Review: Ziploc Space Bags (Travel Cubes)

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Packing all of your worldly possessions into a piece of luggage can be daunting. I wanted to try out vacuum space saver bags. I purchased the Ziploc Space Bags and decided to give them a chance on my recent trip.

Ziploc Space Saver Bags (travel)


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Here’s my review on them, as well as an explanation for what they can be used for (there are several uses) and a tutorial on how to use them. Have you tried them? If so, what do you think of them?

Initially, I was going to use the Eagle Creek version but I wasn’t able to access a shop which sold them in time. I think these were a fine choice!


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Ziploc Space Saver Bags (travel)

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MrOrthopedia says:

I didn’t think they made them after all those years.

Worst Behavior says:

Does this work well with ACU’s?
I’m getting ready to deploy and I want to pack light, lol and our uniform is bulky as hell.

BriNguyen says:

Super helpful! thanks a lot!

Yvette Cruz says:

Great vid, Melissa! For people saying that these don’t work or leak in air, one piece of advice Melissa gives here really helps with this:

When packing, leave some space near the entrance of the bag where the STOP line is–that’s what the line is for! The extra space creates some buffer between the zippered opening and your packed clothes, so it prevents air from leaking in. Some people tend to ignore the line and overpack. That’s a mistake. Air would just eventually get back in and re-inflate your bag.

$25 for 5 bags is still overpriced though I’ve to say. I got these ones which cost less than $20 for 12 of them, and it comes in 3 separate sizes. They work great for me!

ExhaleDreams says:

Tip for doing this since we used space bags when we went to Florida, use an air mattress pump. For our way back we used a small pump to suck all the air out again. Took up no space and works just as well as a vacuum!

Karen Hall says:

My experience was that the sealing pin/slider falls off easily and the air seeps back in

Whole Food Plant-Based Man says:

With all the space you save, take a small & powerful dirt devil. Solve the problems of the wrinkles with the hotel’s iron. Done. Problems solved. I’m doing this next time.

Mya Alexis says:

Does it weigh less ?

Grace says:

I bought one of these and they have this weird odor & it made all of my CLEAN clothes stink. Anyone know a way to get the odor out?

Sandra Fofie says:

Did it save any weight?

LizKM says:

very useful thank you

livelovelaugh says:

+Melissa Maker As asked by another viewer, did you feel that it made your luggage lighter ?

bgregg55 says:

will these discourage the cruise line’s bag inspectors from pawing through your luggage or will they just rip them open & find my rum runners?

Poopie pants says:

I guess that’s her only excuse to be out of the kitchen.

Seyri Ruiz says:

When your bored at 10 pm


What if I don’t have vacuum pump? If I buy storage bag with air pump will it work? will 150 Watt air pump be helpful to deflate air from jumbo bag?Please reply fast

Karen Shillinglaw says:

I was traveling out to the east coast of Canada in the winter…so I needed all my snow gear bit was only taking carry on onto the plane. Bags like those saved my life! I was able to pack a weeks worth of cloths, snow pants, mitts, hat, scarf, shoes and my toiletries all in one!

Jennifer Kindle says:

I just purchased these for the first time, and your video popped up first. I’m living in my first investment property while remodeling and saving, and space is limited compared to my first home. With these bags, I was able to fit 2 queens comforters in an underbed box instead of 1!

Sincere thanks,

Jennifer Kindle

LittleDude says:

Are these allow on your carry on bag?

Lesley Vivien says:

Can’t listen with the thumping in the background – sorry.

Paola Vidal says:

Do they by any chance make your suitcase lighter in weight?

eorti003 says:

Can you re-use the same Ziploc bag more than once?

Carolina Cruz Ferreira says:

what about the weight? Do they weight the same or less? just curious because on my next trip i may have clothes to give away to family and friends but dont want to pay extra at the aeroport .

Miss Jenny's Cleaning says:

I used the largest bags to move blankets. It worked very well, but I was able to pack so many blankets in one bag it was almost too heavy for me to lift.

jesus mena says:

How much did it weight

Sailor Saturn says:

Why did she pick it up and drop it like it was disgusting

Andrena Dimitrijevic Realtor says:

They simply do not work!  Through the years, I keep buying them hoping they improved.  Ziploc made a slightly better version but it still doesn’t work well.

Michael Guzman says:

I’d love to bend you over a barrel and show you the 50 states.

robert hingston says:

Where I get them ?

CaitlinTV says:

Does this work for jeans?

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