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ABOUT THE BAG: We never planned to create a physical good. But after receiving more than a thousand messages about the discontinued travel bag in our documentary, MINIMALISM, we decided to partner with Malcolm Fontier, the man who created the original bag, to bring it back for a limited run.

The new version is called the Pakt One, made responsibly from sustainable materials and zero plastic packaging. This is the best bag we’ve ever used, and that’s why, after seven years as “The Minimalists,” it’s the first and only physical good that bears our name. If you’re interested in learning more, you can watch the video about the bag and learn more at our Indiegogo campaign page.

But let’s be clear: You probably don’t need a new bag. And if you don’t, then please don’t feel compelled to buy this one. Sure, it might make travel a little simpler, but no physical good is going to make your life happier or more complete. So, please consider this bag only if you need it and can afford it. Otherwise, let it go—it’s just a bag.


Lee Ouch says:

Why hasn’t anyone said anything about the price of this thing!

Elizabeth Baltic says:

How long will this be available for?

HappyGeekChic says:

Hahaha “you own underwear you are not a minimalist.” I want the bag!

Aizhan Aitzhan says:

the price is extremely high ..

cne Jackson says:

This is perfect. My suitcase got stolen a few months ago and I actually do need a new bag.

Zosimo II Alingalan says:

Better to have little wheels

Bonnie Belle Branch says:

Will this be available indefinitely going forward? Or is this another limited run?

johnny johnny says:

It needs wheels!

Nai Roi says:

The thing is I can’t carry heavy load, wish it has a wheel

pmexplore says:

Does it come with backpack style?

Violacea L says:

Please make a backpack version of this. Shoulder straps can be such pains sometimes

Aga Bak says:

Seriously you know how to make money !

Steve Rodgers says:

Minimalists. Unless there’s easy $ to be made.

Aicx Medina says:

Does it have an option for a back pack? I have a bad back due to carrying shoulder bags in school. Thanks

America Bless God says:

Expensive? Please tell me no!

Larisa Elena Muntean says:

you must make all commercials 🙂 this is so good… I don’t even need a bag, but I loved watching you too 🙂

scir 91 says:

NO LOGOS! i actually have to stitch over or tear off loud company logos from my bags. i also hate logos on shirts. who else does? enrique iglesias. yep. when i met him, he also told he is a minimalist.

Sam Moulsdale says:

It’s like the bag version of the ugly cargo zipper pants that people wear on vacation where you can zip a leg off and turn them in to three quarter length trousers

Rachel Newell says:

Commuting with a duffel bag is not the greatest. A backpack is far better and i will never go back. Osprey transporter duffel that converts to a backpack is- best gift I have ever gotten (no I’m not an osprey worker or affiliate). The ethos of no logo is great- but in the case of the duffel backpack- worth it.

Eight Steps says:

Oh please make it a backpack or add some backpack-straps, I would buy it immediately:)

Mega War says:

Make it a backpack and I’m in

lightpinkchemistry says:


peterk814 says:

At the end of the day walking through two terminals with a bag carry a laptop charger, couple days of clothing, toiletries, water bottle, notebook, etc you are asking for trouble. Back problems galore. Stick to something with wheels or at least two straps

Kanoe Hezekia says:

Amazing bag!

Cups of compassion says:

Seems cool but also like it would get heavy

Feb Vel says:

good concept but man, one side shoulder carry is annoying, if you guys / malcom launch the backpack version of this, then I definitely go on board. But I like the no logo part tho. So humble.

Nawwk says:

Crap bag!!

Natascha Flamisch says:


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