How I Travel with my BIKE? THULE Roundtrip Transition Bike Case review

How to travel with your bike AND take a bike stand with you!? The Thule Roundtrip Transition bike box has a bike stand built in! This is my review.

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*the chain keeper is not included

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Rory Blakemore says:

What do you think of those spinergy wheels?

Maxime E says:

Can you talk about your wheels?

Ronald Meier says:

Jasper, how is the rearderailleur protected in the box. No rubbing with the wheel next to it?

Evidence of a Fabulous Life-Shawshank says:

Hi Jasper, thank you for this review. I’m kicking myself actually because I had an opportunity to buy one of these very cheap from a local outlet as they were clearing out. I did not “need” one at the time and didn’t buy it. Now I’m in the market for a bike box (of course!). One question please, is the bike stand substantial enough to use for maintenance when you are way (lubing chains, changing tyres, tightening bolts etc)? If so, it looks good! All the best, Ride On! Tim

Harry Tzianskis The God of Speed says:

Great bike box but the airports will destroy it

hahshsh hshdh says:

Nice box…

NEO ViSiON says:

Haibike Xduro Nduro 8.0 will fet into this case?

jamey dehens says:

How do you put data overlay in your videos?

Bastiaan Gaillard says:

You should check Scicon. Don’t need to take the steer of. Much simpler.

Rob Petrie says:

Sweet box! Do you not put any other packing in to protect the frame? Bubble wrap, padding?

Roberto Rigoli - Cicloturista says:

Hi. How do the wheels of the suitcase behave on a paved road surface?. Do they have a good resistance and durability?

I need to drag it (the suitcase) by walking from a train station to the hotel

Fai Mok says:

What is the luggage fee for bike these days for airline Jasper?

mikieson says:


André Castro says:

Hi Jasper, this bike bag fits sworks tarmac or venge size XL? Thx so much!

Crit Whit says:

Amazing!!! I literally was debating if to go with a bike bag or box and seeing this Thule Bike Box w/ Stand vid is TOTALLY it!!! This is the box for CW!!! Thx for sharing, Great Vid!!! #critwhit

John Nains says:


Peter Oldwood says:

A very nice toy, pity that it’s awfully expensive.

Horizons says:

Don’t forget to mark your saddle height (use a piece of electrical or painters tape), and if you take off the handlebars (and leave the stem on) mark the angle of your handlebars as well.
If you’re unsure how to mark your bars, just use a post-it note or a piece of painters tape and draw a pencil line on the gap where your stem and it’s faceplate connect.

Daniel Rogers says:

The birds I can hear in your video had me thinking wtf it’s night time why are birds out lol
Looks like a great bit of kit Jasper

rieckstudio says:

Awesome box. I actually need one so this video was a good timing. I love the stand it comes with. Cheers J

martin andersen says:

you dont have to take your pedals off 🙂

Roberto Rigoli - Cicloturista says:

Hi Jasper.

In all probability this Christmas I will buy the Thule Roundtrip Transition that I will use for my travels with the bike in tow.

Technical question: since I want to personalize the suitcase with pre-spaced adhesive writings, I wanted to know if the outer shell of the suitcase is smooth or rough. This would allow the writing to adhere better to the plastic of the suitcase without ever detaching

Thank you

Chasing the Wind says:

some good content, liking it

SvennyS says:

Komt er een video van de Ronde van Midden-Nederland?

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