The only bag you’ll ever want? PAKT ONE Carryon Bag REVIEW

Pakt claims that this is the only carryon duffel bag you’ll ever want? Let’s find out if this bold claim is correct.

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As you might know from my „How I make a buying decision“ video: Rather than just looking at the pros, I like to evaluate the cons or flaws of an item and then evaluate if I can live with them. That is why in my video reviews I concentrate more on the cons of an item rather than going over all the features. Therefore everything shown is just a fraction of all the points that go into the verdict and score of an item.


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Vaibhav Acharya says:

I wish Aer would release a 2018-2019 edition of their travel pack.

Juan C M says:

Hello Bo, I´ve been looking extensively over your EDC small bags, which I find significantly appealing and practical. I live in Costa Rica Central America and have easy access to the US market, however, I’ve had problems finding any of your recommended brands in this side of the world. Do yo have any links I can use? Tx for your work it is quite useful!

Lim JazzDeDragon Heryadi says:

Ismono …. like an Indonesian name…. 😀

Kaeleen Foote says:

I appreciated your balanced honest review. I like the design of the Pakt bag, especially the top zippers that allow easy access to the compartments but I wondered how it would feel trekking with it, especially trying to hurry to my gate at a large international airport. Thanks to your review, I don’t think it’s for me since I’d probably find it heavy & exhausting. I’ll stick with backpacks. Just haven’t found the perfect one yet.

User 01 says:

For traveling now I just bring my northface duffel bag full of my clothes and herschel dopp Kitt. and bring a light packable day pack that fold and is basically weightless (REI Flash 22) since I don’t really need any tech other than my phone, portable charger and Bluetooth headphones.

brent hillyer says:

Bon are you wearing the Levi Trucker Jacket 2 Commuter? I love mine for traveling.

Cole Cravath says:

Dude please do a desk review / video. It’s on topic with your audience and yours looks very thoughtful. Much love! Cheers

Claire says:

Those negatives were exactly why I chose not to purchase this bag — as much as I wanted to like it. The biggest drawback for me was that it’s a duffel and not a backpack which takes a toll on my back and shoulders when walking with all that weight. Not a bag for everyone nor for every situation. Bought a clamshell backpack instead with stowable shoulder and hip straps that can also be carried as a messenger for short distance commuting… very happy. It’s a shame because I really like the positives which you talked about. It’s aesthetic is business-like so perhaps it was intended specifically for urban and very short term travel. Great video as always Bo! 🙂

That one special snowflake says:

Try the north face borealis, it’s quite big and has many organisation pockets, it has enough space for a 2 night trip, depending on what you take.

Kevin Ankin says:

Great review Bo. Just received word today that this bag is being shipped. Excited to get it. Ordered the black one. Even without the added protection I’d still order the black. Just more appealing to me. I plan to use this bag for all my trips but will bring a laptop/daily carry bag with me as well. Help with weight and I’ll be packing more clothes. Cheers!

keepinitreal says:

I actually prefer the blue the most. You don’t even mention it

Jeff J says:

I was looking forward to seeing your review of this bag. I ordered late on Indiegogo, so expect my bag later this Summer

Ch Th says:

Hi Bo

Will you also review the new HEIMPLANET Transit travel pack?

Justin Hudgins says:

While I appreciate attention to details in reviews, I feel like comments on waterproofing are misplaced. How likely is it that you’re going to be in the rain with your bag for such an extended period of time? If it’s raining, I’m trying to get inside ASAP.

Zack Makai says:

would you mind doing a review of the mission workshop radian? at that price you would expect lots of reviews, but i can’t seem to find one that is as detailed as you would be.

Ed T says:

Hey Bo, awesome review! Curious what your final scoring is? C. Reeves savaged the pakt one with a 6.7 carryology rating.

kidbach says:

just get a playboy or penthouse magazine and tear out all the pictures and leave the articles, that’ll learn ’em. 😉 great hybrid bag, needs to make all colors top grade protection. thanks for sharing.

Warfarin says:

Great socks

mbu2006 says:

Hey Bo, wie hast du die Pakt bekommen? Mich schrecken die Transportkosten und ggf. noch anfallenden Zollgebühren sehr ab – ansonsten wäre ich super interessiert – kannst du hier deine Erfahrungen dazu teilen?

Thanh Ly says:

Which dopp kit do you use now?

S Ng says:

Thanks for another great review Bo. This is probably not for me as I prefer a backpack style. Recently a leisure trip for 4 days in a 26 litre Northface. While everyone was fighting for overhead space I put my bag under the seat. I did a beach / mountain day hike trip with binoculars and 2 cameras total under 7kg travel weight. For hiking I emptied out a lot of my bag. However for business I generally take 2 bags if going business class. Some tips for one bag travel. Try only ever taking 1 shoes plus flipflops. Wear the shoes. For the tech you have a tough choice. I would leave the keyboard at home for a short trip. And probably even the mouse. Usually a multibox and conversion plugs are needed for overseas travel. Camera gear I strip back as well. My work doesn’t require a camera so I use my phone or take smaller option. Try to minimise your just in case stuff but ymmv. Good luck with one bag travel!

Daddy Trump says:

Your videos are always on point. Great job. You need more subs. Keep up the good work.

Dave D says:

You took out your pouches and cubes at the hotel. How did the bag perform as a normal day bag when going to office? How do you think it would perform for people who are travelling for business but only really need to bring a laptop , charger, cables etc and don’t usually carry keyboards or camera gear?

Mo-AK says:

Hey Bo, I’m looking for a bag recommendation. I’m looking for a small/medium bag for when I’m wondering around the city. I love my LBB Peloton! But it can be a little bulky and heavy when going to a crowded bar or on long treks around the city. I’m looking for something that can hold a large water bottle, large battery, A5 notebook, and maybe a couple of beers or whatever. Bonus points if it’s a messenger bag that lays flat against my body. Essentially a man purse!

Thank you for another awesome video!

Arnau Via Martinez-seara says:

My main concern is that it does not meet european low cost carry-on size

Lukas Becker says:

Do the new Topo Designs Mountain Pack. They updated and it looks definitely worth checking out. Hope you make a video, thanks!

res mail says:

Nice one

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