Etsy Jewelry Travel Case Review

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Etsy is full of great handmade items created by wonderfully creative people. Sonia is always on the hunt for the best of the best out there to pass onto her faithful followers. This week she’s back with a few of her favorite jewelry travel cases.

Etsy Shops

Falling Star Lane:

The Uncommon Threads:

Jarck 101:

Effie Handmade





speak2sam says:

Sonia = Beauty + Brain
I love you Sonia!

Polkadot says:

Effie is so effing expensive tho

EthicalStores says:

Liked. We are a non-profit free alternative to Etsy – we offer stores 100% free, for more information check out our channel.

socalseth says:

If Sonia is engaged I’m happy for her, but my dreams are crushed!

elizabeth says:

This video was great Sonia! Thanks for sharing all of your great finds 🙂

Tina Mon says:

Sonia I love you and all of your videos!!!

Elias Ravn says:


Heather Montgomery says:

Love all of your videos but I must say this one is near the very top of my list of faves by you because I’m still trying to figure out the best way to pack my jewellery! You have solved this mystery! I can’t wait to check out these stores! Thanks so much for all that you do! Much love from Canada 🙂

Caroline Margolis says:

Hey Sonia, not really about the bags (even though I love them). But I was comparing prices for a flight from Boston to Lima on kayak and I found one I liked just before 5am. I clicked book now to see the price with taxes a few minutes after 5am. And the ticket price itself (not taxes) jumped up $200. Is that normal for tickets to be cheaper in the early morning?

Raminder Singh says:

I’ll be soon going for a European tour.. how shall I pack and protect and what are the essentials.. really confused … can u do a video about DAT Sonia , pls ?

Brianna V.B. says:

I like the one you use, but i prefer clear pockets (i’m one of those out of sight out of mind type ppl). Also i just want to tell you how much i appreciate the fact that all your videos are to the point and under 5 minutes each – LOVE that!

R Martin says:

Sonia, You are a beautiful young lady, please loose The Flash earrings. Looks like something that was in style in the 70’s.  Love your videos! 


Karina_lanna says:

Love it!!! So many pretty colors! 

Charmmy Choy says:

love the pink pouch:)

maggiehanna says:

These are some great finds. Thanks Sonia!

Gwen D says:

I was wondering, were are you from? Love your videos they’re SUPER helpful!!

Kashif Beg says:

How to Earn Money While travelling

Elisabetta Bronzino says:

Ciao Sonia, when you do a video about how to travel with a baby?

Aza Za says:

Can you do a review of luggage tags and locks

Iris Guti says:

Sonia, love your videos, super helpful and super informative! I have a new adventure in store and have been looking for some Backpacking tips and tricks, all the way from choosing the correct gear to what to pack… It’d be awesome if you could whip something like that up!!

Miguel Hurtado says:

Great Etsy finds Sonia! I sense a great present 🙂

Doctor Fell says:

Love the Schutzstaffel earrings lol 😉

California Travel Videos says:

Awesome review – not just for “girlie-girls” wearing bling-bling, Sonia shares very informative aspects of design and functionality for an assortment of jewelery travel cases!  Great way for guys to make some points with their loved ones…

Catalina Mendez says:

Very nice! Thank you Sonia! We trust your judgement !

Maried Trujillo says:

Hola Sobia te recomiendo los organizadores impermeables de ka gente de Organizate Vzla

Kat Deserno says:

Can you make your next video about hair, and the best products you’ve used to keep your hair looking nice while traveling? It would be so helpful!

Daniela Armand says:

Wonderful selection! Thank you Sonia : )

Livvy Bernard says:

Hello Sonia! Bon jour! Hola! Mi nombre es Olivia. I love your videos! My family and I are avid travelers. I have made 6 big moves in the last 7 years and all your tips are quite correct. I love to draw pictures if all the places i go. What do you do to remember amazing sights and memories?

Matthew Tanksley says:

My wife loves the wrap from Falling Star Lane.  Cory is always a pleasure to work with.

Gracefilled5 says:

🙂 Have you seen/ heard of the “PurseN” jewelry case(s)?

thankstofashion says:

Great video! Very practical! Thank you for sharing <3

KaylieMcJadey says:

Like like like!

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