Peak Design Travel Bag:

0:40 Nomatic Travel Bag

1:05 Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel

3:52 GoRuck GR2

7:30 My Favorite Pouches:

13:04 Heimplanet Monolith 40L

17:54 Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack

21:15 Tortuga Setout Divide

24:36 Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45L

27:34 Chase’s Favorite Laptop Sleeves

28:26 Aer Travel Pack 2.0

31:47 Minaal Carry On

35:20 Heimplanet Transit

36:09 OpposeThis Invisible Carry On

37:03 Millican Smith Rolltop

39:07 Boundary Supply Prima


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The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools
Luggage redefined: a carry-on Travel Backpack and system of Packing Tools designed around the idea that no two trips are the same.

We’re Peak Design. We create thoughtful and delightful solutions for carrying your stuff. Crowdfunding keeps us independent of outside investment, letting us prioritize world-class design, engineering, and customer satisfaction. This is our 8th Kickstarter and these are our best products yet.

The Travel Line from Peak Design
Unmatched versatility, access, organization and aesthetics, all from a company born during a trip around the world and run by a bunch of fidgety ramblers.

Made for Any Traveler
At Peak, we design gear that we ourselves want to use. Like our customers, we’re a mishmash of creatives, urbanites, parents, dirtbags…often all of the above. That’s why we created a system of packing tools that let you endlessly customize your setup so can carry what you want where you want, and access it whenever you need it.

Travel Backpack 45L

Packing Tools
As prolific travelers, we designed the Travel Backpack 45L to adapt to the endless variety of trips we take. But we didn’t stop there. Our full range of Packing Tools (available in our “Bundle” Rewards) take organization and efficiency to the next level. Our Packing Tools are also future-proof: planned future Peak Design Travel Bags will utilize the Cubes and Pouches we are introducing here.


Chico says:

Hey Chase, i could really need your help on this. I’m going on a 2 week long trip troughout south-europe in about a week and i must admit that i prepared everything but a proper backpack.

i love the concept of wandrd and the peakdesign, however, i can’t get the wandrd anywhere in europe (living in germany) and the peakdesign isn’t available till december. the nomatic however looks way too techy for me and i think the non-padded backside is a no-go when going for a hike.

is there any alternative, available in europe, that you could think of? i need space for a sony a7 together with just one zoomlens and a mavic drone. ontop of that i have to be able to take clothes for at least a week. so probably at least 40L capacity? thanks so much!

Gregory Yurkin says:

You are crazy, man )))

nanda pradana says:

Hey Chase.. Do you have any recommendation for 2 in 1 bag or modullar bag? A bag that enough for 1 week travelling (40~45L) but also have detachable bag for laptop.

Gary Everett says:

Awesome stuff and thanks for going “full time” and doing much more lately. Finally pulled the trigger on a GR2 and looking forward. I would really love to see your take on more of the Filson brand. Backpacks this time. There’s really not much out there and you have exactly the type of review style that would do them justice. I live in Europe so many of these bags are not as available to buy and send back… you need to really make a good decision and stay with it or you end up paying a lot of tax and customs fees.

E.B. Farnum says:

Fantastic comparison video Chase. I’ve spent countless hours over the past week researching the perfect travel backpack for my purposes. I wanted a bag that’s not only functional and high-quality but also stylish and minimal. I narrowed down my choices to the Aer, Peak, & the Mission Workshop Fitzroy VX. I’ve switched my “final pick” around 50 times already. I really love the look of Mission Workshop backpacks and also the quality “Made in USA” construction, but they don’t seem nearly as functional or practical as the other 2 (not to mention damn expensive), so I eventually eliminated it.

Even though the Aer and Peak are somewhat similar in terms of their unobtrusive design, the Aer IMO looks quite a bit sleeker & minimal and also has a more proportional, less clunky form-factor than the Peak. The Peak seems to be just a bit more feature-rich, but the Aer still has all the major, essential features. I’ve decided that I would get the best of both worlds and buy the Aer TP 2, but I also plan on ordering Peak’s Tech Pouch and Packing Cubes because they seem amazing & thanks to your video, I know now that they also fit perfectly side-by-side inside of the Aer.

Appreciate all the work and enthusiasm you put into your videos! You definitely seem like the type of Youtube personality that should have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you become that popular in the near-future.

David M. Bush says:

The GoRuck shoulder straps are like a warm hug. Not really any other way to describe it. It’s kind of an emotional and comforting feeling.

William Harrison says:

Hey Chase, Can you also review Instinct Backpack? It has very similar function as the Peak Design Travel Line do. They were funded on Kickstarter even before the Travel Line.

Rattanak Song says:

Thank you Chase, this is very informative.

Dedalus11973 says:

Chase fantastic comparison. My only gripe with the Peak design bag is its weight. 2kgs is A LOT for something that it’s supposed to be carry on. Particularly in Europe where airlines have a 10kg limit or less for carry ons. In your opinion, among all the bags you’ve reviewed in this video which is the lightest one? Thanks again for all your work!

