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Here’s my review of the Tortuga Setout travel backpack review. A KILLER maximal single bag travel bag. Tons of space!

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Setout Backpack The maximum-sized carry on for city travelers

If you’ve tried dragging a suitcase with cheap plastic wheels over the cobblestone streets of Paris, you know why rolling luggage doesn’t work in a city.

Cylinder-shaped packs for “backpackers” aren’t much better. Since you pack them from the top, like a garbage bag, they leave your stuff a jumbled mess. They’re also too big to be carried onto a plane, so you’re stuck with checked bag fees, the hassle of baggage claim, and the stress of lost luggage.

The Setout travel backpack packs like a suitcase and carries like a backpack.

22” x 14” x 9”
3.3 lbs
Laptop: 15”
Tablet: 9.7”
Fit: 17-19” torsos

900D heathered polyester
Injection molded foam
YKK zippers
Duraflex buckles
Made in China

Carry on sized
Front loading
Padded, removable hip belt
Laptop and tablet sleeves
Hideaway shoulder straps
Weather resistant
Organization pockets
Lie-flat water bottle pocket

Carry On Sized
Zip past everyone at baggage claim. The Setout Backpack qualifies as a carry on so you can travel like a pro.

Maximum Internal Space
Bring everything you need without checking a bag. There’s plenty of room for all your stuff, whether you’re traveling for a week or a month.

Internal organization
Everything has a home.

Easy to Pack
The Setout Backpack opens from the side, like a book, to make packing on a bed or luggage stand easier. Compare that to packing a typical backpack, where you’re reaching down into a jumbled mess.

The hip belt transfers 80% of the bag’s weight to your hips, taking the strain off your shoulders. Stash your phone and boarding pass in the hip belt pockets while en route.

Adapts to You
The injection-molded straps will conform to your body and get more comfortable over time, just like sneakers.

Blend Into the City
Understated heathered grey fabric and a rounded shape won’t scream “tourist.” The sleek look helps you blend in.

Protect Your Straps
Tuck the shoulder straps for protection when carrying your bag down the aisle of the plane or when stowing it in an overhead bin.

Stay Agile
Take the stairs instead of the crowded escalator. Walk up Lisbon’s hilly, tiled streets. Hop from city to city without dragging a suitcase around. No wheels means you’re ready for anything.

Designed for 21st Century Travel
You don’t need to carry an extra bag for your electronics. The Setout safely holds a 15” laptop, a 9.7” tablet, and an ereader.

Secure Your Stuff
Use the lockable zippers to keep your stuff safe from pickpockets.


kraigg007 says:

Chase, great review.  Really like this bag.  I am a large man and need the space for my carry on items.  Wearing a size 14 shoe and 3XL shirts makes life difficult when you talk about “One Bag Travel” for more than 5 days.  Trying to decide between the Setout and the Nomatic Travel.  I like the Nomatic Travel Bag due to the waterproof outer shell, size, RFID compartment, and the versatility of the multiple compartments. The Setout appears to have advantages in the comfort straps, backpack venting, and aesthetics. I typically travel with a DSLR camera and 3 lenses as well.  With similar price points, do you have any input to help me make a decision?

Charles C says:


Tyler Haugen says:

Which color are those sperry topsiders… tan or sahara?

Tricia Gatia says:

Can it fit under the seat,

Enzo C says:

Hi Chase, I love your videos. You should review the boundary prima system and peloton asphalt…. and when they go into production you should look into the nya evo and frenchie speed backpack. I’d love to hear your opinion on them!

Curiose Child says:

Hi. You are really good and helpful by doing reviews. What you think about Cotopaxi Allpa, can u make review on that? Pretty please?

Keith Munson says:

Where’s the link to your hat? I live in rural Australia – no chance we would meet while wearing it!

Jay Sterling says:

Nice.Mmm….,I’ve recently plumped for the pakt relaunch after seeing the minimalist film.I’ll see how it goes next year. Really it’s for visiting other European cities ( before it gets illegal after Brexit- unless the boredom of the parliamentary debate sees us off before then ) .If I’m going to SE Asia/Japan I’ll consider the Setout or buy a cheaper backpack with waterproof laptop case ( do they even exist?).

Leo Zhang says:

I’ve been traveling with the Tortuga outbreaker 45L do you think it’s a good move to sell the outbreaker ans get this one?

ouellery says:

Funny and informative as always! The two questions I have are how water resistant is this thing? And you think it’s durable enough for long term trips? Debating on this or the Outbreaker and I’m leaning towards this one. Thanks!

IC U says:

No shoulder sternum straps… Deal breaker

helenktrip says:

Fantastic! I have been looking at this bag and I’m sold. I’ve had my trials with different backpacks. The selling point for me on this one is the backpack style with the suitcase opening. WAY easier to pack and access. Looks sleek too. Love it. Thanks so much for the awesome review!

