Peak Design Travel Backpack Review | 30-45L Pack Perfect For One Bag Travel

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is nothing short of genius. The unique features, innovative design and quality materials easily make it one of the best bags we’ve ever tested. View Details & Buy:

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1:00 – Material & Aesthetic
2:45 – External Components
9:16 – Inside the Pack
15:29 – Durability & Testing
16:00 – Pros & Cons
16:42 – The Verdict

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is finally here. If you’ve been following us or you’re into backpacks, photography, or travel—you’ve probably heard of Peak Design. These guys have been absolutely killing it, making some of the most unique and innovative designs the backpack and photography world have ever seen.

We’ve been testing this thing out for three weeks and it’s seen use across multiple US states and a few flights. Much like their other gear, our first impression is that this bag has a lot of smart, innovative thinking, and it most definitely lives up to the hype.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is a well-executed travel bag from a company with an excellent track-record of bringing innovative and unique designs to the backpack world. This is a bag that can easily handle one bag travel, photography, or digital nomading with ease—and it will be a joy to use for any of those activities. We have a couple small gripes—mainly the zipper choice, sternum strap, and side handles—but all of the amazing, innovative thinking that has gone into this bag vastly outweigh the few minor downsides. A winner, for sure.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Peak Design Travel Backpack, an innovative 30-45L pack that’s perfect for one bag travel.

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肖中汉 says:

im going with the evergoods

Co Co says:

I was ready to pull the trigger on this once I heard about it, without even looking at it. The main thing that prevented me from backing it was the side access. It’s to be expected from them since they have mostly been about photography but I find it to be a security issue. I’m of the opinion that travel packs should minimize access points to any specific area since you’re constantly moving around in and out of transportation and accommodations in potentially crowded areas. With certain packs, you learn how to position yourself to minimize the risk of somebody opening up your bag. I don’t want to be doing head checks towards every side of a pack or wearing it in the front (which is necessary in some areas) constantly because I need to keep an eye on the 3 or 4 openings to the same compartment. I know it sounds a little paranoid but you’d be surprised at how easy these packs are making it for thieves. One zipper to lock for the main compartment is a simple deterrent. Remembering to lock multiple access points is a pita.

I’m also a bit confused by the zipper situation. In their initial trailer, they talk about how much they know about travel. Not so sure about that. As you already stated with your Thailand comment, broken zippers can mess a trip up pretty quick when you’re outdoors. That’s one of the reasons why something like a GR2 was a great option – peace of mind. I love packs but the point is to not think about them when you’re traveling. That’s what defines great design in a way. Besides the YKK issue, I wonder how well this would hold up outdoors. I know it has more features but this weighs close to what a GR2 does and durability should not be compromised, especially for a “photographer’s travel bag”.

I like the ability to change capacities, the water bottles pockets, lash strap system and quick access pocket. If they didn’t have that side access and had all YKK zippers, I’d probably get it. I’ll most likely get the tech pouch though as there aren’t a lot of good options in that space.

Will you guys be covering the CTB40 before backers get it? Great review as always!

CraftStyleXD says:

I am looking for a school bag? Any recommendations that are less than 30 bucks?

neojei says:

Any comment on how it flies? Was wondering your experience with it. How was it trying to put it under the airplane chair, etc?

zvczvcvzxcv says:

6:55 is that stitching where she is putting her right hand coming loose or just sloppy because it is pre-production?

Christine V says:

Hey Tom, I appreciate that your reviews not only cover pros but also some cons from real usage, which others don’t tend to do – thank you.
I noticed when Hannah is wearing the bag, the hip belt is tucked away. Was there any additional info about fit from Hannah? I’m roughly the same height and torso, and find straps and hip belts fitting properly can be a challenge. Cheers

kristianmag says:

Heavy, heavy, heavy!

Garrett Bredell says:

What’s the sling bag at 15:47?

