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Here’s a quick look at the Bugs 3 Back Pack Bundle, available now on Amazon.com. This back pack is lightweight, durable and comes packed with the MJX Bugs 3 and all of it’s factory supplied accessories, spare parts and tools. Great for travel and can be carried on most airlines! AND… it’s WATER PROOF!!!


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JUNE 2017



nice review bro

Heiple2007 says:

“Don’t smoke and fly”, well,…………………that would suck. lol

Chaz .Wilkerson says:

nice video!!! with the Mobius mini cam… I need a small cam for my Bugs 3, Mobius or Runcam? I’m not sure on which one to purchase.

DonoRu06 says:

that is really neat. I am thinking of downsizing and selling my phantom 3 standard and a bugs 3 may still scratch the AP itch when I am in the mood for AP 🙂

Gerardo Torres says:

DJ nice video I love the bag but I already had too bugs3 i only need the bag please let me know when it back to you

RCFun's Diversions says:

What up DJ… The wifey is going to get this for me… good things come to those who wait.. lol  great review.. thanks!!!

Ray Lugo says:

Would you know if they make carbon fiber propellers for the bugs 3.

Ricky ThePhoton Dexter says:

very cool DJ, I would like too see your review of the bugs 2…been a while hope you are doing good.

Ronnie Boardman says:

I like it and I don’t have a Bugs 3 yet , would’ve liked to seen black though that case is going to show dirt pretty easy , I do like the case though. Thanks DJ you just probably helped me spend more money , I’m going to go broke for sure !!!! lol.

Kim says:

Well I feel out of place. I don’t own the bugs 3 rather expensive where I am. Was hoping someone on you tube be having a give away for me to try for. Today I received my order of a new dji battery that doesn’t work. Yep its s brick and a original dji battery. Tried everything to charge it and it wont do it. Was told by the company to charge it for 24 hours  hmmm  great review for a guy who shamefully doesn’t own a bugs 3 .I think I will sit in a corner now. great review my friend as always DJ

diydrone says:

Nice pack, i hear a new GPS Bugs is out or coming soon. Hey welcome to the devo 12e club.

GAproductions says:

I just wish they didn’t use the cheap breakable styrofoam

Mike Anderson says:

The company I bought my Bugs 3 is offering me a discount on the Bugs 2 for $130 but I can’t afford it right now. I’m trying to figure out a way to pass this deal to someone who can afford it now. But anyway they are trying to help me out since I lost my bugs 3.

Oz Drone says:

I also have the Bugs so the case as a solo purchase would be great!
2 questions
1. Will the controller fit in the backpack WITH the handles on the sticks? Those things were a bitch to put on, I don’t wanna be taking them off again.
2. Where’s the JELLO? There should be copious amounts of jello! 🙂

Thomas Arnold says:

4:16 Did you say a couple slots to store a joint? LoL

Rashad Glover says:

I just want the case. I wish it could hold my 17″ laptop box and my drone.

GAproductions says:

do you know if the bugs 3 is the same form factor/shape as the hubsan h501s cuz I have that camera mount that was meant for the hubsan but I want to try it on the bugs

PerthWestOZ RC says:

Well that’s a neat case for the B-B-Bugs! 😉 thanks for sharing brother, would be great if you can buy them just separately though

Jay Drone says:

DOAP BRO — fits in p3 bags I tested out a day or too ago but heck if I didnt have the black id grab this very smart dbling the drone and bag for sale–

Mike Anderson says:

Oh so you have more than one Bugs 3. Nice.

Gene RC Addiction Summers says:

I have ordered the camera and the goggles and the fpv screen for the buggs 3. I found the camera on eBay and the rest on Tom Top. I’m waiting for it to come in looks like it may take a month.

ErictheRed RC says:

What’s up DJ? Nice case!

mtctookie25 says:


Dennis Petersen says:

LOLs, I haven’t been living under a rock and never got my Bugs 3 from TT but got my money back thanks to PayPal! I have been
experimenting with another quad I wish you would have reviewed. Bugs 3 is still on my list to get, though. Check these YouTube
videos out on this camera bird:
FYI, don’t do the flip with a gimbal! 🙂

Reneê Wanderberg says:

Parabéns pelo seu vídeo, estou aguardando o meu MJX chegar, poderia me ajudar me passando o site de onde eu posso comprar o kit de câmera com FPV, tudo incluído.
se melhor, uma câmera que funcione no FPV de um Drone XK250 Alien, pois, tinha um e acabei perdendo, e só restou a tela.

Randall Mohawk says:

I have the red bugs 3 but need that blue version,….I just don’t like that amazon pricetag. Cool video Soul Force.

ACES on the Go says:

That Bag is awesome bro, when they give you an answer about selling the bag by itself let me know

C0ckPitVuE 777 A.K.A The long ranger. says:

Nice vid bro.

Jacob Jimenez says:


Michael Reyes says:

Back pack looks great but I like the video taken by möbius mini.

RCFun's Diversions says:

Just got one of these two days ago, after seeing your review it was a must have.. I did have a question though…where do you get parts and cameras for the bugs-3 is there a website? does MJX have a place to look up parts.. I didn’t see it in the manual… Thanks DJ!

Mike Burbage says:

Dude I love it! I want a bugs so bad man!

Forcemaster2000 says:

I’m one of those “bugs-3” non-owners, this bundle looks nice, wish it was in the cards, but not yet.

Gerardo Torres says:

yes you was right as soon as I open my box I saw the papers and everything else is all set thank you it was a little hard for me because I’m a new at this but I got it done and I got to tell you I’m a happy camper with this drone

jack advo says:

Hey soul force, I’ve had the bugs 3 for about 2 months now(very lightly used) and now I’m only getting about 3-4 minute flight time. I checked the yellow connector(with + – symbols) which connects battery to drone and was burning hot. ever heard of this happening or can you offer suggestions to fix this?

Gregory Hall says:

Good review DJ, I like the bag

SongoLand says:

nicee broo 🙂 like in here

Dennis Petersen says:

The case to get and thanks for your your review!

Gerardo Torres says:

DJ I have a question for you I just h finally have my mavic I got it from Best Buy I like to know if you know how what I has to do to have the warranty for DJI like replacement if I have an accident thing like that

Steve L says:

Love it!

Drone On says:

About to pick up a Bugs real soon myself. Now I have seen this case version, it has me saying…hmmm.
Don’t worry I will use your link if I buy this.
Insanely awesome video.


It would be nice if this bag ( http://amzn.to/2vuw0De) sold by itself . So many of us already have a bugs 3 but just need a bag for it. Thanks for the video.

J Dog says:

Well I am in the stone age and don’t have the bugs 3 yet but considering it now. Great little review and I love the music I mean that is some great stuff Thanks

RCFun's Diversions says:

I used a eachine EF-02 and I don’t get nearly that range.. any advise?

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