Where Was This My Whole Life!? Maxpedition Ironcloud Travel Bag

Where To buy maxpedition travel bags: https://goo.gl/yHF3cx
I have traveled all over the world and I wish I had this with me for years. The Ironclould has so many great features and is built to last. It is so much more then a duffel bag.

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EDC Adventures says:

Great video. Can you review the Helikon Tex Bushcraft Satchel

Kevin Hartman says:

The thing I love about Maxpedition bags is the way they break in. They start off a bit stiff and inflexible, but the more you use them, the more supple and “broken in” they get. My Sitka is very flexible now after several years of daily use, and no evidence of excessive wear or stress on any part of the bag. I have come to believe they are well worth the added price up front.

michael meredith says:

This thing is way, way too expensive – £232.00….WHAT?

old geccko says:

Cool Bag, that bag is almost as big as Mrs. GT! Ha ha ha.

readyme says:

Similar to my Osprey Porter 46, which I love.

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Aaron!

Shock 13 says:

I love the idea of this! Goruck gr3 is a similar idea but isn’t out to buy yet.

I’m also going to ask is when I can buy you’re patch again cause I missed out on your last run.

Alex B says:

What was the bag that had your shoes in it? I haven’t ever thought about having a bag for shoes while traveling

Leslie Kovacs says:

Actually, I think that would be a nice Get Home Bag for those who live in an Urban/Suburban Environment. Betcha with a little Sewing and an extra Buckle or Two one could rig that Shoulder Strap into a Waist Belt. Nice gear.

Juergen Edgar Mauricio Oberfrank says:

Wooow I like that duffle bag!!! It doesn’t look too tactical and my girl also love it!!!

justalurkr says:

(Eyes the sternum strap) definitely not for the female anatomy, then.

Kevin L``` says:

Ten inches… for that deep capability

really tho, nice vid! Denver Rep!!!!!

The Stuff I Like says:

Nice bag. There are a ton of these “single bag” travel bags coming out right now. Aer travel, Minaal, Tortuga, Go Ruck GR2, and many more. I am really into this idea of extended travel with one bag and this looks like a good option from Maxpedition.

Chris Denton says:

Thanks for the review, very well done!
I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now. Your link provided me with that opportunity (best price) and I was able to help out your channel!

Matthew Tesar says:

What was that he has his shoes in??

Eric Rosbottom says:

Very interesting and innovative product Aaron, this would work good for someone who needs to fly a lot for work/travel…

Survival Mindset says:

One nice multipurpose bag. Great review.

Virginia Gonzalez says:

How would that short sternum strap ride for a female?

Alfredo Bastreri says:

hi!  any problem with the airlines or is ok for carry on?  thx!

Aloha Trav says:

Great review, a terrific looking bag.

Terry Price says:

You said awesome one too many times. Get a fucking thesaurus. I’m unsubscribing and fuck off.

FuttFel says:

I understand the appeal of something that is durable and will hold up. But at about 5lbs I feel like the Osprey Porter 46 at just 2lbs 6oz would be more preferable. A lot of stuff reviewed on this channel is usually very heavy. For example, the Mountainsmith Shade Dome is RIDICULOUSLY heavy for what you get. A lightweight 15D silny or cuben tarp is 1/10th of the weight and will provide identical coverage. Is lightweight gear just not your thing?

christopher martin says:

good review, whats in the pouch on your belt??

MightiestArm says:

shame theres no hip belt

Son of Dad says:

Great looking bag. I really like the variety of products you review on your channel.

Trevor Tuffield says:

Thank you for the video, was gonna get the fliegerduffle but now I’m buying this

Rick Foley says:

Nice bag it reminds me a bit of some of the convetable Eagle Creek bags they used to have at REI.

Steven Peterson says:

think this is worth ditching my Northface base camp duffel? mighty tempting.

Dillon White says:

Hey I’m a big fan of your channel and watch all of your videos. I just had a question for you. I’m a stay at home dad with a second baby on the way and I’ve been really unhappy with the options available for diaper bags. I know you have a kid and have reviewed a ton of bags and was just wondering if you had any suggestions for a backpack or something like that that you think would work well as a diaper bag

Matthew Taylor says:

If I start traveling longer than 3 days for work I will consider. Thanks for review. My shoes are 13 so I would have to position the other way in the bag, it appears anything over 10 would require this.

Woodland Tactical says:

Nice bag

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