World’s Best Travel Bag 2.0 – Arcido Faroe

This is the new bag by Arcido. They call it the Arcido Faroe. It’s a great bag to be honest, its the same size as a carry on which means this can be your only bag you take on a few day trip! The new bag is much lighter, and can be very small if needed but it can still take everything you throw at it. The new material is water resistant giving your thing a safe place in case of some rain. Over all I love this bag, its with me on my trip as we speak!

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EL EL says:

Try going for a walk with the bag strapped on your bag with some magazine

Santosh Lakshman says:

Yo you make great vids, surprised you have so few subscribers. Keep up the great work!

Andrew Szeto says:

Hot. Does it fit under airplane seats if overhead space is full?

ECHO says:

try the tigernu bags , it was meant for gadget backpack

Scott Wold says:

Mark, tell us about your watch.

Larry Newingham says:

Your video’s are some of the highest quality and honest videos I’ve seen on YouTube.
Don’t stop the uploads, can’t wait for you to hit 10k subs. 🙂

warriorprince101010 says:

I think it is a 35 L bag, but looks good enough for travel. Its on my “could buy” list.

Geo Reyes says:

Man, you’re like a hidden gem. You deserve way more likes and subscribers. I see the hard work you put into your own videos. Will always be a subscriber! Still wish I could marry you haha!

Rasmus Pedersen says:

Can i use it for School i NEED space to my computer and some books, pens and that stuff and my lunch box os this a backpack there can be uset to that?

Parker Millar says:

Would this be a good school backpack

Harish Chouhan says:

The back padding looks sketchy and uncomfortable for walking long. Did you use it for your Europe Trip? And was this the only bag you carried?

R.J. says:

I was actually considering getting the old one. I’m sort of torn after watching the old review again.

Snowden says:

He only owns six pairs of pants? Oh lol I only have four nvm lol

Rasmus Pedersen says:

Can i use it for School i NEED space to my computer and some books, pens and that stuff and my lunch box is this a backpack there can be used to that?

ScottOnXbox says:

Can you review a cheaper bag

Simon Bailey says:

Hi mate. Thanks for the video. Can you tell me how much the bag weighs??

IQBAL Singh says:

I like it keep it up

David Alvarez says:

Bro the amazon links help you out right? Gonna be traveling this summer and this looks perfect!

Lee and Mel says:

Keep these coming!

Bart Hoebink says:

Amazing video. Keep it up

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