Garrett Bredell says:

As always, top notch production, quality and thoroughness. I really appreciate the straight, no nonsense approach. Also thorough. I don’t believe I’ve seen any other reviewer go into detail on the zippers. One thing that might be neat to hear is how the weight effects your endurance. For example, pack each bag you review with a standard weight (a pillowcase filled with barley or something, get creative) and do a few standard laps somewhere and report back. It’s not a scientific test, but it might help glean whether the extra weight in packs like these really bring the experience down.

Rafael C says:

Now this is a beauty

Marjolein13 says:

Hi, could you include (centi)meter mesurements in the video? Thanks! Great that you put a girl my height in it aswell 🙂
I think I finally found a better bag than my Osprey Farpoint 40. Personal preferance. Going to save up

Darryl says:

Can you still use this backpack as a carry-on in the 45 liter mode?

Simmo Papalia says:

Hey Guys!! i know they are two different packs, but ! what’s the most confortable between the Eagle creek global companion and the peek design travel pack? and how much different is there in the confort? cheers thanks for reviewing this two packs !!

Pack Hacker says:

Thumbs up this comment if you’d like to see a full review on the Peak Design Travel Line Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes, and Camera Cubes.

Pirx p says:

This is a very solid bag, a good exemple of how Peak Design understands the design. Will wait to see a review of the Evergoods CTB40 which is in the opposite side of design. Well pointed the zipper matter but agree that overall the bag is great. Aer is also a bag to consider, the Goruck, Minaal… It’s nice to make a search on reviews.

kneda01 says:

Great honest review ! Will you do a review of the new Topo Designs Travel Pack ?

Pesci Dre says:

Would the large packing cube and the small and the tech pouch and the wash pouch fit in the mission workshop Fitzroy please check I have the 20l r6 and want to know if I should. Get them ilnow that the Fitzroy is 40l but still

Tricia Geib says:

I’m curious… why haven’t you reviewed anything by Tom Bihn?

SnapClik says:

First!! Weeeeee!! 🙂

scootermcgoot says:

Tom, question you rated the PD Travel Backpack an 8.9 and the aer travel pack 2 a 9.1, why is the Aer better? a bit confused.

SnapClik says:

First off I want to thank you for this vid. From a production standpoint it’s the best available (at the time of typing this). Lighting is on point and that’s such an important thing to me (I’m a Photographer). I now have a good sense of how this pack looks in the black colour-way. Love that you actually used the thing on 2 trips before posting this vid and that B-roll was awesome too!!
So I’m looking to get my first (and only) travel backpack. I bought and returned the Thule Subterra 34L. I found it uncomfortable and laptop side zip difficult to access. Hoping this is one will be better in both respects. How did you find the bag’s comfort?

You made a great point about the zipper and that’s now a concern for me as well. What good is an easy exchange policy when you’r in strange part of the world with a broken main zip? Perhaps the production model’s sternum strap will be altered to not come off as easy.

I’m currently backing the Travel Bundle + Camera Cube Medium. How did you like the packing cubes?

In any case, Peak Design should definitely link this to their kickstarter webpage. I’m probably going to do this now anyway. Fantastic job!!

Mark says:

I’m super glad that you chose to highlight the #danglefreeexperience you had with this bag.

In all seriousness, another great review, as always.

Daniel Rall says:

Fully loaded the pack to ~40L or thereabouts, would it be possible to rig a shoulder carry strap to any of the lash down points, or would it likely be too much weight for them to handle and/or poorly balanced?

FaerieDust says:

I really like a lot about this backpack, but I agree that the zipper issue is concerning. I love the sage color though – it’s awesome to see one of these “techier” high end travel backpacks that don’t look mega masculine 😛 I’m not generally SUPER girly, but a lot of the higher end backpacks just don’t do it for me aesthetically.

I think my biggest issue is the weight of the bag. According to Peak Design’s specs, the bag weighs 2.05 kg – that’s quite a lot when traveling with stingier airlines with weight restrictions on carry-ons! The Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L is 1.59 kg. Not a crazy difference, but enough to allow an extra outfit or two depending on climate…

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