Zavic1988 says:

Another great review :). Could you tell me something more about this minimalist documentary, which you talk about in 16:14? I would really love to see it myself ;).

John Tan says:

Chase, if you are going to use the one-strap Tortuga bag for a three month trip to Mexico, the Pakt bag would be much better, although not available yet until June 2018. I think most people will prefer the size and look of the Pakt bag better than the Tortuga duffle, with better functionality and compartments. I am sure you know about the bag, since you mentioned the Minimalist Documentary. Can’t wait for you to review THAT bag, hopefully they will give you one earlier for review!

Tony Nguyen says:

You’re the only one on youtube with a good taste for backpacks

Samuel Durrant Allen says:

Haha I’m watching this video for a bag idea because I’m going to Lisbon. Psychic yo.

Scawtt says:

This is probably the funniest, most helpful, and enjoyable review I’ve ever watched of anything ever. Please review everything in the world, so that I no longer have to do research on products, I can simply pull up your video and have a good informative laugh while making a decision.

gem mcdermott says:

Hi Chase. Do you have the Tortuga Air? If so, can I purchase it from you? Tortuga has retired the bag and I cannot find another like it.

Karl Kieninger says:

Fantastic review. My wife and daughter (8) found it unexpectedly entertaining.

Looking at several competitors in different price points and sad to find no 3rd part reviews. Consider them? : I see a lot of mentions of Eagle Creek packing cuboids, but only in house review of this bad.
And this unexpecred bag that looks pretty good
Something from which appears to be a budget brand dedicated to carry on fit budget air-line restriction.

Tortuga has a comparison on their site vs Red Oxx Sky Train. It very snarky and kinda off putting. Isn’t enough to put me totally off the brand, but did give me pause.

Derek Benitez says:

“Robocop Pockets”…LOL amazing!!!

Charles Erdig says:

Hi Chase. Is the Setout suitable for checking, say if a budget airline won’t allow it as carry on?

MacKenzie Budd says:

great review!!

אור פאר says:

How it is compared to the nomatic travel bag?

Sergii V says:

But what the point in such bags? There is 7-10kg limit on almost all airlines, especially low-costers. You will reach it filling just half of the bag. If you put there 12-15kg very likely they will ask you to check in it.

LivingAsLynn says:

We do the minimalist capsule thing, but my husband is very stout and tall. His clothes just take up twice the space yours do. My trouble is he just needs his bag and that one zip pocket like you. All he needs to access on the plane is his water, tablet, phone and headphones and then ticket and wallet in the airport. On top of that he hates putting his bag at his feet since he is taller and needs all the leg room so he really has no need for a ton of pockets. I am still trying to figure out how to get a bag that has the max capacity he needs, 38-40 liters for a city trip in winter, with good shoulder straps, no overkill hip belt, and a single stash pocket. The only thing I’ve seen that fits the bill is the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45, but it is pricey and my husband isn’t crazy about the cost. Any other suggestions?

Alex P says:

How did the combo go? I’ve settled on the same as you. Also, is that the cordura or halcyon Tom Bihn?

Alian Anjum says:

This is it! OMG I just felt in LOVE with this bag! I was at first going to go with the Aer Travel pack, but I wasn’t sure I have been thinking about it for weeks because some stuff that I didn’t like about it, like the lost of space of the shoes pocket, the strap and the size. But this one take care of all of it! Thank you!

Could you make your next video about all the travel tips you have learn like, how to pack, what to pack ext….?

Ashwin Vidiyala says:

You’re so calm. What happened?

Dustin Stout says:

What hat are you wearing in these videos? Awesome hat. Anyone?

Shadon Badiyan says:

Have you reviewed Eagle Creek’s Global Companion pack?

Mikey Ben-Chetrit says:

Hey home dog, just got addicted to bags due to this channel. Bought the Setback using your link so I hope you get the go-ahead from the misses to continue doing spectacular reviews.

Charles C says:

Thinking about pulling the trigger on this one. Can I ask you how tall you are, Chase? Thanks.

BudoRyuu says:

I’m going to Japan next year for a month and I dunno which bag should I buy to go there. Im thinking about AER travel backpack or Tortuga Setout. Any recomendation? I like the hip-straps style in tortuga, but the bulky/tactic style of AER is so cool. Dunno which one should i get.

Cory Mirabal says:

Love your vids! 1) How would you compare it to the Outbreaker? 2) What do you think about using this as a travel bag for a photographer with a medium amount of gear (mirrorless body, 3-4 lenses, Mavic air, Gorillapod etc) but wants to still stay single bag minimal?

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