PSVR Deluxe Travel Case Review + DS4 Travel Case Giveaway I Order Up #1

Aloha Headsets, I review the PSVR Deluxe Travel Case from RDS Industries on the first episode of Order Up, I think it’s a great product, but please decide for yourself.

Deluxe Travel Case on Amazon:

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Albert Wu says:

I love my Playstation VR, i know i love my Playstation VR.

craig graham says:

Guess what? “I Love PlayStation VR”

Leviadan says:

I love PlayStation VR

Cody Carter says:

I Love PlayStation Vr. Frank, I just wanna say, thank you. You make me wanna make my own review videos. You have a great personality, hope your channel stays strong.

Forest Mcclendon says:

I love PlayStation VR

Walter Sams says:

Of course I love my psvr. Keep the great content flowing my man!

Mark Smith says:

I love PlayStation Vr!

Per-Henrik Persson says:

I just keep in loving my sweet PS VR. And people dont forget to use your PS VR to look on your old moving pictures. Wit the help of my wireless internet i LOVE to look at my westerns on my pc harddrive with it. Its just like sitting at the best place in the movie theater. Its an revolution. You se details in the picture you havnt seen before at the 200+ inch screen. Absolutely fantastic. My next wish is that my next console will allow me to connect 2 to 4 VR headsets so I can look att the film with my friends. Wireless of course.

Will Gravity Stokes says:

I Love PlayStation VR! Awesome video Frank, keep up the amazing work!

albert ross says:

I love my psvr!!!!

Sahand Naghavi says:

I love Playstation VR!

Kobe Luijten says:

I love PlayStation vr

Josh P says:

The beginning to this review was very epic.

umfan1 says:

I love PlayStation VR!!!

Patrick Rossier says:

I’m sure you’re a nice guy but I can’t listen to you for more than a minute. Loose de rat pack accent. Please

jollylittlehun says:

I Love Playstation VR

How are you getting on with Korix? I’ve just bought it so hopefully get a game with you at some point.

Profitsfromhome says:

I love PlayStation VR!!

Todd Miller says:

I love PlayStation VR

gamesfanatik says:

i love playstation vr!!!!!!!

MR Vaux Nobes VS says:

I love playstation VR

SerpentineX says:

I love psvr!
Another great video, thanks Frank.

entirababu123 says:

I love PlayStation VR


I Love PlayStation VR

Edgar Lindo says:

This is good to protect ur psvr from breaking the lens from fall or whatever

Tomas Chavez says:

I love PlayStation VR I am enjoying your videos

Mark Steff says:

I Love PlayStation VR!

youbrowser100 says:

i love playstation vr

Michael DePalma says:

I love Playstation VR

kv8867 says:


AZION says:

I love Playstation vr

Christian La Brooy says:

I Love PlayStation VR and travel with it too LoL

Bozidar Kecerin says:

I love PlayStation VR !

snyper713 says:

got my psvr last week and love it. I love PSVR

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