NorthernAvenger says:

Hmm. Was the expand option of the Peak bag not used to keep it within carry on limits when illustrating how much the different bags could fit? It’s supposed to add 10L to the overall capacity.

Jose G. says:

Again mate, you are the best! eres el mejor!!

Ivan Kuo says:

Watched the whole thing fam. Love your style of review dawg. I feel like we could kick it over a couple of beers and fawn over design! Also the peak is quite tempting…I might be sold.

Tyler Weston says:

Watched the whole daggum thing and I would gladly do it again. Well done.

Chase- do you still prefer the tb a30 or do you now like the a45 for a big, one bag travel…bag? Thx!

drzausable says:

Great reviews. After watching, I didn’t think it was such a long video, then I realized I had watched the whole thing at 2x speed. Still intelligible (credit to you Chase!), I just assumed someone had slipped you cocaine before the shoot…

Hollow says:

Hey man, watched the entire video. Very excited to see the Millican bag review. I have the 18L version of that bag and it’s surprisingly spacious, hard-wearing and lightweight. Cheers

Chasing the Wind says:

awesome, keep it up 🙂

Elaine D says:

Even though​ the GoRuck costs so much more, I honestly think it would last longer than the Peak Design Bag, and I bet it’s more comfortable too. Having said that, Heimplanet is also a good option and much cheaper than the GoRuck. Maybe the Heimplanet is the way to go.

John Oliver says:

Hey bag guru can u enlight m or tell me the meaning of 20L in the bag vocabulary pls

Oni G. says:

How about the goruck gr3?

Always Orange says:

Great video. Would love to know which bag you actually use at the moment.

Luiz Felipe Ungericht says:


Jing Xiang Zhang says:

I am happy with my Wandrd hexad access. But those module design and waterproof pouches in Peak design look so nice. How do you like the straps of these two bags? which do you feel more comfortable with?

Nathan Steele says:

watched the whole thing love your videos

B K says:

Chase – what are your thoughts on the Peak Design Travel v the PRVKE 31L from Wandrd? I’m 50/50 on the both of these… need some help!

msandls says:

Still watching! Woot!

KokariOokami says:

I get what you’re saying about keeping the comfy straps- but sometimes, even with travel bags, it’s nice to be able to tuck those aways easily 😉 Great Video

Chris C says:

Chase, could you tell me how the Peak Design Packing Cubes fit into the Boundary Supply Errant? Can you fit both of those packing cubes into the Errant and still have room for a Dopp Kit or the Peak Design Tech Pouch? Thanks! I love your content, and keep up the great work!

Chase Kregor says:

Such a great video. Thanks so much!

Keith Holman says:

Id totally buy a “business papers” T-shirt… Just sayin

Mr. Karpenter says:

nice comparison

Eric Van de Steeg says:

Killing it. My wife keeps rolling her eyes when she catches me watching your bag reviews again. Watched the whole thing. Keep it up!

Alex Bowen Creative says:

Cant wait for the wandrd vs peak showdown!

Adam Young says:

Can these bags hold a full size 1L Nalgene bottle in their designated water bottle pouch? I’m currently looking at the boundary supply and the aer travel 2.0 to travel to Europe but it’s going to take some work to get down into the boundary when traveling with my small camera kit (small dslr and two lenses).

This whole video was awesome. Just a massive comparison to see what they all fit. Thank you.

Andrew Jenson says:

Watched til end! Keep up the good work! GREAT INSIGHTS!

Elaine D says:

I am beginning to think the Peak Design bag isn’t for me. I am leaning toward the Heimplanet or something similar that can be carried as a travel pack and as an all-day​ pack. Any recommendation for an all around bag for all of it? Oh, and it has to carry a laptop.

Vanessa Balagtas says:

You’re my Bob Ross of bag reviews. Something so relaxing about watching you frantically fit pouches and business papers into bags.

David M. Bush says:

Shimminy christmas, finally got to the end of this video. Chase you need to re-title this video as Peak Design vs Wandrd vs GoRuck vs Nomatic vs ALL TEH BAGS

klatrefjell says:

This is the backpack I have been looking for! Selling my Nomatic!

Tiago Martino says:

Hi Chase! I started looking at traveling backpacks recently and your videos have been extremely helpful. I was thinking of going with the hexad access but I figured I should ask you about the Ethnotek Raja 46L first. I really sympathize with their company but they dont do much on advertising :/ Have you ever used them? and would it maybe be possible to make a bag review on them? Thanks man, I appreciate your channel!

Matt Seigel says:

best video evaarrrrr

TheTMKF says:

Watched the whole thing. Super helpful. You’re doing God’s work!

Jesus Rodriguez says:

Dude you rock! Thanks for this in-depth comparison, super helpful!

Jeremy Bedine says:

I watched the entire video bro. Really really impressive breakdown of bags….sort of a passion of mine. If I could rewind my life, I would have gotten into the bag business long ago.

Kerri Blaser says:

Another killer video!!!! Love seeing all the bags packed with the same packing cubes. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Cressy says:

Hey Dude- do you plan on doing a review on the “Standard Luggage Co. – Carry On” seems like it has potential but would like the Chase seal of approval first.

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