The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Carry-All Travel Case

Need a Nintendo Switch Case that Carries everything? This one by RDS is a good fit.

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Devinthedude says:

This is the case I want!(: could you put your wrist straps in the small little bag?

Chris Ayala says:

Can I plss get one cuz I like I have a Nintendo switch and I’m going to Texas next month and I don’t want to lose stuff

kshckdshkcjh sdlkvjflkvj says:

why would anyone want this get a gaming laptop if want to carry so much shit

Mark Tynan says:

I think people don’t understand – the dock is not the portable part

Double_Joseph says:

what i find that is also great for this case is that lets say you are just traveling and do NOT want to take the dock you can put an Anker charger in the case as well.

mlooch97 says:

Awesome video! A problem I have with this case is that my joy con grip wiggles around in that spot. any suggestions on how to secure it?

Zak Katz says:

Thanks Rick!

Brandon w Blue says:

Hey, like and appreciate your Switch case reviews. But is there a case that is fairly minimal in size but allows you to car the AC adapter. For me I travel a lot for business so I dont need the dock and my pro controller to take on the road.

omega.revolution says:

what about the hdmi cable?

Deion Greenaway says:

fuck it I am let some break it!

Meneer Guus says:

is the nintendo switch able to move in this case? i am afraid that something breaks inside this case.
sorry for my bad english.
can someone help me?

Stefan Stopko says:

have you experienced any scratches on your nintendo switch because of the dock already or not?

Kadenator9000 says:

Someone should do a drop test with this case with a Nintendo switch and see what happens.

Paul Wilkinson says:

Excellent reviews keep up the great work

Gameaholic says:

I got a botw travel case

Drew Isaderp says:

ugh every store near me doesnt have it yet

SonOfBatman 9227 says:

One of the best channels for switch accessories. Thank u for your content.

Trane SFC says:

I just ordered it not cause of travel cause of storage XD nintendo equipment are too small and delicate unlike ps4 which is strong and i can let it stay there beside my tv so good buy i say

trevor2001 says:

Target has it for $30, while Amazon and Gamestop are charging $40.

Lawrence Namuco says:

I love the way you present stuff. Subbed! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

BlinkThenDie says:

In the photo, I think it shows two nintendo switches, but It doesn’t look like you can store two only one.

Dark Prime says:

this is good as a storage rather than travel imo

Binja Fuller says:

The Pro controller goes in upside down. Hence the little indent for the left stick.

Robbie Fielding-Lennon says:

Any possible way to carry both the joycons and pro controllers in the same case as well as everything else?

Mystic echo says:


Jonathan Midolo says:

really nice channel. consider me subscribed.

MusicalBot says:

Could you tell me how large the case is? I plan on bringing it with me often.

GiYo Tv says:

Super clean presentation with high quality! Subscribed!

Johnny Tran says:

waht about the joycon charger

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