See you all in NYC for a special surprise!


Invest Wisely says:

Levi been killing the videos lately fam. Keep it up

Art416 says:

Dude you got hockey skillls your not garbage.. more hockey videos.

sheyna williams says:

Wow. Pure cheese deals. That’s wassup. Good luck.

David Sychev says:

The thing i love about people from Canada is that they all thanks the same way

Kevin Du says:

Do a hair tutorial

David Seo says:

go LAkings ya dig?

Kevin Guitron says:

Forgot about the Cartierrrrrr my guy

Erin says:

7:20 left my man hanging

Simon says:

Swiffer called, they want their duster back

Agustine Perez says:


Delacruz says:

My favourite YouTube rn.deaaadass litt #goinneerrr

Destruco Niat says:

Would these guys be who there are /where they are without their father?

tonykart15 says:


January says:

Can someone link me the uniqlo black denim in the video?

Fitness O says:

Hey do you put suncream on your tattoos? And which one? 🙂

kevinmejia13 says:


Jules says:

which brand are the other glasses?? 20:50

AndyTV says:

https://youtu.be/6Z2ICCvZraM TITLE OF THIS SONG PLEASE?

Carlos Martin says:

the vibessssssss

babeloued2010 says:

FINALLY, the glasses!!!!

brandon huynh says:

levi what is the gold shades with gold lens?

NuNuTV says:

Lets get #100kby2018! #SALMONBROGANG

anthony frias says:

Where can we buy the Baxter pomade!?

Isaiah outler says:

Levi is probably one of the most entertaining Youtubers out there

tonykart15 says:


Harold K says:

levi bend-lee

Trapitus Aventurez says:

great vlog man

yung draco says:

do yall have the same feeling when Levi lower is voice that your think he is going to clown HAHAHAHAHAHA

Timothy Rodriguez says:

Did Levi and uni split?

ticktocksully says:

Great video man, great to see your luggage essentials.

I rock a Porter sidebag in case you were interested.
The reason i decided on that was not only because of the nylon material being so nice and soft, but also because of the compartments. So just incase you wanted to switch it up, that’d also be a good bag to add to your rotation, and doesn’t cost as much as the Gucci or whatever. (Porter Tanker Shoulder Bag S) which is the medium sized one.

There’s also collaborations with brands like Undercover if you didn’t want a plain one lol!

Alex 3 says:

Where can u get the tom ford azure lime from?

Brannon Huron says:

Which Sonicare you recommend G?

legion says:

True never wash your denim cause its just gonna deform and wash is wack

Elger Montesclaros says:

Peep the volcano vaporizer on the kitchen counter ay

1738 1738 says:

No watches??

Levi Bent-Lee says:

Guys comment below here if this video is lagging for you, because I’m not getting any lags or glitches myself….

LFC 20000 says:

what happened to that podcast with the boys???

Kyle Michailoff says:

Uhhhh my dentist said that actually a regular toothbrush is better

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