Global Art Coloring/Sketch Travel Case Review

I had the opportunity to review a new product by Global Art. It is a beautiful travel case designed for us colorists! Global Art was kind enough to send 2 to us…one for me and one for a giveaway to my followers here on YouTube. I am a big fan of Global Art products and this case did not let me down.

Giveaway is Closed:
The winner of the giveaway was announced on Saturday, November 19, 2016 in a seperate video. Click this link to see who won:

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Watch me use another one of my favorite Global Art products in this video:

How to Store, Protect and Organize Colored Pencils

Medium Black Coloring/Sketch Travel Case

Large Black Coloring/Sketch Travel Case

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danalovetisou17 says:

Oohh I’d love to win this 🙂 You’re awesome!

Meari S says:

I would use this to store my colored pencils and take them with me when I’m going to appointments.

Christina Malcolm says:

WOW!  Relly Nice!  This will be perfect for my daughter!

Catherine Sartorius says:

II would put My Pencils and Coloured Pencils in there and take it out with me if i was going out for the day.

capyboppy says:

I would love to win this for several reasons. I haven’t anything like this for my pencils, they are in tins or pencil cases. It looks great quality and made to last. I would be able to give a plug on Facebook to the channel.

Jayne Thurston says:

I liked and already am a subscriber, I would put all my pencils it maybe some of my pens.  Here’s hop’n

compscigirl says:

It is funny that I just found this give away, as I tried to take my Bullet Journal supplies with me in my purse and decided that I needed a case for them all. It has room for all of my pens, markers, pencil crayons and even my mini ruler. (Shared on Facebook, but the email is different than the one I use here)

DJCreep24_the Robloxian says:

Hello.. what a beautiful presentation of the case.. you are so thorough and very easy to hear and video quality is great. if I need someone to present an item for me I would want you to do it.. that said I shared the link to my Facebook page. I would mist definitely be using this for my pencils only.. Thank you..

Eileen Goldenberg says:

I have a ton of colored pencils..that case would be Great! Thanks

yvonne english says:

Absolutely love this canvas pencil case, I have tried to find this product in stores to purchase with no success. I want one bad for all my really good pencils like my prismacolors, irojiten, Faber Castells Polychromos. I go to a lot of Drs appts and than have therapy due to my chronic regional pain and this would be perfect. Thank you for Everything you Do
Yvonne English
Marion, NY

Melissa Schneder says:

I just got mt 150 set of Prismacolor premier pencils and we color at my school, I teach in a public Montessori school, very often. This would help me transport my new pencils.

Erin S. says:

Have you seen the 150 and/or 160 pencil case for under $30?!!! I found one prime for $18 but not sure if that one is still available.

Jenn Bischke says:

I walk to my son’s house every day to hang out with my grandbabies while their parents go to work. We love to color and this case would be fantastic for me to carry my staedtler markers.( Gramma has her own set of markers, lol) This case would be the perfect thing for me to keep them. Plus I can keep my coloring book with me, as well.

Elizabeth Kimbrell says:

Oh this is so neat! I would love to put my colored pencils and gel pens in it. It will be great for traveling in the car.

Erika Hemmingsson says:

Wow what a wonderful case. If I won this case I would put my colored pencils in it.

Jessica Vail says:

This would be perfect for my oldest daughter. She loves to draw & has started working on a manga book. She’s a student so this would help her keep everything together when she travels. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Vicki The Vlogger says:

Lovely case. I’ve had this brand of case for a few years. Very durable. Learning how to blend gel pens together. I obviously need this beautiful case for my new gel pens.

PositivelyNice says:

Hi. How could I buy from their website? I had been there but cannot find anywhere to cart it.

Vicki Rhodes says:

Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win. This would be perfect when I go to visit my son and his family!

Connie Blevins says:

This is awesome! I’m always carrying things back and forth between my home and classroom and this would work perfectly!

