Pelican 22″ Elite Carry on and Travel Tips

Today I am sharing my tips on travel and luggage as well as giving my review of the Pelican 22″ Elite Carry-on Luggage

Get your bag today!

If you are looking to see the inside of the case:

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Tiago Matias says:

Nice vid man!

Quick audio tip for improvement:
Since you’re far from the camera mic, there are no low frequencies in your recorded voice.
In your video editor software, try to put a High Pass Filter (or Low Cut). It will slightly eliminate the wind noise on the video.

Wind movement on a microfone capsule is more present in low frequencies, roll off the bass of the recorded sound and you’ll improve a lot the audio of your vids!

Cheers 🙂

Marco Sousa says:

Sorry but that is a bad advice.That bag with 4 wheels will be broken in few travels. The wheels are not protected. bag handlers in airport will trow that bag, and brake one of the wheels easily. Older bags were way better because the wheels were protected. But bag companies dont want bags that last a lifetime… they need people to buy bags.

popptrp says:

The bag itself is so heavy, All airline are limit the carry-on weight about 7-8 kg. How many more kg. can you guy put inside the hevvy pelican luggage?

pbbeck01 says:

How much does the empty Pelican 22″ weigh? I have several pelican camera cases, and they weigh a ton.

Carl Langschmidt says:

cannot believe you did not show the interior in 11mins!

Christopher Sprague says:

I am on my 3rd EL 30 in two years. Less than 20 flights total. All covered by Warranty but still a pain in the ass. I have dozens of regular Pelican cases they are all bullet proof. Also have the two other pieces of Pelican luggage including the one review, holds up well.

Ek Chuah Studios says:

I like the looks of the bag but it needs four wheels for those long walks through airport terminals.

Propeler - Жизнь в Торонтовке says:

HI, as airport professional I would never recommend 4 wheeler as they brake easily. You have no idea how the baggage room works and what the luggage has experience there. 2 wheels is the best. Especially like on Pelican.

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