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The Storr carry on backpack can fit on any airline, letting you travel lighter, faster and further than ever before. Featuring a clamshell opening for efficient packing, easy access external laptop sleeve and simple stowaway straps, the Storr makes travelling by air with hand luggage only a breeze!

Please note we have changed the zip puller design. We no longer use leather and now use a lngth of orange cord.

Graeme English on Feb 20, 2018
Great bag, really waterproof (unfortunately well tested on a rainy weekend in Berlin) so reassuring when a laptop is inside. Feels very well made and the buckles seem pretty much unbreakable unlike the last bag I had. Much more sustainable product than you’ll get from the big brands.

Gordon Stovin on Feb 20, 2018
I’ve a few bags by these lovely people and each one is a joy to have and use. Thoughtful designs, classic materials and beautiful crafted. These bags ooze quality and practicality in equal measure. In fact the bags themselves are only matched by their customer service. From order to delivery and even any after service the people at Trakke have been nothing short of delightful. Great bags and fab people deserve high praise.

Duncan Faherty on Mar 19, 2018
Bag is fantastic, holds more than enough for day to day use, and the waxed canvas is the best I have ever seen.

Andrew Lord on Mar 19, 2018
Can’t rate this company and their products highly enough. Absolutely loving my new bag, great build quality and design.


Evilami TV says:

I love the way you review bags. It makes me question my own sexuality.

K M says:

Where did you get that Huichol hat? I love it!

Cam Todd says:

Nice review as always. Still hoping for your views on the Prima system by Boundary

OneHarp says:

I like the minimal aesthetic and love the materials. It’s a nice idea to be able add on modules, but… every *travel* bag *needs* to have a WATER BOTTLE POCKET. That’s deal breaker for me and I stand by that statement. 🙂 Nice review, as ever, Chase!

Patrick Rainier Juen says:

Hey Chase! How about a review on the Cotopaxi Allpa?

1marcandrew1 says:

Isn’t wax canvas heavier that most nylon. That’s like a smaller canvassed MLC.

Caleb Gray says:

Loved the video! Have you ever thought of doing the Cotopaxi Allpa bag? Would love to hear your thoughts!

A L Sil says:

I really like this bag a lot and have considered buying it, but I’m worried that it will be too uncomfortable. How are the straps on this compared to the Aer Travel Pack?

Nikolaus Matheis says:

Can someone please tell me how a diagonal zipper on the front is practical compared to a straight horizontal zipper?

Nic Mavrogiannis says:

Fanny pack idea – Peak design 5L Sling Bag

Adrian Ma says:

Any chance you can get your hands on the speed backpack by Frenchie Co for a review? I haven’t been able to find any reviews on this bag. Their quick access seems interesting but it’s hard to see all the pockets and functionality from their videos and pictures online

Bobalob says:

Hey Chase, came across the Riut bag today, looks perfect for one bag travel. Could you do a review please?

Wei Jie Khoo says:

Review the Bellroy’s Duo Work bag please!

MightiestArm says:

Can you review the Kelty Redwing 44

Craig Watson says:

Is this the first time your videos have had music, or is it just the first time I’ve noticed? Either way please don’t get carried away with it! Just my opinion I don’t think you need it.

FYI - For Your Inspiration says:

1,4 kg is too heavy for such a plain bag with 30 litre capacity in my point of view.

jason wood says:

Great vid! Review more Filson bags please

Zachary Joseph says:

I was hoping you could help me since your like a Guru of bags lol I’ve been trying to find a good all around bag for school hiking and carrying camera my price limit is 300$ gear needs to be waterproof and if it looked rustic that would be nice

Alex P says:

Hey Chase! How comfortable is it?

Blaine D. says:

Posted on June 5th? REALLY? Are you not even trying to hide your Illuminati undertones? Juuuune 5th? 6-5? 6 + 5 = 11. “11” looks just like the Twin Towers, which we all know was a false flag orchestrated by the Illuminati. Then – to cap off your undying devotion, you have the GALL to wave the Trakke Storr in our faces?! Trakke (6 letters), Storr (5 letters)…….. ELEVEN LETTERS AGAIN! Why don’tcha just put down the camera and head to your weekly Illuminati meeting already? #ChaseReevesIsIlluminati

David Filip says:

Hey, I was wondering if you had any bag recommendations for a bag for me-

I am attending a military college next year and need a black backpack that has a very small to no logo. I also need it to carry all the daily things I’d be taking to class, a water bottle holder would also be nice. I was thinking of a GR1, but was wondering if you had other suggestions as well.


Berserker says:

No chest strap or those straps that pull the top of it closer to your neck/back??? And like most bags it’s too small/short for tall guys. But carry on restrictions have screwed us over anyways. Other than that it looks awesome.

lolasuperpuppy says:

Looks a lot like a GoRuck, but without all the MilSpec silliness. Those straps look a lot like the murdery ones on the Patagonia MLC – glad to hear they are more comfortable.

asiakoz says:

How about a review on Cotopaxi Allpa 35L?

Greg Hull says:

The connectors for that exterior pouch are a major turnoff.

Deb Smith says:

Appreciate your reviews; thanks. Please do the bum bag review too; I’m headed to Chili in November and am considering accessory alternatives

Maya Larks says:

i love the size. International carry on dimensions vary quite a bit so I prefer them on the smaller side.

Tsuna Vongalia says:

I want to find a bag for daily carry ? Any recommendations?

paul kuhnast says:

For bumbags definitely need a go belt style. I don’t know if theres a higher end version but the super thin when nothing in expandable bag of holding style fitness belts are useful for so much.

curblaw says:

seems a bit too expensive

Jeffrey Ip says:

Thanks for reviewing this bag Chase. Keep them coming!

Katty Joseph-Martinez says:

For bumbags the fronteer collab with topo one looks sick

Megatron81 says:

First!! From Australia!

Vazeer Abbas says:

Hey, Nice review. I liked the bag material too waxed canvas. Can please review Solo – Everyday Max Backpack, it’s a travel bag too.

Craig R says:

You should do a Tom Bihn Brain Bag review!!

jessoy says:

fanny pack recommendation: axis from mission workshop!

Ivo Sotirov says:

Can you use that pouch as a sling, instead of a fanny pack?
I love the Peak Design Pouch/Sling thingy, it can double as a fanny pack, but nah.

Hollow says:

Oh, a Retro51 pen. Nice one

computer2211 says:

Do you prefer this one or the AER travel pack?

André Calil says:

Slick? Check. Good materialzz? Check. Hide away straps? Check. Large open space for your sh*t? Check. Carry on? Check. External laptop pocket? Check. +400 USD? Hmm… not sure bro. Good video, as always. Looks like you’re less excited than you used to be. Getting tired of dem bags, Chase?

Pojosamaneo says:

That fanny pack motion is gonna give me nightmares, thanks.

paul kuhnast says:

Loved the message at the end of the video. Another mint review. And felt pumped at the end 🙂

potatomatoe says:

Love the aesthetic of this one!

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