Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag Review | 35L Travel Duffle (Part Of Tortuga’s Two Bag Carry On System)

The Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag is a solid duffle that works well for two bag travel. Although a bit large, we love the organization this bag offers. View Our Full Review:

0:36 – Setout Two-Bag System
2:13 – Material & Aesthetic
3:48 – External Components
5:52 – Inside the Pack
8:49 – Durability & Testing
9:50 – Pros & Cons
10:34 – The Verdict

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag. A 35L travel duffle, part of Tortuga’s two bag carry on system.

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Pack Hacker says:

Would you travel with the Tortuga two-bag carry on system?

brp1264 says:

I haven’t really found a decent one bag solution for 3+ day business travel trips. Bags that are big enough to carry enough clothes and all my tech are too big for my liking to bring along to customer meetings, and also lack the tech organization of a more dedicated laptop bag. In the US, it’s not an issue for most fliers to two bag it, and I found a smaller laptop briefcase/backpack that can fit under the airplane seat for all your tech, along w/ a 2nd duffel, backpack, or roller bag for your clothes and toiletries, is really the best combo in most cases.

ryan webb says:


Jon Randall says:

Another 2-bag traveler here. One of my packing goals it to even out the weight, usually about 10 lbs. for each of the two bags, for a 7-day airline trip. My EDC bag/personal item is a Tom Bihn Synapse 19L backpack, in which I carry my 12″ MacBook, cables, power bank, umbrella, water bottle, socks and underwear in 2 Eagle Creek Specter tube cubes, and my ziplock baggie of liquids and gels.

My other bag/carry-on is an REI 40L Big Haul Duffel. In it I put everything I don’t want wrinkled in an EC Specter medium pack-it folder. Sometimes, that’s all I need. But if I need more, I’ll add a large EC Specter cube. I put my toiletries in the mesh pocket in the bag’s lid. Filled to capacity, the duffel can be 10″ thick. But with what I carry, I can use the cross-bag external compression straps and get it down to about 7.5″ thick. Then I attach the Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap and carry the duffel on one shoulder and the backpack on the other.

Steve Place says:

Tom, I used a 2 bag setup for a trip to Germany a few months back. I used the Tortuga Outbreaker Travel Daypack, and the Tortuga Outbreaker Packable Duffle. First, I overpacked, but that’s a different story. Second, the 2 bag setup was kind of a pain, and I should have packed ONLY the duffle, with the daypack inside of it. I was over there for two weeks, but I feel now looking back on it I could have easily lived out of a 25L duffle. So in the end, I would’t go with a 2 bag setup, bouncing between train stations, etc., and instead go with a single duffle, or single backpack instead. The 21L daypack isn’t enough room, so I would have had to have a good 25-30L backpack if I wanted only a backpack. I’d also pack my smaller daypack inside of that larger backpack as well.

Vincent Tandaw says:

I think it’s too much of a hassle. If I need my laptop or chapstick from my laptop bag, I have to set down the duffel first to swing my bag around. Just a thought!

Eliot Slevin says:

I’ve been subbed for like 3 weeks and man your IG audience is critical as fuck they hate the look of everything hahah

ZzackK262 says:

dude review the wndrd hexad carryall duffle 60L pls

Gerald McMullon says:

I spent 25 days travelling in India. The Tortuga Setout Divide easily took my clothes and some of my other stuff. I took a Bobby Bizz for a daily carry and second bag for all the tech gear (electric toothbrush, battery razor, camera, gorillapod, flask, 8″ Windows tablet, keyboard, mouse, power bank, mobile phone & cables) on flights and trains and for my daily carry around sites. I carried a 6 kg package for Christmas gifts which would not fit into 35 litres. I took a folderable duffel to wrap up the Setout Divide and take the gifts and used the clothes for added protection. Shortly after I arrived I posted the gifts on but then purchased a jacket so continued to use the 40 litre duffel which I checked in. The carry on was restricted to a single 7 kg on internal flights and 8 kg internationally. My stuff was 15 kg in total. Dividing the weight across two bags helped with hauling it around.

I have considered that for this one trip at least the Tortuga Setout 40 litres and their folderable backpack (Ruit Crush or others) might have been the better combination. The Setout Divide opens clam shell suit case style and can be carried with a shoulder strap. Whilst it lacks the carry handles of a duffel it, and the larger Setout, have the advantage of optionally being carried as backpacks and the small Bobby Bizz (or others like it of about 10-12 litres) as a brief case for things needed at hand.

Christopher Rines says:

I’m a fan of the 2 bag setup. I find that there’s to many trade-offs in a one bag setup if your doing work related travel including everything from your regular corporate type travel to digital nomad long term travel.

If you’re just travelling for fun then any day pack you stuff in your primary bag is probably going to do the trick but it’s almost always underwhelming when compared to a proper work backpack. Now there are bags like the Setout Divide that has an interesting way to handle this but even then I still think in compressed mode it’s still a bit to large as a work day pack. At least it has great tech organization which few dual use bags do so even I’m considering it. That said I think a tech bag of between 15 and 20 litres along with a duffle of approximately 30 litres up to a max size of 35 litres is a pretty awesome combo. That is if your travel style has you going to a location for a bit of time (say 4 days minimum with no maximum) and are working during a large portion of those days. If all you’re doing is vacationing then the 1 bag system works well and if your moving a lot it’s probably the best option especially with a combo style bag like the Serout Divide.

From all the bags I’ve seen the 2 setups that intrigue me the most are one for work/digital nomad travel where I’d use an ArkType II which is 15 litres and very sleek as my personal/tech/work backpack and a duffle like the setout you just reviewed for everything else. The other option is the Setout Divide but as I say above going this route has too many trade offs for work/digital nomad style travel. Of course the 2 bag solution is also a trade off since no matter how you look at it the setup is more cumbersome than a 1 bag solution. Also there’s the potential for extra fees on crappy airlines like RyanAir so if I was travelling for pleasure or always on the move (like never staying anywhere more than 4 days) I’d probably use the dual use single bag option as well as pack a collapsible day pack.

Few lots of thoughts but it’s where I’m at in my decision process. After seeing this video I’m even more strongly leaning towards a 2 bag solution with an Arktype II and some Duffle but not sure which. I like the look of the Tortuga duffle but it is a bit bulky I think, especially for a smaller person such as myself.



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