BEST PLAYSTATION VITA CASE OVERALL!! – Protective CTA Digital Travel EVA Case [Review]

This is the best PSVita case on the market. It is also available for under $10!
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babygirl rosie says:

well said i like your description .you convince me on buying it i went straight to amazom and purchase it

Closingracer says:

To bad from a lot of the reviews on Amazon it has a Funky smell to it. I Got the Butterfox Carry case which was $15 but it has double apartment case where the Vita is in one and you can carry 10 Games plus has a pouch for earbuds.

james ryan says:

Nice review buddy. 🙂

KneehighPark says:

Just bought it and was very happy with the case. Great review.

Sky Shock says:

How u made this unlock screen theme?

Tenabrus17 says:

EVA cases are really good protection, they aren’t soft where they barely act as a cushion and they aren’t hard plastic that will crack or scratch up, I’ve had my PSP in a madcatz EVA case for 3 years and it’s still in top shape, I’ve been looking around for good Vita EVA cases and so far this seems like one of the cheapest ones I can find.

The Gadget God says:

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Gadget Deals:
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Tommy Houck says:

seems like a tight piece of shit that will crack your vita screen if you put earbuds in it LOL

Tyler Autrey says:

This looks to be a good case thank u

Brian Peloquin says:

Do you know if this will hold the new Sega Ultimate Portable 2016?

Mike George says:

I just bought got this in the mail today after using two other vita cases on my now brick oled vita. I agree this one has me WAAAAAAaayyyy more relaxed while transporting my vita. I had the other one that you showed and wasn’t a big fan then when I had to buy a psvita slim I tried uising it…scratched the bottom of my vita slightly/ wouldnt work. I had a slip on pouch that I bought at the vita launch but I worried a lot about the analogs getting hurt(they didnt..i dont think) but THIS case that you’re showing off is amazing, I worried that the slim would move around but I cant hear any movement. I just went on amazon and looked for the best case that I could. I think this one is it.

TheSniper1918 says:

got it 🙂

Tingdzin Kochu says:

Hey, great review. Here is my question: I heard you say it fits snug like a glove, so would a Vita in a neoprene skin fit in there or no way? I keep my PSP in a skin inside an EVA case, and that’s how I like it!  :-]

Tommy Houck says:

i rather get a vault case quality over cheap compact shit

Pierre Narvaez says:

I like but it makes me look like I’m carrying a fancy purse.

CoolStory BroHammer says:

This case looks Legit, ordering it now.

CyborgNinja4444 says:

pull n go fpoli is a better case holds alot more games and high quality

DownLizard Gaming says:


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