CHECK YOUR EMAIL Ten winners were selected and emailed early this morning the receive one of these awesome PurseN Amour Travel Cases! Everyone that didn’t win, please check your email for the promo code to buy this bag (or shop their entire site) for 25% off.

*** UPDATE ***
There was a mistake made on the first emails that went out a couple hours ago … the link to the website was bad. We will be resending to you guys later on this afternoon, but for the meantime … the link is and the promo code is Tati25off

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Jennifer Marie says:

So excited for u Tati u Deserve it!!! Hope James is w u!!!! Love u both!!

LA Page Makeup says:

Love how this bag is put together! Thanks for sharing with us!! 🙂

Rhea Bose says:

Hey Tati, I’ve subsribed multiple times and even entered all my information. However, I’ve never received any updates or emails. Not sure if there is a glitch in the system or if I’m doing something wrong. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks!

Megan Rice says:

Hey Tati! I’ve been a subscriber for years! Just wondering if you still enjoy this bag or if you are traveling with something else these days!

Tina says:

Tati I’m not getting any emails. What should I do? 🙁

TC_Creations775 says:

Is your hair darker again?

Cindy Ramirez says:


1401nat says:

Love the idea of the bag but shipping is over $160 which is insane to the UK.

indigobeauty says:

Would it be possible if you did an updated routine in how you care for and clean all of your beauty tools? Specifically the beauty blender?

Jennifer Marie says:

It is so fabulous!!!!!

Tanya S says:

Make a video about your drugstore mascara collection, please!

Bianca Lee says:

So lucky of those 10 who won this! Does anyone have a cheaper alternative for this? I love the concept and I sure do need a case like thus…but I cant believe the pricing of this :/

Sona Gasparian says:

It was so much fun hanging with you!! Let’s catch up soon! 

The Path Creative says:

Love this bag! This would make a great travel art bag as well.

J-eNVy Artistry says:

You were in the bay area, my home town!!!! Did you do a meet and greet or you were probably too busy huh?!

Curlygirljj says:

This looks nice for a week-long holiday or business trip.  Most of my travel consists of 3 or 4 day trips and I prefer to carry on and I wonder if this company makes something smaller.  Time to go check my email!  xo Tati

ItsKristyLove says:

Love this case!

lisa8220 says:

I have you on email but I don’t have a smart phone.  I am a flip flop phone person.  Does that mean I have no chance?

Sydney King says:

When i’m having a bad day, i turn on Tati’s channel. Official Peace.  I just posted my March Favorites on my channel- i’d love if you checked it out 🙂 xx-syd

El Esco says:

Please please do a video on the kevyn aucoin contour book!!

Milana Berg says:

Hey Tati I subscribed to your email a few weeks ago and the only email I got was a conformation email, but nothing else…? I’m not sure what’s going on.

Wenél Pelser says:

Hi Tati, is M.A.C a cruelty free brand. I bought my first foundation at the M.A.C store yesterday, but when i got home my husband said that M.A.C is not a cruelty free brand anymore….????!!! Now i feel so bad for buying a product that is animal tested..

Alex Alsina Photography says:

Do you have any Hot or Not or tutorial on the Kevyn Aucoin palette? 

M AlS says:

Starting MakeUp Instagram Account Please Follow @Makeupby_muna

Vintersun says:

The weather in the bay area is amazing this weekend. Enjoy your trip!

Karen Landriault says:

Thanks for this Tati, I did order one because I travel quite a bit. It was a bit pricy for the Canadian shopper such as myself but I think it will be well worth it. As always keep it up with the great reviews! My friend and I watch you everyday here in Alberta.

Sam Beck says:

I never got the email with the link… :-/

Aglitterylife says:

I love travel makeup bags!  I buy them all the time!  LOL…thinking I can always find a better one!  xo

Bryana says:

Please don’t ever film with the TV on in the background again, lol. I was getting carsick 😉

beautyplayground says:

Hope you enjoyed San Fran! Never been there but I definitely want to 🙂

madiha mumtaz says:

Hi Tati!! Love your videos… I have a request. Can you please do a comparison video on Too Faced Natural matte palette and Tarte tartlette palette? It will be a huge help as I am trying to decide between the two. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Take care!

Carol Khoo says:

Hi! Really appreciate your frank and informative videos. Have you considered reviewing make-up brushes? I haven’t seen any of those. Also, maybe you could hook up with the manufacturers of the gd ones and allow your viwers a special discount. Many thanks!

Shirley Star says:

I have the email but unfortunately the shipping is very expensive for France. I’m sad because it’s a great product!

nuffie1989 says:

Tati do you have an email address I can email to get the whole not receiving emails fixed ???

Lynette says:

Tati, this giveaway idea is brilliant. No fakes. No fuss. One chance per subscriber. Love this idea.

kalista thomas says:

Can you pretty please try out some makeup revolution and do a hot or not???

Btw I love your videos and value your opinion

Christina Hulme says:

Is there any other brands that do these kind of travel bags? It’s not worth the money as the shipping to the uk is way to expensive!!

Kya Han says:

How do I get the bag?

Lavender Beach says:

Does anyone ever actually win any of her giveaways? I never get any emails even though I subscribed a long time ago. I just got one confirmation and that was it.

christymc33 says:

I just received an email from PurseN that this is the Amour Bag, and not the Diva Bag. I am not sure which is better… or if a train case is better..

florpali says:

Hey Tati, I signed up a while ago, but the only emails I’ve got where the first welcome from subscribing and a second when you got your app to android… Is that normal?

Susan Winkler says:

Finally got an iPhone and can  get the app! That makeup bag is amazing! <3 

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