The Worst Nintendo Switch Accessory? Hyperkin Travel Bag Review

In today’s video I continue my quest for the best Nintendo Switch accessories and review the Hyperkin Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch. I have to admit, I’ve been a fan of Hyperkin’s video game accessories for quite some time now, so going into this review I had some pretty high expectations. Unfortunately, it seems the Hyperkin just couldn’t pull through on their first lineup of accessories for the Switch.

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Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack:

RDS Industries
Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case:

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C wick says:

didnt you release a video today? did you take it down or am i just crazy?

No one special. says:

Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway! 🙂

C wick says:

holy crap 20k


Hey FILIP, the Hyperkin bag does look good with no logos or elaborate designs, I like that. This bag does have a good strap. I agree that the Elite player backpack is better for someone with a Nintendo Switch who wanted or needed more room for more accessories or devices. I appreciated your detail review of the Hyperkin bag and maybe in the near future Hyperkin will have a gaming bag with a little more room and no squeaky plastic clips. Great video and an honest review, FILIP.

FlamingAwsome XYZ says:

who y’all think won

Trey Ahzze says:

why would u try and put a laptop in there? Clearly its meant of the the Switch and accessories.

Colin Woods says:

The pocketjuice powerbank at 3:54 i have one and it helps my phone make it through the day I have dropped it of my bike dropped it on concrete and dirt and it still survives definitely recommend it

Jordan Plummer says:

When will the video be uploaded?

Adam Roffel says:

Seems like a really bad knockoff of PowerA’s messenger bag!

Klaidon Drury says:

Got a heart attack when he twirled his laptop

Andrei Vasilciu says:

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag
by PowerA i got this one as it had the hard case as well. Holds everything inc powerbank & a the hori game holder as well & the play stand

Kim Brandow says:

I subed

Grandimations says:

Has he reviewed the Messenger bag for Nintendo Switch? It has a lot more room. I was able to fit; My Switch, My Dock, Cables, A portable charger, 5 physical games, iPhone 7 charger, Joy Con Grip, 2 Joy Con Straps, AND Earbuds. I love the product, But it was supposed to come with a shoulder strap. That was Gamestops fault though. So I still let it slide. I gave this messenger bag a 9/10

Cristian Spargo says:

Love your vids <3

Michael Martinez says:

It’s all you really need for transporting your switch without it screaming I have a very expensive device in my backpack… I would buy it

Pavle Jocic says:

Finally 20k sub

Timothy Carr-Mcneely says:

I have watched your vids since you started

Emblem Fanatic says:

Honestly I think the Switch Charge is the worst accessory

link the hero of time says:

im going pick it up now

FlamingAwsome XYZ says:

I think the elite player book bag is better

Dashlash { GD } says:

It looks like The Everywhere Messenger Bag to me…

Matthew Lee says:

This bag doesn’t even hold game cards? Pffffff it stinks

RemixedYoshi says:

Interesting indeed

jrvbamafan1 says:

you mean they made a switch bag designed just to carry the Switch….lol. this to me looks like one of the better bags. you are trying to put shit in there that it never claimed it would hold like a laptop. for what it was designed to carry, it looks just fine to me. stop trying to shove refrigerators and everything but the kitchen sink in it, and it works perfectly

Jackgamer says:

It is not the Switch messenger bag! Don’t get confused!

Kaptein Potet says:

this is a really good channel, and the videos is the quality of someone with 200 000 subs

Sam Hill says:

The transitions are so swoops they almost made me sick.

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