Lynne Bailey says:

Have you tried the BTSKY Pencil Cases? Just got my first (for 160 pencils) and LOVE it!

Beverly Michaud says:

This would be great for carrying my Prismacolor pencils and supplies to the campground when I am spending the weekend in our RV.

Shannon Chambers says:

This seems like a great product. I really like that they included a place for you to store your coloring book/sketch book. I would love to win one!  🙂

Jessica Vail says:

I would use this to make it easier for me to bring my art stuff to work. I bring books along with pencils, gel pens, and markers to help relieve the stress of patients on my floor.

Denise Kavanagh says:

What a wonderful case. I would definitely want to carry gel pens and /or pencils (depending on project). This would be great for going to friend’s house that has had hip replacement.

Dawn Reaume says:

Beautiful case! I would take it to my doctors office appointments and to the hospital! I spend a lot of time there! Thank you so much for making these wonderful videos!

Cassia Dee says:

This looks so well made, wow! I have a lot of chronic illnesses and have to travel a lot for doctors appointments, and usually all that traveling is super stressful and tedious…but if I had this travel case I could bring my colored pencils with me and relax and de-stress no matter where my health (or lack thereof) takes me 🙂 Thanks for all these videos. I just found your channel recently and am learning so much from it!

Amy Sanders says:

I love this! I would feel this with my different color pencils, including my Derwent pencils. I treated myself lol. I love the really small sketch books to just put color into and I really liked your texture video, so I want to practice on the texture technique. I would also add a waterbrush pen to it as well. I think I am going to share this video to my husband’s fb wall so he will have an idea of Christmas presents. Thanks!

Patti Hanson says:

Followed all the steps because I am drooling over this. I frequently travel with me nephews and they love my “good” pencil crayons and colouring books. This would be great for keeping us all entertained on the go.

Cindy & Anthony TV says:

wow i really want this <3 i would put all my gel pens , marker and pencil crayons in it so i could take it to work just so i can destress a bit 😀

Kristen McCarty says:

I work graveyard in a memory care facility. Between cleaning and checking on patients, I love to color. I would love to have this to take to work with pencils, markers, and coloring pages instead of lugging it around separately and unorganized.

soflo61 says:

I live in small apartment and in small places you need to be organized. This would help by being a small part of it.

JesusisGod says:

I love that I can put my different pencil and maker collections in one handy place. This is a perfect companion piece to take with me to my hospital stays.

Brenda Erwin says:

I really like this art travel case! I just got in my global leather pencil case in tan and I love it. My husband said and I quote” Honey, you need two.” So the dutiful wife that I am ordered the second case! Also, I like your coloring book it gets ordered , too!! Thank you for sharing!

joannie1002 says:

I love it and I’d love to win it! I would put my prismacolor pencils in there!

Catherine Haynes says:

This is an awesome case. I am new to this end of life. I have several chronic, debilitating disorders and my doctors say that I need to be doing things with my hands as much as possible. So, I thought I would try coloring pages; used to color as a child (we all did), This is an amazing offer and opportunity to win. Thank you for your offer.

Vivian Vereeke says:

I’m just getting into coloring, so I don’t have much, but I would fill the case with my Crayola coloring pencils, gel pens, and some new watercolor pencils I just got.  I would love to be able to take my coloring supplies to my Dr. appointments, and to my monthly IV infusions (which can take up to 4 hours). What a great way to calm me while waiting, and make the time pass quickly 🙂

Janet Mellema says:

This would be a great way to travel with my coloring supplies

Joan Porter says:

This travel case for art supplies is very very nice I would definitely be able to use it when I sketch animals and other things at the zoo, in my neighborhood sometimes in restaurants where I sketch people and people in nursing homes who would like a picture of themselves..I often write something on them as well.
The product is the best I’ve seen and so attractive

Linda Carter says:

Beautiful case!

rociointx says:

I would love to try this case for my upcoming trip to Texas for Christmas! Thank you for the review!

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