The Perfect Camera Bag? Vinta S Series Travel Bag | FULL REVIEW

Vinta S Series Bag:

My full review of the Vinta S Series Camera Travel Bag. I love this bag to pieces and for an urban/travel videographer and photographer, this bag is as good of a mix between style and function as you can get. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as I’ve been able to be without breaking the bank.


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Nitsan Simantov says:

Nice review!
I recently bought a Lowepro Flipside 10L (After having the 20L and 400AW versions for a long time) for many of the same reasons you explain in the review. Lightweight, very slim, opens only from the body-side. For me that’s a better fit, as absolutely nothing can be reached from the outside other than the water bottle. It’s discontinued but can still be found. Without the camera insert it’s about 690g, excellent for travel on a skateboard. 🙂

Sebastien P says:

Hello! I was wonderong if the mesh back of the bag has messed up the fabric on your shirts? I have a dakine and it has ruined the fabric.

kvdgadj says:

It looks a camera bag from the back. The only people’s who need this bag, are people’swho own lots of camera gear?

JoSquared says:

A bit more than I wanted to spend, but this probably woulda been my perfect camera bag…till you could barely fit a 15 inch rMBP in, now i’m concerned lol. Not being able to get into the bag from the outside is a great feature tho, haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Joseph Friend says:

Super cool review! Love the narration and the shots!

EagleXL says:

Hey there, thank you for the great review.
Do you think it`s possible to give more space to the upper part (for personal items), by moving the dividers lower, and still leaving enough room for a 5D IV + Let’s say.. 24-70, and another detached lens?

SC Production says:

Such an awesome review! you addresses alot of key things, that I think takes a bag review from good to great.

James Vela says:

Awesome review, I love that you displayed the issues rather than ramble over them. Looks like a great buy.

Claire Lindsey says:

This is such a thorough and well made video! I have this bag too and I love it!

Seth D Films says:

Great review!

Michael Jeung says:

Hey! Quick question, can you fit textbooks and full size notebooks (about 9×11) into the camera compartment when you remove the dividers? I would love to get this bag for camera work and short trips and it would be a no brainer for me if I could use it for some light schoolwork too! Thanks!

A photographic year says:

Okay, a severe case of gear acquisition syndrome just kicked in!!!!
Great video!

James Gomez says:

Were you a kickstarter backer and just received it?

Silent778 says:

Hey great review. I wanted to ask do you think a 5D Mark iii with a battery grip attached would fit in this?

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