22:40 Bluetooth Headphone Deathmatch

38:36 YNOT Deploy Packable Backpack

38:55 Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack

44:34 Heimplanet Monolith 40L

45:02 Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack

45:30 Tom Bihn Aeronaut

46:00 GoRuck GR2


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smartgeartravel says:

Great review and yes this is a great bag, especially for photographers with lots of kit. Probably overkill for 95% of travellers that are happy with their smartphone camera. So not existential. We are prototyping something different on the travel bag front. However love all the indy designs coming from everywhere, lots of innovation we never saw from established players.

L. Jones says:

Love this bag and the pakt 1. You talk about traveling with your kids a lot, do you and your wife have a diaper bag that has a minimalist design with lots of function? TIA

Brittney Ayers says:

Ahhh, this might be the one. But I’m a little torn because I value comfort, and the strap “chasse” on the Tortuga Outbreaker looks superior.

Yylio says:

Found your channel a week ago and have been bringing your videos. Awesome content Chase! This bag is amazing and I almost backed the project but it won’t be ready in time for my 1 to 2 year trip around central and south America. Which is a shame because this bag is beautiful in so many ways. My other choice was the Tortuga Setout, but they stopped shipping to Europe now haha. Back to the drawing board! Great videos man

Conti Music says:

Outstanding, i think you would like my music for your videos as well, perhaps you would be intersted to use my music for your next video? Cant wait to see more!

Mr Robot says:

Great review as always., you are so cool.
My next bag must have a hip strap that fits me (6’5”, 21 inch torso). LOL, the tyranny of the “average height folk” conspires to hide if this bag will fit me. Help please 🙂
LOL, if only you were 6 inches taller 🙂 then you’d mention in every the bag review if the hip straps work for tall dudes, and if so, how tall …

Kyle Yazzie says:

Can’t wait to get mine

Chris Cloud says:

wait your number 1 didn’t start with “it can hold my business papers” now I can’t buy this thing!

someguyinnj says:

You’ve outdone yourself. Love this level of detail! Plus, did the pure comedy gold at 20:20 just slip by everyone? You even had my wife laughing there. Took me nearly 24 hours to watch the whole thing factoring in household interruptions, but totally worth it. Of course all that info prompted more questions: What does the material feel like? Is it rubbery like Nomatic/Wandrd? Looks too shiny to feel like GoRuck or even Tom Bihn… (except maybe the parapack?) is it like the Arcteryx one you reviewed a while back? That tech pack does really look awesome too… do you think the same concept could work in a size that was half as thick?

David M. Bush says:

Something felt wrong about watching a Boundary Prima being shoved inside of this bag. Sort of like watching a Great White being eaten by an Orca.

Kiklerr says:

My question is how do you have one and can I suck your dick for it?

Niklas Christensen says:

49 mins? Holy shit, keep it shorter dude

Angelo Ralph says:

34:10 literally the 5l sling

Sunke Lüppen says:

Dude I can watch your videos for hours… You are such an Entertainer 😀 YOU convinced me to back these bag! I will use your Link CHEERS bro!

scootermcgoot says:

49 minutes!

Brandon Waiss says:

Fantastic video once again Chase! I’ve been on the fence over this or the Wandr Access for an upcoming trip. BTW, did you just head butt a fly at 48:50? Best wishes.

The Only TML says:

“Peak Design did a thing – guess I’d better give them a blank signed cheque again”
—–Me, every time PD does anything new.

Damien Mead says:

Peak design only make bags for small framed people that use crappy Apple laptops. Omg get to the point.

Teh Penguin says:

Technically you do get paid with a free bag, no? Great review nonetheless.

Michael Horvath says:

Dude looks like Guetta… funny

tracked2 says:

nice video, seems like a good bag.. bit on the heavy side and it’s not carry on size for some european flights.

i was really hoping to see a comparison to the Minaal Carry-on 2.0

Jack O' Lantern says:

Great, in-depth, and timely review of this bag AND the tech pouch + wash pouch. I was really looking at the tech/wash pouches but both look like they could suck up a lot of room in my 40L bag.On the bag, though, any security concerns about those two side-zips (since they are two additional entry points into the bag)?

tarquintc says:

Chase, looooove your videos! Informative and hilarious! Keep em coming!
I got a chance to check this bag out in Peak Designs flagship store, and it’s awesome. One thing I’m curious about is your opinion on the side handles; top one is awesome like you said, but the side handles felt like they lacked enough padding, and kind of bit into my hand, and it wasn’t fully packed out. Have any thoughts on those side grabs when it’s fully loaded?
Again, love your content dude! Got in on the Boundary Errant bag after watching your review. Thanks!

Michelle Sandlin says:

You wouldn’t believe the week I lost just watching your bag videos. Great stuff! And, is there a 12-step program you could recommend?

jc says:

Chris, what do you think for long term backpacking….This bag or the WANDRD Access duffle?

David M. Bush says:

Chase, I’m really interested to get your take on a roller bag / backpack combo setup for travel rather than trying to consolidate everything into a single carry bag. Something like the Incase EO Roller combined with a daily carry backpack could be a really lightweight method of travelling.

Angad (Alex) Aurora says:

Ill buy you a beer! Great videos man! I’m looking forward to seeing where you channel goes! Keep up the good stuff!

themahonster says:

What camera do you use for your videos? Thanks

Jayce Wang says:

nice shirt!

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