The Best Travel Bag You Will Ever Buy!

THIS IS THE BEST TRAVEL BAG!! Patagonia bags are amazing!

Traveling can be a pain in the ass, and the rest of your body. I know I can’t stand it when I can’t fit everything I need into a carry-on bag when I am flying. This Patagonia travel bag is the solution to all your travel bag problems! Come find out how great this versatile Patagonia bag is!

Buy the Travel Bag:


**I could not find the EXACT one from this video since mine is a few years old, but the link above is the newest version of my bag. It’s called the I am afraid it may not have the cool detachable mesh “makeup” bag inside like mine did but it definitely has the same amount of room and pockets and is a three way versatile bag that can be a shoulder bag, held by the handle on top or a backpack and this one even hooks on to your rolling luggage! Go see!! IT COMES IN GREY OR BLACK! ALL THEIR BAGS ARE AMAZING AND FIT SO MUCH STUFF!!


1. Jenny Bird Herringbone Frida Collar: via
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2. Ava Geo Drop Pendant Necklace:
3. Sophie Harper Pave Square Studs in Silver via Rocksbox!
4. Rose Gold Apple Watch 42mm:
5. Stacked Silver Ring (discontinued but I found a similar style):

1. Geo Print Shell Shirt:
2. Kensie Front Panel Pants:

1. Mary Kay Blemish Toner:
2. Poo-Pourri:
3. Croc Straightening Iron THE BEST:
4. Steel-Boned Underbust Leather Corset:
5. Effaclar Face Wash:
6. Wet N Wild Pinkerbell Lipstick:

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thaboomer53 says:

How is it that you were putting some loose makeup in the side pockets that was supposed to be in a clear quart bag?

Tati Bosse says:

I want to talk again without please and good video I don’t miss your videos you’re good organizers

J B says:

I agree, it is the best bag I have ever used – however I am also getting rid of it, maybe for the same reason your boss did – there is a new version, Patagonia Headway MLC 45L that is improved with lots of extra features

Izzy K says:

It looks like you can fit so much in that bag! It looks perfect for travelling. Also, your nails are really nice in this video xxx

Lilliany Mendez says:

I am trying to watch the video but I keep looking at her contour and her mussels

Selman Selman says:

where you from?

Mark Howard says:

So, one thing.. you never actually said what model it was. I saw the Patagonia label, but they make lots of different bags. Sometimes a bit of research and a link to the product really help get you more views and subscribers.. because it makes it more informative and easier for people to actually FIND what you are recommending. 🙂 PS. I think it is called the Patagonia MLC.. maybe.

marika dudina says:

i just got a simple suitcase

Steven Basic says:

This bag looks great and I do need one – thanks I’ll look into it!

Aneeqa Hussain says:

You look great! Thumbs up xx

Osca Alva says:

that bag looks to big for a carry on bag for airplane is it a carry on 45 l
the best 1 bag carry on are the tom bihn 45 and the red oxx skytrain.

Collin Hayle says:

Very nice bag and video…trying to decide on the black or the blue.

Deb InPEI says:

Totally cool bag, but our airlines would classify it as a carry on, not a personal bag but I still love it.

AquariZ Music says:

Pretty dope!

tookie digger says:

your voice is really nice 😀

BeYourself Channel says:

You look so pretty…would you mind checking out my latest video and tell me what do you think about it? also would you like a sub 4 sub? 🙂

Natalie Guad says:

Great video!! This was so informative, I definitely need to look into this!!!

Annette Ford says:

Soo nice

Leonel Hernandez says:

Hello I like your video but I must say that there is a huge diference between personal item and a carry on….and this bag is more like a carry on for example if the measurements are around 22″by14″by9″. A “personal item” is smaller around 15″by14″by9″ and it shuould fit under the seat in front of you, in most airlines you can take One of each free of charge where the carry on you can placed in the overhead compartment while the personal item must be placed under the seat in front of you……I like your voice

Becca and the Key says:

Great video!! I have a channel too and would love to do a sub for sub and support each others channels?!

Richard Holman says:

Best of luck trying to get through security packed like that.

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