Nintendo Switch VORI Deluxe Travel Case Review!

This is by far the best way to take your entire Nintendo Switch and accessories on the go!

You can buy the Deluxe Travel Case here:


willemowns says:

What a badboy!

jbee02 says:

The only thing i don’t like is it doesn’t have enough slots to bring more joy cons or pro controller. Ideally i’d like four slots that could be used for pro controllers, or joy grips with joy cons.

Another advantage of the backpack i like is that i can fit other accessories like, extra charging cable, headset, and power banks, or what ever accessories i want.

A disadvantage to the backpack i’ve notice is that if i have controllers in the back while I’m using the switch, buttons and the analog sticks will often get bumped and triggered causing them to connect and causing input errors while I’m playing. I assume that isn’t an issue with the case.

Monkey KO says:

Well third is a good place

Eeppinen says:

I prefer Virtual Boy.


Looks like a cheap knockoff of the rds industries system traveler case for 40 bucks. Question though, is the part in the upper part of the case that holds the game only attached with velcro.

SkillzProductions5000 says:

I might get one of these for holidays and going for long trips

FurbyGirl Keks says:

But why we need this? Why we should put the whole system with us? When we go outside we doesn’t need the dock?

Gala Fernandez says:

How’s the case holding up? I need two of these for the holidays and I’m  thinking about the amazon basics one because its $15, hope it’s not too bad.

JesseDaEeveeUser says:

Oooh awesome…. That looks pretty neat….but I don’t need it…. Because I have no friends..;-;

John Stassi says:

If you really want the ultimate Nintendo switch carry-all case, go on amazon and look up the case by RLSOCO. I can’t believe no one else is talking about that case.

Hypersonicisawsome says:

How much is this case? It almost looks exactly like the Nintendo travel case but with a different logo but it looks so cool!

dolly 92 says:

Great video!

Jzohnocalypse says:

Just bought mine. It’s nice, but the switch isn’t 100% secured in the spot right side up or upside down. It kinda wiggles, and the screen can touch the case. Considering wrapping the switch in microfiber cloth during transport.

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