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More functional than a traditional duffel, more versatile than a dedicated travel bag. The HEXAD Duffel series was designed to go where no duffels have gone before. The HEXAD Access Duffel features a clamshell opening that gives you complete access to the 3 large compartments inside the bag. The two bottom compartments were designed to be compatible with our existing Camera Cubes, turning this into our largest photo bag yet. Whether you are using it for photography or not, this is the perfect travel bag for those who want a little more organization.


Padded Laptop Sleeve

Weather Resistant Zippers

Fleece-Lined Cell Phone Pocket

Top Organization Pocket With Key Hook

Weather Resistant Materials

RFID Secure Passport Pocket

Adjustable Removable Sternum Strap

Mesh Organization Pockets Throughout

Tarpaulin and Ballistic Nylon with Army Coating
High-Quality Weatherproof Zippers
Designed To Fit Most Carry-On Dimensions
Fits Up To A 15 “Macbook Pro
Weight: 3.9 lbs (1.8 kg)
Dimensions: 9″ X 14″ X 22″

We believe in our product and stand by the quality of workmanship and materials. Reach out with whatever concern you might have and we will make it right. No need to worry. Ever.


vboy720 says:

Love the reviews, best on YouTube. Only suggestions I have is maybe watch the manufacturers video which demos the bag before you review. You would have known zippers at the top you mentioned not being able to close are there to stowe the shoulders straps, and there’s also an rfid pocket. Doing so would save your viewers time to research the features you didn’t seem so sure about. I think it would be cool too if you talk about what it’s like to use the bag without hip straps. I know the bag is big but I’m just one of those guys who hates using hip straps unless hiking. Overall great review just like all your vids. Subscribed.


This was a good review of the Heimplanet, it may be the one.

Jeremy Christ says:

Great review! This bag looks like too much work!

James Paul says:

I have it too and used it for numerous trip already – Im so – so on it still, and the straps dont support you fully when its packed to the T… wish the straps were more cushioned. Great review tho!

Chase Stewart says:

Review aer gym duffel 2!

Alian Anjum says:

Please please please make the next review on the one pack from the minimalist

Agustin Mario Ascanio says:

Please, a short version

Kevin Ankin says:

Now you are teasing me with showing the Pakt One. ARGH!!!

Jason Wimbish says:

Awesome review Chase! Been keeping an eye on these guys and I’m interested in checking this duffel out. They actually make two sizes of the Carryall bag – the 60L you mention and a “smaller” 40L. It looks like the 40L might have more detracted pockets for tech and quick stash stuff like a boarding pass or passport while keeping a smaller size that this bag. Curious on your thoughts for the Carryall! Cheers man. Say what’s up to Rodney. Haha

Keith Munson says:

How much did that weigh fully laden?

Also did your friend forget to post a few videos while you were away in Mexico?

Lucas Henriksson says:

Was planning to get the Tortuga Setout, but after this review, I decided to go for the Heimplanet Weekender instead and man, the way the Heimplanet is glued to your back using only the shoulder straps is equally surprising everytime I put the bag on!
And that quick pocket on top… it’s either for your BIG water bottle or you could probably fit a birthday cake in there without messing it up if your hands are full.

Philippe Béland says:

Hey man cool review! How does this compare in size to a GoRuck gr2 40 L?

JC Adventurea says:

Please do a review on DC turbine backpack. For me its quite dope and nice.

Raikiri Production says:

Man, now im addicted to backpacs

Drew says:

Great and funny review as always. I have this bag and I agree with you that the zippers don’t move as smoothly as I would like. Something that was not discussed is that there are two small zippered pockets (not just one) on the outside of the bag and one of them is RFID, so it would be good for your wallet and/or passport. Also there are two sets of zippers for the pocket where the straps meet at the top because, while clunky, it functions as a place to store small items when you are using the straps in addition to storing away the straps if you want a more streamlined look and only intent to use it as a duffel. A bag I would love to see reviewed is the “Frenchie Co. Speed BackPack”, although it looks like they won’t be shipping out orders until late summer. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Shafeeq Hisyam says:

Is this even possible to be brought on on the plane? Fully packed out must be weighing more than 7kg (which is the maximum weight you can bring as carry on). Does it make sense to check this in? Anyone ever tried to pack these backpacks and still weigh less than 8kgs?

sdsviet says:

that flap that covers over the zipper where the straps are is more of a rain guard. unless there’s waterproof zippers on that end then its not really needed.

Mattytattat says:

yes you got one!

Amy Winter says:

I super appreciate you reviewing the hip packs for the bags! Just curious if you think that removable hip belts tend to allow more of that pull back (as you discussed in this video for the wandrd) then non-removable hip belts, or if is just depends on the bag? Thanks Chase! Loving your reviews!

Jon Gregory says:

Shout out to Nashville! Let me know if you need any awesome food/drink recommendations

Lee Cheng Chong says:

Where’s that always-need-you-never-wanna-see-you pouch from?


When your wife is away you get to use wet wipes. She sure seems to have a lot of rules. She is very attractive and seems like a pretty good mom, so I guess she is worth it.

potatomatoe says:

I have the hyper drive usb-c hub for my macbook pro. It’s a great option if you don’t like the dongle thing. It has a lot of shit in it too. 2 usb 3.1 ports, 2 usb c ports, 1 sd slot, 1 microsd slot, and 1 hdmi port. Been using it for about a year or so and haven’t had any problems. Looks sleek too.

sdsviet says:

what’s the mini cords bag where you put it away and dont wanna see it. i tried to look at the site but theres no section for the mini misc organizers.

Mausmaki says:

Was wondering if You will make a review for this one and..BOOM! :)…really sad that the zippers are so small!Got a Timbuk2 Wander Pack (40L) earlier today to check and found the same small zippers #5-6,which is really weird decision to go along with such a rigid external material.

Peter Rakowsky says:

Will you reviewing the other, larger Hexad duffel bag that you got? I’m interested in that one.

Ze Thiago says:

Hey chase, thanks for the reviews, check out Recycled Firefighter bags for us!

Garrett Garcia says:

This might be his funniest video ever. *Watched bag video for the Chase comedy*

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