Co-Motion Co-Pilot Travel Case – Video Review

Co-Motion Cycles Travel Case:

The Co-Pilot Case is a black and slate blue (I would call it dark, dark blue) suitcase that has been designed specifically for use with Co-Motion Co-Pilot bicycles.

The Case looks like an ordinary suitcase, but it has some unique characteristics that set it apart from your typical travel luggage. You would not, for example, be able to purchase a similarly sized suitcase at your local travel/luggage store and be able to fit your bicycle inside of it. It simply wouldn’t fit because the Co-Pilot Case has been designed to have more interior space than your typical suitcase. This extra interior space is what allows you to easily carry your bike inside the Case when traveling.

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Cyclist117 says:

Something really cool about that standard looking case, just a guy in a cap, but packing a vehicle that can transport you for miles! I was hoping it would also have space for belongings, but it seems not. Think I’ll stick to full cardboard, which takes waaay less dismantling, and provides room for panniers and stuff in and around the bike frame.

Granite Forest Dojo says:

Invaluable video. Thanks for your trouble!

stet20 says:

you have to carry the case around with you??? That’s really impractical!! When you have front and rear panniers, bar bag and a tent…where do you put that bike bag??

Daniel Urness says:

Invaluable video! Thank you!

Ryan Tracy says:

Thank you for the video. Just test fitted my Rholoff co motion Pangea in to the suit case… had to remove the fork as well …. very tight fit …I think I will try one more time to un pack and assemble… the re pack … pain in the a*** but don’t want to go to this trouble and find out something went wrong.

Do you pack your tools in the checked luggage with the bike? I think if brought with carry on you might get flagged and thrown out. That would be seriously bad for unique tools like the coupler wrench.

James Van Dyk says:

What do you do with case when you get to your destination? And how do you get it to where ever you are going?

paul wood says:

Was wondering what you do with the case once you have reached your destination and are ready to start your cycle tour.. thanks paul

Poplar and Pine says:

what do you do with the case when you’re out riding?

Anon says:

I’d rather just put in a normal box

jim mcdowell says:

So basically you have to take the whole thing apart.

Anselma Näherr says:

where is the rear Rack in this case??????? I cant See them in the Video.

Anselma Näherr says:

Where is the bicycle rack in this Video??????

Susan Shore says:

Thanks for the video. Have you had any issue with the combined weight of the bike plus the case? Can you add tools, and still keep the weight under an airline limit of 50 pounds?

Marc Mallary says:

It would be nice if the case turned into a trailer like a Bike Friday.

Allan Gascon says:

Great review. So what do you do with the bag when you get to your destination country? Where do you leave it since you obviously cannot take it with you on your ride?

Dean Heard says:

I am wondering what experience people have had regarding the protection these cases offer. It seems like a soft sided case + rough baggage handlers would be a disastrous combination. Co-Motion claims that these soft sided cases offer more protection than the hard sided cases but I have been having a hard time finding any reviews on the net.

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