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R Brice says:

Thanks for the advice. I just bought one. Headed your way in a few weeks.

KJ Burton says:

Is this the full size bag or the sport?

Daniel Pasterp says:

I just received my Loctote bag today! I’m so happy!

Dad Fan says:

I don’t think this product is secure at all. I had a similar bag (not the same one). First of all, that lock is a toy. It is a three digit combo and you can break it open in a couple of minutes, or just open it with a hammer. The real problem with this is you have to hide it somewhere but if you put it somewhere (like on the bed frame) a thief will notice it right away and know something valuable is there. It also is kind of unusual looking and I wouldn’t be surprised if cleaning lady or somebody saw it they would think it was a bomb or drugs or a weapon. There are better ways to protect valuables while traveling. I’m sure its good enough to protect against a PI lady while you’re sleeping but nothing more than that.

WILL G says:

If that company didn’t pay you to do this video, then they should have. Thank you for that invaluable travel tip. I would probably have more to say, but I need to see more about this product right now………….

Mike Corbett says:

I was explaining to somebody the other day that, at least where I live, this is plenty secure for me and if somebody has a better idea, I’d like to hear it. Behind a wall and locked gate, somebody would have to both see it and plan on having a way to break the lock, when they come over the wall. The combination of events that would result in losing my stuff would require a very prepared thief willing to take a lot of risk.

I certainly agree that a skilled hotel room burglar would have no trouble defeating this security measure, it’s far safer than anything short of the hotel safe or room safe.

wolfgangshr says:

The part of this bag which is not save is this shown padlock! I know a friend who is able to open every padlock of this style (without a key) in lower than ten minutes. A padlock with a key is also not really save but better like this one.

Traveler says:

Expensive, so it is an investment.
One lost passport wouold be more expensive. that alone the hassle of replacement.

James Carl says:

The lock looks cheap, plus when you had it inside out the cables around the bag are knotted up on the inside. Looks like it can be untied easy

Byron Watts says:

If I don’t trust my guest I’m in the wrong place

Stephen ABM says:

Good info and positive.

stephen croft says:

Mate a great idea thanks.
As we all know nothing is 100% guaranteed except Death and Taxes ,I will put my order in as soon as I finish this response,not only is it great for the rooms ,house ! when I take off bush or to the city in my vehicle ,it can and will be attached to my vehicle ,a great way for temporary firearm storage as well.

glenn cooper says:

false safety,if thiefs etc want someones valueblas they will get it no matter what kind of bag they are in,

Greg Kiser says:

I saw your vid on the Loc tote last year and purchased one!!! Great bag!!! Thanks!!!

NyCalKid NyCalKid says:

We noticed that you’re not using it as your everyday backpack. We’re wondering under what circumstances you actually found it to be the most useful?

Jim Claire says:

Wow, seems like agreat item to have. Can you boost the details, (please).

All About The Philippines says:

Some people finding faults in this, well nothing is 100% but this is a far better option than your average backpack where they can easily cut a strap and take the bag. I have heard many people who have bought this and all give great reviews 🙂

Tactical Lala says:

When locked could I unzip the RFID compartment, break the credit cards apart and squeeze the narrow pieces out through the top to get them digits?

De Rossi says:

Is this a reupload?

Mark Brimble says:

Rickay, Just for your information. They are not Grommets they are Eyelets. 🙂

Bruce Boggan says:

Appears to be a cool bag… $130 just seems a bit steep for it… Thanks

Aniceto Pontillas says:

Nice review on the Loctote but have you ever use a underarm shoulder holster wallet (bag) or anything similar?

John Yamas says:

Have you tried the new cut proof tee shirts that Loctote came out with?

LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines says:

See the Full Line of Loctote Bags here;
Get info on my PH Bachelor’s video series here;

Daniel Pasterp says:

I ordered it a few days ago. I can’t wait to use it! That’s the terminator of the bags! Lol

jim morrison says:

129.00 on Amazon is it cheaper anywhere else?

Outback Dave says:

So can we have an update on what you think after having the bag for a few weeks?

Palle Terran says:

I just want to talk about this bag for a minute. It’s true I don’t “need” it but it’s the best buy I have made before my 4 months stay in southeast Asia. For ex, when I’m on a bus or at the airport I can just fall asleep with the cables around my arm and never have to worry about if my stuff is going to be there when I open my eyes. In my room a thief would need to break a pipeline or spend 10 minutes to figure out the code (and is that really going to happen??).
There is one thing I didn’t think of though: if I’m going out and there’s no safety box where I stay because I use only this bag and a big bag… I will try to find a small safety pocket that can hold only a wallet and a passport. Even if I use the safety box on the hotel, how can I really be sure some staff don’t steal my identity or credit card numbers?

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