Traveling with Only a Day Pack | Topo Bag Review

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I am 25, from Marietta, Georgia and I started this channel in 2013 in my final semester of my college. After graduating from Auburn University in Alabama I spent four months in Europe and tried my hand at vloging. You can watch the whole series here and forgive me for filming it on my iPhone. Right after traveling I moved to DC where I lived for two years. Last summer I backpacked through Central America and produced a 10 part vlog series about that as well. I currently am traveling on World Race. The World Race is an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries. I post videos almost every day, so subscribe and stay a while if you want to see more.

– All filmed on a Canon S120, Canon G7x and Canon T3i.

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I’m Grace Baptist church in west columbia south Carolina ok

Veni Vidi Amavi says:

Thanks for being so helpful, great video!! (:

Logan Reese says:

Bahahahah I think I would be a lot like him when it comes to packing and hoarding stuff. I have a hard time going anywhere without several bags full of stuff I have absolutely no need for lol. I went on a 1 week cruise and had three full suitcases

Liann Van Volkinburg says:

His bag is like Mary Poppins’ purse. It’s never ending!

Miriam Sokora says:

May I ask what’s in your toiletries bag?

timgoat556 says:

lol it took so long for him to list everything in his bag that the light was getting dimmer as the sun was going down haha

Jeanny Tse says:

1:35 you commenting on that background?

Stella Lie says:

I was wondering whether topo design pay you $$$

Elise Swepston says:

Thank you for telling us what clothes you have!

Freddo V says:

What brand is your water bottle?

Taylor H says:


Sara Pandolfino says:

Justin is ridiculous. I hope I have a guy with his personality on one of my teams!

Kayla Yaeckel says:

I think I cried laughing so hard at watching Justin unpack all the ridiculous things from his bag.

justin harsdorf says:

Julia, thanks for showing me what to bring! ha, too bad we couldn’t have done another video, second round was just as crazy

Abdul Wahid Razzaq says:

hi u r so sweet as flower i like u

Thokko says:

Is your Topo Klettersack the coyote colour? ? Why did you choose this colour from the other colours?

Nicole Kow says:

Wait, just one bra?

Mari Lowe says:

Wait … Is Justin a WI Badger??!

Brooke S. says:

You should do a video on how to pack in just a day pack

justin harsdorf says:

i just watched this for the first time, i love how you added laughter to the funny parts 🙂

Abdul Wahid Razzaq says:

Sweetie some spacial items is not available i thing iu for get remember????

T-shirt guy says:

Justin. Double u Tee Eff bro! lol

Willow Puge says:

Topo is pronounced “Toe poe” not “Taw Poe.” If you emailed Topo, they would’ve also replaced or fixed the bag since it was damaged when it arrived.

azgirl816 says:

I really want to do the World Race but I’ve never even been camping. Is everyone who does this super outdoorsy with a lot of backpacking experience? Or could I find my way?

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