Unboxing The biknd Helium V4 Bicycle Travel Case | Win With GCN!

Enter now 👉 http://gcn.eu/WINbiknd

This week on GC-uNboxing; stress free travel with your pride and joy. Easier said than done, but a good bike bag, box or case is a good place to start. The biknd Helium V4 bike bag is lightweight and features inflatable protection. Enter now!

Entries accepted from anywhere in the world! This competition will close at 10:00 BST Monday 26th September 2016. The links to enter will not work after that time. If you miss out on either the prize or the competition, don’t worry, we’ll have more great competitions very soon.

Here’s that link to enter again: http://gcn.eu/2cZaKKQ

Thanks to biknd:

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Mukesh fulchand Solanki says:

Mukesh Fulchand solanki Nre

Shamarski Simon says:

Man, I want to enter for a chance to win but… I’m 17, and i turn 18 four days after the closing date 🙁

Montana Jones says:

How about a bike bag that can hold your bike safely but is also rideable like the new motorized luggage that just came out recently? But of course this one would use pedal power so that you can still get a ride in while at the airport.

Frank Leung says:

Hi GCN! Do you know how this case work along with mountain bike? Specifically an enduro bike and a downhill bike.

ToPiKa182 says:

Where did you guys announce the winner?

runskidisc says:

That bag is legitimately super cool. Dang.

Russell Gan says:

Just wheel your bike onto your private jet.

Manos Eleftheroglou says:

i have the scicon aerocomfort 2.0 and is much better that this…no need to remove seatpost or rear mech etc..
Just takes 10′ to fit all in the bag

Joel Klingenberg says:

My anxieties have lessened knowing that my bike will be protected from Si punches 🙂

Gae Kickerz says:

watching this is like unboxing a balloon and filling helium with it

Decamps 99 says:

Sounds good until the yellow things pop

Lee Griffin says:

Is the link working for everyone else?

mark quigley says:

dont think airport security would like to hear you talking about guns si, even if it is metaphorical ones 😉

Nicole Sutton says:

Not having to borrow a bike bag again……..priceless 🙂

SWTBRO says:

would it fit mt mtb…?

sc0608023 says:

Si was wearing Calvin Klein underwear!

Vegan Tony says:

Man your a spit of Dave Bickler.


Damn, and my EVOC travel bag just came in……..

Peter Bornhardt says:

If you put helium in it instead of air, you could maybe carry even more things in the bag.

TheLexoProductions says:

is there a possibility you forget the bike in it when you send it to the winner?

Alvester Coon says:

What’s a waste is not being able to see any of your videos because youtube’s ads don’t load properly and I get a blank screen on my tablet.

Joe Wind says:

Great it has a word close to “bike” on it. that’s not attracting bike airline charges or anything… booo

Jack flores says:

Never knew a bike bag could go on EPO

Jun I says:

Most of the time, when flying, its more of the size than the weight that counts on how much you get charged.. Its nice that its collapseable because my 1st gen Scicon Aerotech hard case is a f*cking nightmare to stick in an SUV, especially after a long flight.

B007 says:

Nah, scicon aerocomfort is much better bag. You dont have to take anything off the bike except the wheels. And its much lighter too.

Dom 7 says:

What is when you have a non ejustable seatpost ??? Did it fits?! Like Giant , Cipollini , Trek !!!

Wong Thye Ming says:

every presenters in gcn has a aerobike so jealous z


Still “Made in China” though :(..

_Kips_ says:

Are you able to fit locks on both the side zippers and front shell? id rather be safe and lock it up while at the airport

Steve Carpenter says:

Not Sure if Si removed the mech hanger.. I always do as it is a part that is vulnerable and bike specific, so really hard to source in a hurry in foreign climes. I carry a spare anyway. £14 well spent if things go wrong! I fly with my bike at least once a month. Often to the States. The TSA have ALWAYS opened my box, often even inbound. (They leave a leaflet). Be aware that if you have a removeable anti crush bar, they may or may not position it back properly!!! Hence the Velovault with it’s fixed bar has an edge over the BB Alan. Great show Gents. Thanks.

David Beever says:

From their website – “Every small detail has been looked into”

Integrated seat posts?

v66bry says:

Got a bike box Alan and that’s amazing to..so easy too to pack your bike in it..but that does look Kool…the carry handles are good…

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