Traveling with one bag? Reviewing the AER Travel Pack

I’m still trying to get into the whole „one-Bag Travel“ Philosophy, and it is harder than I thought. But this bag might actually help me to get everything for a short trip into one bag.


Geek (Performance)

Space & Access 9
Organization 8
Comfort 8

Style (Design)

Look & Feel 9
Build, Materials & Hardware 8
Features 8

Stoke (Experience)

Warranty & Support 5
Brand experience 6
Value 9
X Factor 10


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urbaniten says:

Better without the distracting background music.

Basti W says:

Hi Bo,
wo hast du die Tasche bestellt – direkt auf der AER Website? Wenn ja, wie lange hat die Lieferzeit gedauert und was waren die Shipping-Kosten?
Vielen Dank schonmal,

Rodrigo Dovales says:

Hi Bo!
I really like your videos. At minute 0:40 you show some packing cubes, I’d like to know where I can find the rectangular one with shirts or maybe it’s name. Thanks!

Ryan Crooks says:

Hey Bo! You should try reviewing the Aer Fit bag as it has the best features of this bag in a smaller package. I’ve used it every day for the last year and love it!

Chris Javier says:

Great video and really helpful, so thank you. Quick question though, what kind of packing cubes are those?

Diego Molina says:

Hey Bo! How r u dude? I need you help! I’ll be in Madrid in two more weeks, so my question is Where I can buy this backpack? I’ll be There just for one day so there should be any problem ’cause otherwise I’d loose my purchase! Please Help me! (I’m from Argentina, I mentioned Madrid because after there I’ll be in Turkey And Egypt and I think It turns more complicated ask for a backpack by internet in those places)

TheReal Sandeman says:

Hello Bo, great review. Helped me decide buying the bag. Just wondering what packing cubes did you use in the review? They seem to fit nicely. Keep the good work going. Nice channel you have there!!

jc garcia says:

size 7″ sneakers? small feet

Aditya Nugrahata says:

where i can purchase this backpack in jakarta?

Jon Ultime says:

Never understood why one would need all these silly packing cubes. It’s a waste of space, material, and money as well as adding weight. Learn how to fold and pack properly and save on these pointless cubes.

Alaa Ali says:

Any chance you’ll be reviewing the Minaal Carry-On 2.0? I’m torn between it and the Aer.

George Knox says:

Hi Bo, can you share a few links of the small bags you use inside the other bag? Thank you

Hendrik Uusmaa says:

Between this and Slicks backpack which would you recommend?

Terence Lum says:

Hi, great video and review of the bag! By the way, what watch are you wearing?

Ivan Arteaga says:

Great reviews!!
When you make a review of the AER GYM DUFFLE?

Ismael Castillo says:

Would you recommend this for school (as well as going to the gym right after) or the duffel pack? Also, I bike and wonder if it’s difficult to ride with.

THORsToRmZ says:

Hey random question what watch are you wearing?

Jack Turner says:

Hey Bo: Are you going to review the Minaal 2.0 in the future? Thanks

frsvll says:

Been researching the Aer backpacks and stumbled on this video. Rarely do I feel the need to comment on a video at all on youtube but I just wanted to say great job man! 😀 Great length, no nonsense review, editing is on point and overall very informative! You’ve just earned yourself a new subscriber 🙂

Jesus Izquierdo says:

Great job Bo, can you review the Tortuga packs? the V2 or the Outbreaker one (v3)

Alaa Ali says:

Hey, great review of the bag! I have a question about those “packing cubes”, those little box packs you put your stuff in. Where can I get those from, or basically what are they called? I see one of yours says Slicks on it, but are there specific brands that make these kinds of things? Are there like standard sizes, etc.? Thanks!

kr0nakai says:

hey Bo. do you think i can travel with this backpack for 1 week trip in winter. (without the option to clean my clothes while i am on the road)

Noureddine Chaouch says:

Hi Bo,
nice video, I’m travelling a lot for work but also personnal travels, I’m looking for a nice travel backpack.
Which one is your favorite? (I hope it was not asked before) Thanks a lot

Mostly Day Hiking says:

Hey @bo ismono have ur feelings changed on this bag since this review?

Scott Thomas-Fitch says:

+Bo pack your socks and underwear in your shoes. Love your videos. Just moved to Berlin.

Monti cref says:

I look the Video first and say wow.

Dilson Burdier says:

I love this backpack, but i cant find it anywhere. And the website says to pre-order

Robert Novak says:

Thanks for this review. I ordered the travel pack, dopp bag, and two packing cubes a week ago for a trip that got cancelled the next day — so even though I got next day delivery (I’m about 20 minutes in good traffic from their distribution point outside San Francisco), I haven’t been able to try it out yet. Next trip is a two day jaunt to San Diego, California in a couple of weeks… so we’ll see how it does for a short trip and modest techie gear (only one laptop this trip!)

Hachi Roku says:

Hey Bo! Love your vids! Especially this one! Can you do another with Nomatic travel pack?

Burrito Boi says:

What packing cubes do you use ???

Morgan Hvidt says:

Thanks for the video Bo! I just got myself one, going to one bag Asia 😀

Alejandro García says:

Dude, you really make the best reviews! You’re style is quite cool.

mario andreas says:

Wicked Video Bo, Would love to see an Aer Fitpack review 🙂

Sergey Kornev says:

I got mine this week – I love it!!!

Abner Morales says:

Can you review the Minaal 2.0 and compare it to this one?!!

Paul Martinez says:

Bo, what size are those Goruck packing cubes in the video?

Fábio Ricardo says:

Bo Ismono, The small bag is included in the Backpack?

Thibaut Desfoux says:

Just got this bag delivered in UK!!
What I did not know is that I had to pay a £44 custom charge on top of the $200 for the bag!!

Chew py says:

may i know if i should go for this or nomatic travel bag? i am looking for a bag which can fit shoes and laptop

Emmanouela Gerontopoulou says:

Hi Bo!! It would be awesome if you could do a review on the hylete 6 in 1 backpack. Love your channel

HeyMickeyMovies says:

Hey Bo! Awesome review!
What music did you use?

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