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▸ My luggage is the original AWAY Carry On (not bigger) in SAND
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▸ My AWAY luggage Review:

〰️ 57 Summer Vacation Outfits:
〰 20 Travel Comfy & Casual Outfits for the Airport:
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· Brown Top [0 $39]
· Striped button dress (LOVE, have it in 4 colors!) [XS $79]

✨ 1. PACKING CUBES – @1:05
6 piece Mixed value set [$49]
3 piece MED set [$29]
3 piece Mixed set[$34]

Dot & Dot 4 piece sets (newer ones I like)
LRG [$27]
MED [$26]
SML [$19]
Bought these as gifts for my parents and they love them
[$24] &

✨ 2. POUCHES – @3:30
· Multisized plaid pouches [$10] & in Rainbow striped [$10]

· Large Clear TSA Approved Toiletry Pouch [$13]

· Water resistant pouch [$8] OR Large variety pack [$10]

· Electronics pencil case shaped pouch [$21]
· Electronics organizer portfolio bag [$14]

✨ 3. LAPTOP SLEEVE – @5:53
· Horizontal zipper sleeve for tote [$10]
· Vertical zipper sleeve for backpack [$22]
· 360 zipper case [$18]

Affordable [$11]
Drop Proof one for heavy duty use [$15]

✨ 4. PURSE ORGANIZER – @7:31
· For larger totes [$46]
· For regular sized [$64]

Affordable options:
– Nylon fabric with pockets [$8] & [$15]
– Canvas drawstring style [$16]

✨ 5. TOTE BAGS – @8:47
· Cloud Bag [$50]
· Travel Size Cloud Bag (VERY LARGE) [$74]

Totes I love
· Everlane [$165]
· Longchamp Nylon Shopper [$145]
· Rebecca Minkoff Washed Nylon Tote [$145]:
· Street Level Faux Leather [$49]

✨ 6. STRUCTURED CASES – @10:15
· Pop & Suki leather makeup case, non personalized [$115]
· Personalized version [$115]
OR 15% off w/ promo code: ERICALOUIELOMAX15 [$95]

· Affordable black makeup case with dividers [$18]
· Moon shaped Cuyana leather case set (Lovely Gift set!) [$110]

· Hard mini suitcase: (currently sold out), Similar options to the AWAY case: [$14] & [$15]

· ALSO just bought this soft barrel shaped travel bag for me and momma wong (good for large bottles!) [$10]

· HB travel jewelry cases [$35 – 68]:

✨ 7. TRAVEL BOTTLE – @13:39
· Multi Size [$11]
· Large Size [$10]
· Large with Labels [$18]
· Large Size Cute [$14]
· Multi Size Cute [$14]

· Pill containers (also good for mini samples of creams) [$10] &

· Silicone Curling Iron Sleeve [$13]:

✨ 9. SHOE/LAUNDRY BAGS – @16:03
· Cute shoe bags [$12]
· Larger, black shoe bags $11]

· Foldable Laundry bag [$12]

OR more options:
– Great 7 piece value kit (cubes, shoe bag, clear pouches) [$24]
– Shoe bag with strap [$11]
– Waterproof Drawstring bags [$7]
– Structured Shoe bags [$21]

✨ 10. TRAVEL SCALE – @17:55
· Travel Scale [$12]:

Ginger candies [$13]
Migraine stick [$10]
Face spray [$21]
Grease papers[$12]
Lip balm [$13]
Wipes [$8]

Wall chargers

Chargers & Batteries
3ft [$7]
6ft [$16]


Music Joakim Karud:

FTC Disclaimer: This video was not sppnsored. All products were purchased w/personal funds & all opinions are my own. Links above are affiliate links. THANK YOU for your endless love & support! Xo -E


Lucky Charm says:

Sorry for long comment I love travel cubes now,now i just need find water poof bag Where i go it rain alot sometimes but I found some cute couple puches sometimes cheaper at Goodwill, Check there as well if you want too….What your thought for packing a month every year for the same spot? I go to New Jersey see my uncle aunt couisn with my grandpa we meet at our beach house and we walk up to the beach spend the day and on weekend i go shopping with my aunt, Do i Pack for two weeks? I hope my dad and my sister will go next time they work out great they took me to my laundry instead of my waiting on my aunt

Brash & Brilliant says:

This is the best travel organizing video I’ve seen! So much thought put into each item, and your experience (and testing) really shows. Your hard work put into this video really sets it apart from the rest! This is already my second time watching because the solutions are just so awesome. Thanks for these great tips. Going to take a bunch of them with me on my next trip!

Rachel Raymond says:

You changed my life with this! I wish I had seen this before my 3 month study abroad, but I’ll take this as a que to travel more.

Neema Singh says:

Loved it

D Pagne says:

Love this vid tip

Emma Ronzon says:

She reminds me of Tracey from Hannah Montana

Hannah Boyd says:

I love your channel so so much

Kristy Mallee says:

I have that scale too! It’s a lifesaver for sure. Loved these tips, super helpful!

Anne Skinner says:

You are SO PRETTY!! But I just noticed that your jaw doesn’t move when you talk. Maybe its cuz my face is heart shaped I just noticed it was different

Dinesh Wagadare says:

Her voice is so husky

Ana Isa says:

Who is so tidy? It makes me uncomfortable. And who fills his luggage with extra bags? I cannot understand.

Juliette says:

SOOOO fucking helpful. I’m gonna buy everything now ahah thanks so much !

a k says:

You kind of look like Michel Jackson

Dione says:

Your videos are all so well done. I can tell you spend a lot of time planning/editing them and giving us great tips. Thank you!!

Kineret Calderon says:

Whats the folding methods she talks about?

Tsering Yangzom says:

I love it n I found many new stuff for travel organization.thank u Loui

s a says:

Love your videos, just binge watching atm!! New subbie:)

Deborah Ellenberger says:

Thanks for all the info. It really helps getting my head in the right “space” for carry on items.

805gregg says:

Save space and weight, no makeup, a natural beauty needs none

Foxy Lime says:

Lol why her hair look exactly like the new royal high hair xD (its a roblox game and her hair looks exactly like my favorite hair xD)

Sara Zarndt says:

Soooo much good info in this video, thanks!

stella ousley says:

She’s more practical

Devon Yeoman says:

Where did you get your clear sunglasses case?

Teresa Tran says:

This made my organisational side soooo happy! Just something about seeing everything neatly compartmentalised. I now need to go buy these things!

I dont like spicy things says:

You literally sound like that small white dog in The Secret Life of Pets. :O

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