Nintendo Switch Deluxe Travel Case

Here’s a look at the Deluxe Travel Case that I chose for my Nintendo Switch. It’s $19.99 and it comes with cases for games and microSD cards. You can also fit headphones & charging cable. Hope you like the video,

Get Deluxe Travel Case here:

Get Nintendo Switch here:

Get USB Type-C 10 foot cable here:

Get MicroSD cards here:


I use this camera for my videos:

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omar farouk says:

hey men can you send to me a console because i cant buy it

MK SK says:

Does the Hori Playstand fit in?

Silva Gorilla says:

Hey Mark , do you prefer the switch over the vita ?

Splash Attack says:

Is this case sturdy? I have tried 3 cases and I am so disappointed with Switch cases. None of them have enough integrity to protect the analog sticks. When you put the Switch in the case and into your bag, does it give in and press on the analog sticks? My previous cases would give in and sometimes my analog stick would be jammed a little and I would have to rotate it a few times to get it back to normal. Although this isn’t a huge problem, if it persist, I’m sure it will mess up my controller. I really want a nice sturdy case that can handle being in my bag when I’m going to work or traveling.


How long did this take to ship to you from amazon?

♡Midnightfury says:

Hey do you know if they have screen protectors out too? 🙂

Josh says:

Will the power cord that came with the switch fit in that pouch?

Andy Zullo says:

You could also put the joycon straps in the zipper.

Hilario Garcia says:

I got the Breath of the Wild one ^^

Tarnziner7/ عبد العزيز says:

cfxhtsggs غبيه

Marvin Erazo says:

que envidia sana la q tngo como quisiera tener una switch

Deion Greenaway says:

I not mood use f********** let granddad break  it!

Jørgen Karlsen says:

i think this version is coming out, but whit a mk8 skin instead.

Chris G says:

the better case for the Switch.

Kitty 129 says:

im definitely getting that when i get the switch in april

Offbrand Disneyland says:

Im really Pissed Off
I ordered this for pre order a week before te Switch came out
it said its coming on march 9th
Now its saying it coming 29TH

Michael Kao says:

I got a blue Zelda version with Link on the front at Walmart for $18.74. It’s awesome and feels incredibly sturdy.

Digital Creation says:

Are you planning on putting a screen protector on your Switch?

Spiderfly says:

you need a suitcase it’s massive lol

Lochlan Alexander says:

those are my favourite type of cases. I have one like it for my 3DS xl

Saman Mahjoob says:

Hey marc should i buy a vita or switch?

Adrian Fernandez says:

The long bottom opening under the game cartridge holder is for the wrist strap rails for the joy cons

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