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Earendilgrey says:

I have a Zuca on my wishlist.  Right now I am just managing with my overstuffed Caboodles Train Case.  A tip for the suitcase option is if it has a mesh zipper case like that is to slide a piece of clear vinyl in (can sew/tack it at the zipper if you want) or even a clear folder or transparent sheet in there so if your brushes do fall out they won’t get caught in the mesh as easily.  Or make/find a bag that you can slide the roll into or attach a piece of fabric to the top of the roll that would fold over the top of the brushes and keep them from falling out.

jyroz says:

I’m just wondering, did Klaire get rid of her “favorites” videos? o _ o I had the sudden urge to watch them but I can’t find them )):

Alaia Rose says:

I looove my zuca. I’m a figure skater and it holds my skates, music, gloves, water bottles, a change of clothes, and whatever else I need to bring to the rink. I’ve had mine for about 4 years and it’s still in perfect condition!

ellen tuttle says:

I’m a pre-preliminary figure skater and I love the Zuca bags. All the skaters at my rink have Zucas and it’s a very convenient storage option. The Zuca bag was originally made for figure skaters, but as the line grew bigger people began using them for non-athletic purposes. I store my skates and skating tickets, competition makeup and hair supplies, all of my gloves and headbands, and I was even able to stuff a few of my competition dresses in the bag for one of my “less organized” competitions, lol:) Anyway it was really cool to see +KlairedelysArt use it for makeup, it’s was a great alternative to the average figure skating use of this bag. Amazing comparison!

3Katapa says:

Your figure tho! Not to be creepy but YASSS get that hourglass

notes and things says:

Yay!!! Just in time! Imats next week and I was wondering if this is really worth it as I use a standard suitcase now.

Jay Chapman says:

What roll case do you use for your brushes and would toy recommended it? Xxx

Frida Jørgensen says:

just wanted to say that you look really pretty in this vid. and i found the video really interesting and informative
keep up the good work 🙂 <3

caroline min says:

Are you a professional makeup artist

EnvyAlisha says:

Hey klaire, I was wondering will you ever an updated art station/art supplies video?

Jan Franklin says:

I love mine.  It took me a few years to justify the expense.  I am working steady now and just decided I needed to invest in quality tools.  Pack up after work was just a nightmare with a regular suit case, so incredibly easier with the Zuca.  The Zuca is a lot lighter too.  On a film set it you can’t tote all your own gear you need not to be on film sets. No one has time to stop there own job to help you with yours.

Erin Swanson says:

can you do a video on actually packing your case for a job?? I would really love to see that.

1ncnaBlueMoon says:

Are you a makeup artist through a company or independent? Just wondering 🙂

Claire Dim says:

Klaire, lovely and informative review. I have the Zuca case and I couldn’t love it more, it’s an amazing investment. Also I wanted to let you know I’ve always considered you very classy and cool, apart from talented. Respect. x

SillyRecordings says:

would you recommend the Züca case for teachers?

cyd batalon says:

is it waterproof?

laurapirate says:

I love the picture of the rooster in the backround!:D

Ana Cruz says:

I am surprised with the quality of the Zuca.

Emily Stark says:

I love the zuca! I’ve had mine for almost 7 years. I have a sport style and use it for my skates. It is so sturdy and has a great color selection!

VelvetGeisha says:

you can get zuca cases that are clear on the back and front. the small slots on the sides are for business cards. where did you get yours? I’ve only found them in the states and then only at the pro stores….

goldiestarling says:

You can definitely travel with a Zuca on the plane. I take mine as my carry-on. 😀

Gemma Formosa says:

This video was incredibly helpful, so in depth and informative! This really helped me make a decision on what to get 🙂 Thankyou!

Tiarna Ellen says:

+Klaire de Lys I got my Zuca case from Inglot. I actually use my 5th bag for my brushes. So I have complexion products in one, eyeshadows in another, then mascara/eyeliner in another, lips in another and of course, brushes.

fiona says:

I love videos like these, you’re so honest and charismatic, it’s super easy to listen to your voice. Keep up the good work!

niji - says:

13:30 You can’t find out your medium sized case because you just popped it inside of the Zuca hahahahaha

Elvisguineapig says:

I was really enjoying that chicken art in the background :^)

LilacKittyCat says:

Very cool! Wonderful review!

Britney Beals says:

I saw this on the Sephora website and I was debating whether or not it’d be worth it to buy, and after seeing this, I think it’ll be a great investment 🙂 Thank you!

TheWater MelonFire says:


I'm Fine says:

The Zuca case is around $170

BansheeDarkling says:

I’m getting the impression that you’re a makeup artist? Never really thought about what your career was.

ZombieCee says:

I had a lot of problems with my Zuca, I was told to buy it for my course, multiple people in my class had issues with the area between the front zip and the right front bar and fraying, mine gave out in a week and a half, I had to get it sewn and sew a liner on the back and front to stop the fraying so I could travel to class with it, and was then told a week later that because I sewed up the break I couldn’t get a replacement or refund. 
Some people in my class did get replacements and had the issue again, some didn’t have the issue after the replacement. I still use mine because it cost so much and can be sat on and now that I’ve gotten it reinforced it’s okay, but it was a lot of unnecessary hassle when I already had a good sturdy, compact, rubber wheeled, travel case to begin with.

Caroline Uy says:

When I used to be a figure skater, a lot of my friends had zuca cases, since they were the perfect size for skates and were handy as a chair when you need to lace up your boots. I always assumed they were just for skaters, and never even entertained the possibilities of using it as a regular travel case, and now find myself wanting one quite a bit.

Jasmyn Kosier says:

this is a great review and you look absolutely stunning in this video!!!! <3

DB says:

This might be a silly question, but would it be good as a normal travel suitcase? I have read some of the other comments about figure skating students, and I love the idea of being able to sit on it on the train! X

goofchunk says:

my Zuca has 4 wheels so it can go up stairs???

Sarosh Raicy says:

what price is that into us dallars

Captain Sulu says:

I used to do a lot of figure skating and we’d always use Zuca to store our skates because we can sit atop the case while lacing up our skates. Never thought that people use these bags outside the athletic world…

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