RDS Deluxe Travel Case – Nintendo Switch Case Review

The RDS Deluxe Travel Case for Nintendo Switch is one that people have been raving about, so I had to try it out. Is this truly the best case for the Nintendo Switch? Find out in my video review!

****NOTE** I am not paid or sponsored by anyone. These are my actual experiences with these products.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Industries-Nintendo-Switch-Traveler-Deluxe-Travel/dp/B01MY9JB2U


カロ says:

That blue is sick, I think you’ve convinced me to get the blue blue rather than wait on Gamestop to get the Red Blue in stock.

deltraeus says:

This is the most straightforward review of the RDS case that I’ve seen and has definitely helped convince me to get one, thanks

srbell67 says:

I just got one today w Mario kart on it. Lol

no1Liikeglenn says:

this one is soo nice!!!’

Kevintendo says:

So glad I found your channel from Kotaku! It’s awesome to see another channel start up with the launch with the Switch! Mine is Let’s Play focused, but I’ve sprinkled some unboxing and plan on doing reviews as well ^^ Thank you for showing me what an awesome review looks like, and helping me decide which cases to avoid lol

My biggest concern is a little silly, but I HATE game card holders like those. I had enough of that in the 3DS era x)

Hopefully I can find a case with a SNUG fit like this one, but has built in card holder slots like the other ones 🙂

Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see both of our channels grow, man!! I sub’d 😀

SirBobbyTheOwl says:

can the pouch hold a backup battery?

AnimeCollector 101 says:

I got this case too it’s awesome but not. Hold too many games and the power adapter

Teji85 says:

Nice review, this case looks way more protective than the one from hori i bought at launch.
I see a long hole next to the game card cases. Any idea what i can fit in there?
It seems a little bit that you can put the wrist straps in but I think they are too tall.

SofKR says:

I cant seem to purchase it in UK

Kiro Percelli says:

Factory smell is the best kind of smell!

Jordan D says:

Lol i have the butterfox case but it was to tight. I am returning it and getting this deluxe case, so I ended up here because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too tight

Jacob Williams says:

blue joycons look great

Amaet says:

Turns out ive been putting the switch on the wrong side

Tyler Mai says:

ohhh woops I’ve been putting my switch in this case wrong XD

chadmanPA says:

Which case is all around best for travel?

fuckthefucknshitfuck says:

Hey man, I just wanna say thank you for making these reviews. I also love cases for my handhelds

emersonleon85 says:

do the red game cases scratch the back of the switch when you lay it on top? i feel that was a bad design choice

cosmicmuffin101 says:

Would it be possible to fit 2 joycon in the pouch?

Ryan Fox0121 says:

Hey, I just subbed to your channel and thank god I did, I’m trying to look for the best Switch case and this channel looks like it could help! Btw can one of those plastic game holders fit inside the pouch with 2 wrist straps already in there?

CatsRevenge says:

Is it true that the inside smells toxic?

Paul Gerhard says:

hum, no top pocket

Ken Chang says:

weird, thought it on amazon for 39USD

ShadowNetBG says:

Can you fit a charger in that case?

Tulkas Turambar says:

What are you talking about!? The factory smell is the true reason to buy it!

Majora Boy says:

Can you fit a power bank in this case

TheZebbga says:

I want this case but I can’t find it anywhere in the UK . The other options arn’t the best.

Mitchel Burton says:

So is this the one you are still using as your main case? I really like the look of the Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case (PDP case), but this one seems a bit more robust and roomier. I’m also wondering if any of these ‘smaller’ cases will comfortably hold a second set of joycons.

EDIT – I’m also checking out the Nintendo Switch Carry-All Case from Surge. Have you had a chance to test that one?

rccsrGaming says:

Wow, the BEST switch case review I have seen out of many. You go very nicely into detail on everything I wanted to know. Subbed

catsdontsmile says:

They upped the price apparently, it’s going for 25 usd now

ADgun says:

i like the factory smell

Iguana Guacamole says:

Can you fit joycons in it?

Xeallous says:

Hey! Thanks for the video. Which case would you recommend me? I am two months from getting married and go on a honey moon, and that baby has to come with me, but I have no case, and I would like to give my Switch the best protection during the trip. I just want to carry the console and cons. Thank you a lot for your time and help. Regards.

sunsbookishgamesx says:

this is the only case that i actually like well aside from the exclusive Zelda cases but realistically I’m never going to get my hands on one of them. I’m waiting for 3rd parties to make some cases that I love

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