The Best Nintendo Switch Travel Case + Nintendo Switch Giveaway!

In today’s video I go over the RDS Industries Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case, which is in my opinion the best travel case you can currently buy for your Switch. It’s the perfect case if you travel a lot with your Switch and dock. It has everything you need to get all of your gear from on place to another, safe, organized, and secure!

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RDS Industries
Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case:

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sisiliathing says:

plz i want a nintendo switch

Febrian satrio rinanto pamung kas says:

i already follow u and i want switch plz

Joe Wall says:

Ok I would get if u were doing that with an Xbox or PS4 but a Nintendo switch! a portable?! WHAT?!

I still support you though

DAdue Az says:

I have a Nintendo switch today because it’s my birthday

marijn van der burgt says:

I ma grom the Nederlands and i wil that nintendo switch and gif it then to me brother.hy wil the nintendo switch veert wel


you look so happy in your vids and your editing game is on point, love that you point pros and cons 🙂

MulletEagle says:

I know this is late and you might not reply, but can headphones fit in the compartment for the dock?

Christian Contreras says:

I wanna be friends!

caleb kelly says:

me too

Isabella Mori Pastoral says:

pls pick me


please pick me give me the nintendo switch i love nintendo switch

Ana Quinteros says:

You make the best nintendo switch cases review.I do not have a Nintendo switch so i hope i win the Nintendo switch.If i win the Nintendo switch my famliy will be relly proed of me and its going to be the first time so i hope i win Nintendo switch.

Legend Hero says:

i know im probaly late to the give away but may i have the switch cause my mom and dad got in a fight and my dad left after my mom lost her job so she had made me live with my grandma and she got my mom a one room apartment but my grandma has a corner store job so she doesnt make alot of money so she cant get me a switch also during the month of march i got the flu so i could not watch videos about it so please pleas PLEASE LET ME HAVE ONE IM BEGGING I WILL EVEN MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT YOU THANKING YOU FOR IT CAUSE I WUOLD PROBALY CRY PLEASE LET ME WHEN I AM BEGGING I WILL SHOUT YOU OUT ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA JUST PLEASE

SavageMuffin says:

I have had the switch for two months but i still dont have a case

Jean-Luc Abito says:

u copied PewDiePie with that bro fist

Awesomekid Hd says:

i love your vids

Adam Habashi says:

You don’t need to freaking give the switch away! I already have it!

T darkwolf says:

haha i came here for the review not the giveaway 🙂

Surinder Saggu says:

I like the Nintendo switch

viper4hdz says:

Anyone else noticed that the joycon grip doesn’t fit slug in the case? It seems to literally slip out. Every time I carry mine around, you can feel it shake + bump around in the case and it’s pretty annoying. I have to fold a microfiber cloth in between the tiny gap to keep from moving around in there:/

Antonio Arencibia says:

i love this i even suscribe

Tony Daniel says:

plz give me the switch

James Christian Plays! says:


chillzone says:

Cool video

Dave Deadly says:

I like your reviews. Any advice for someone who new to making review videos?

Richard Roberge says:

Do you think this case could hold 2 pro controllers without the dock in it?

The Rama Nicholas says:

I want nintendo switch

Jambers says:

It’s a shame this case isn’t sold in the UK.

Nalani Swan says:

Give it to me please I suscribed

Edgy And Cringy says:

Hey, F L I P ! Like most people here, I’ve entered countless giveaways to win a Nintendo Switch, and I can actually recognize most people that I seen in other videos! I know there’s always the same ramble: “I want it cuz I want it.”, well, nO! I want it because not only is it an amazing console, but the design by Nintendo is so COOL! I never had had (yes, two hads) a Chance to play the console, and probably never will, and it will mean the world to me if you could pick me. Sorry if this comment is bothering. (GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERS!)

brian richards says:

Just FYI I have a travel dock and I use the space for transport of games and cases. Check it out 😉

Cunning Cruise Studios says:

Idk all these positive comments are making it seem very fishy that there’s isn’t a single negative one in here :/

Ana Quinteros says:

How did new York go.

Dao Chao says:

Is there space for a Joy Con charging stand too?

Pascal Suissa says:

The N500 by Smatree is so much better!

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