ProGo Travel Bag Review – For Cameras, Laptops, Tripods, Shoes!?

The ProGo Travel Bag is one of the most versatile serve-all-purposes backpacks I’ve ever seen. By the end of this review, I was starting to question whether I needed real human friends at all.

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Sebas van Oosterhout says:

who comes up with these intros? always funny

Ameer Mahmood says:


rex ang says:

ProGo ProGo ProGo Pro

charles turner says:

did nVidia design this? because a powerbar and chargers in a bag are 100% housefire

Altecfenix says:

Yeah this is pretty damn cool. Travel with this and a briefcase. Done.

Dkm666Sr520 says:

Looks Nice

SlavjanA says:

Gimmie da SSD plox m80s

paritosh srivastava says:

I *NEED* that bag

gameflux says:

Cool !

Fiona Florence says:

For a traveller this bag is much needed, lot of space inside.

SD 110 says:

Central Pahk!

xor415 says:

Modular drug bag

CelmorSmith says:

I don’t really like prototypes or pre-versions of the finished product reviewed, promises can be always made that they’re done in the consumer version but then actually review the consumer version or ask for it specifically.

SpiderLoserr says:

Dank meme

kevyn kollom says:


Debojyoti Jana says:

Hay is this Backpack available in India ?
I really want it! :'(

MajorinkPeoples says:

You should really state the price first before you waste my time

ResaRestart says:

umm yeah small animals

Kenneth Meyers says:

$400 is no sale. Funny ass review!

Brian Vinci says:

Update 2/10/17: ups’d it back over a month ago no refund and no word from customer service. They issued me an RA# and it’s confirmed received by them through UPS.
Had to get the bank involved.
Yep I think they are going under.
Update: Returned. Total cost to return $94
You’ll eat what it cost to ship it to you ($20). You’ll eat a 15% restock fee and the cost to ship it to them. Be REAL SURE you want it and it meets your needs. The cost to return this is very high.
Interesting bag, just got it in. Has some cool features as advertised, what it lacks is finesse. The stitching has an almost uneveness to it, so even on the web photos it looks lumpy. This does not lend this owner to believe its got the engineering to last. The best way i can describe this, is to go take a well known and engineered brand like pelican, lowepro or samsonite, disassemble it and then restitch it together and thats the real appearance. It really is quite unimpressive.
The bluetooth thing is a waste, too many other options for loss if thats a concern. And it seems most units are not coming with it anyway, mine didn’t and no offer from the company to send it or compensate in anyway.
The laptop pocket in the back is deep and dark. Cant see anything in there. There are several pockets in there to store items you’ll never be able to find. You will need a flashlight to find stuff.
The powerbar thing; unsure how safe it would be to have a powerbar in your bag especially if there are any paper products in the back compartment as well. Or paperclips that fall out etc. You can think of several really unsafe, scary scenarios.
Outside pocket, fairly useless; the zipper opening doesnt open far enough to get your hand in it, so anything in the bottom of that pocket is going to be very hard to get.
Overall its a solid $75 choice but its NOWHERE engineered in the above $125 price range. Yeah I know its listed for $399, if you pay that we need to talk. Thats a totally overblown price tag. I got it for $215 plus shipping which i think after seeing it was still way high. Set your expectations for some sloppily stitched together nylon canvas.

Nahuel Juárez says:

RGB light go!

maxesman0626 says:


Aj Nicholas says:

Going to start traveling on a motorcycle and I’m trying to find a bag that will fit a 15 inch macbook, dji ronin m, and a7sii do you think it will fit??

Benjamin Bautista says:

It needs an RGB fucntion.

Rehuel Galzote says:

Can I put some meat there?

Khalil Doumane says:

i gona put food on this backpack

Alvis Gwa says:

but can u go pro with pro go

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