says:

So let’s _checkitout_

Nick Wie says:

Hahah, that Gesundheit. Love it

Luke Simpson says:

@2:46 nice set of cable ties

Alexonabudget says:

Awesome Video!! I just started vlogging my two year trip around the world! Check it out and let me know what you think!

George Mitchell says:

Ok, except for the peanut butter clam comment (lol), this was an excellent demo of the bag, accessories and how to use it! Peak should be recommending your video for potential buyers, it was really, really well done. Thanks!

Andrew Brannan says:

Review Nomatic

Michal Jeck says:

Is the zipper to main compartment which is holding the whole load safe enough? How long you think it will last before it breaks? I really like how the bag looks but really unsure about that zipper holding the whole load.

Bo Ismono says:

Like always: Awesome video!

Keith Holman says:

Ive been a backer for this bag since June (and watched pretty much every review since), but this is the best overview ive seen so far! great job!!

Jonathan Huff says:

Your editing is great! I really enjoyed this video.

thistubeisfucked says:

Up to 45L? In what world are you going to carry 45 litre cartons of milk in that bag? I never inderstood litres as a measurement for bag capacity.

Bradley Thorburn says:

Nice iron man pjs

Tim Lau says:

The backpack isn’t for me, but I did order their small duffle, which was added the other day; and a few of the accs.

Justin Lang says:

Love these what’s in my bag/pockets videos

Agga Viriyo says:

Please tell me the weight of the bag empty. I’m really planning to get one

Guilherme Oliveira says:

straight to the point, you ruled! thank you!!!!

Fotostrasse says:

cool video!

Melanie C says:

Where your hair at tho

Y&S FOOD! says:

Impressive movie! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to catch this form of contents. We create Travel & Food video as well, throughout the planet, and also we are often seeking inspirations and so approaches. Thank You.

Burnt Toast says:

What is your all time favorite case for an iPhone 8

Andrea Rock says:

the-best-review LOL

Martino Wong says:

crap! I wanted to wear the bag like you do at 7:03 and be the first one to do it!

stareatglare says:

Dude. Only you could take a great bag review to the next level and turn it into the funniest thing I’ve seen in a Loooong time. You rock brah – keep on keepin on!

Mike219 says:

Passed on the travel pack, way too heavy for light travel. I backed for that sweet tech pouch though

TheArtsOfSense says:

this channel needs much more subscribers and attention ! really enjoying your vids for a few years now

SnapClik says:

This vid was emotionally comforting to just look at. Great job!

Eric Matas says:

peak design is my hero

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