The Mini Switch Case – Hard Travel Carrying Case Review + GIVEAWAY!

It really is the little things in life that go the longest way, and the Hard Travel Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch by TPFOON is no exception. Although this case is small in size and may not offer as much room as other Switch carry cases that are currently available, it still offers all of the space you’ll need to travel with your most important Switch gear and accessories.

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Daniel Duran says:

why never me

Chase Crimeni says:

I wana wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

Gabriel Ng says:

Would get this if I get myself a Switch

F-Zero says:

Broooo I’m loving these reviews that you’re doing. I appreciate your honest opinions on these. Once I get my switch, I’ll be referring to your vids for the best accessories

Jake Long says:

Will the ac adapter fit?

Chicken Little says:

FILIP Hey man, you’re doing awesome! 470 likes and 6 dislikes! that’s great! also i was wondering if you could play just dance for us? it would be cool to see how good you are at just dance! 🙂

Alexian Espinoza says:

cool case I might get one or hope to win this

Ethan Fradkin says:

Nice vid definitely going to pick up this case

rodney j says:

I have this case and I love it.

robertido534 says:

who won the case?

Dominic Sheehy says:


Yes Its Ollie! says:

I have this!

tio phil Da zueira says:

Ok i love switch

Sacred Mirror says:

God is a pen
FILIP is a highlighter
God drew the world
FILIP makes it brighter

Joel Rivera says:

i don’t no how to enter but can sing me up

Dominate says:

Looks like a psp case

Gaming Orr bros says:

I liked the video subscribed and even turned on the notifications on just for you and for the switch but mostly for you. Keep up the good work and be awesome like you already are

skilarbabcock says:

Why has nobody else thought of this?

Mantis Shrimp says:

Another great vid. So hyped for next switch giveaway.

No one special. says:

I FINALLY got my switch and I just have to look for you for the best gear! 🙂

Amir Zhengis says:

Whoa wait this videos song was in Casey neistats video

Turtle dmar says:

I want a switch so badly

Analyze Tech says:

When the giveaway ended. 🙁
When you watch the video 🙂

Afsana Islam says:

Its so small, it could fit in your pocket! Idk why but stuff that are mini are cute like mini food. Also this review is very detailed so i like it and you showed where the stuff go like the joy cons and it looks really cool when everything is in place. Great video and great review! 😀

llinos zynklare says:

I will be getting my switch in a few days

Maniac says:

It’s only $10 now. definitely picking it up when I get a switch

Super Swagger says:

nice vid

Edgar Perez says:

Can joycons with gel guards on fit inside the joycon pockets, or will I have to take them off?

BattlePowered says:

what’s up with your hair lately? you’ve been looking depressed.

Danny Pazmino says:

no thanks I already have a Nintendo switch and a case for it

H57 Gaming says:

When will you announce the giveaway winner?

Inkling boy's Channel says:

Only 5 dislikes! Awesome!

KamiOtamega says:

I really wanted on for carrying without joycons on

Hunnah Bryaunt says:

I found that there is one for half the price on Amazon that looks identical. It’s about $7

Jose Rosillo says:

Nice video man!

Darth Distortion says:

Finally, a case that isn’t as wide as a king size bed

Daniel Duran says:

please me

cool gamer says:

hi switch plz reply I’m a greatest fan of yours

Zelda Mario Gamer says:

Hey that case looks like the old DS case I used to have with the 2 straps that hold the switch down! Cool!!

ITorlofI says:

This case is absolutely not for me. I mostly play my switch on the train ride to work. Normally I enjoy my time playing it and notice in last second that I have to leave. If I then need to detach the Joy-Cons, before my switch ist protected….
For me, the best case is the one in wich the Joy-Cons can be attached.

Cappy 64 says:

i just got this!!!

duke nguyen says:

Where can I buy this mini switch travel case?

Sean Orion says:

Filip I have been watching a few of your videos over the last month and I enjoy your content. When I first watched one of your videos I saw you advertising for a Nintendo Switch giveaway when you reach 50k subscribers. I will be honest I thought that was sketchy and that you would be one of the YouTubers who post giveaways just for publicity and don’t actually follow through, but when I scrolled through the comment section on your videos I see how you talk to your viewers and how helpful and polite you are I can see that you’re a cool guy. You have me as a fan now and I wish you the best of luck with your channel and watching it grow!

RedJacket says:

Filip Whats Your Favorite Color? I Think Your Favorite Is Red By The Way,You Have Amazing content Keep Up The Great Content!

From,A Fan Of You(:

Kevin Mills says:

I really wish I could never see any of your videos, ever.

Building Peaks says:

does it fit in your pocket with the case?

Cristina Ramos says:

thank you for all the reviews so all the people that don’t have a switch can see what is coming out and not miss anything

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