Patagonia Headway MLC Bag Review

This is a review of the patagonia Headway MLC bag and backpack. It’s a huge bag for travel across the world. Enjoy!

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Here’s some more info from their website

A rugged soft-sided suitcase that converts to a backpack, holds three to five days’ worth of gear and meets most carry-on requirements.

Standing in line at the carousel is best left for the state fair. That’s why we designed the Headway MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On)—the most versatile travel bag you’ll ever stuff into an overhead bin. This soft-sided carry-on bag holds three to five days’ worth of clothes, opens like a book for easy packing and meets airline carry-on size requirements so you can get in and out as fast as possible. An internal, padded sleeve holds most 17″ laptops and doubles as a clothing organizer. The main compartment features two separate pockets for easier packing, access, and organization. A second zippered pocket keeps shoes separate from clothing. Two exterior pockets organize the essentials and include features to hold keys, electronics, travel documents, wallet and phone. Multiple carrying options include a padded shoulder strap that can be worn on one shoulder or across the chest bandolier style; zip-away, ergonomic shoulder straps that convert the MLC to a backpack so you can easily make a sprint through crowds; and top and side handles for a briefcase carry. An integrated docking sleeve slides over telescoping luggage handles. Made from 9.25-oz 940-denier CORDURA® Ballistic nylon with a polyurethane coating and lined with 3.3-oz 200-denier 100% polyester. Both fabrics have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Superdurable CORDURA® Ballistic nylon for puncture- and abrasion-resistance
Main zippered compartment opens like a book and features two separate compartments for easy packing, access and organization
Second zippered compartment holds shoes
Two small zippered pockets organize essentials; third pocket with key clip provides easy access to tickets and passport; fourth pocket sits flat for documents and magazines
Three carrying options: backpack style with ergonomic shoulder straps that tuck neatly into a zippered compartment; shoulder-bag style with comfortable shoulder strap; briefcase style with two carry handles
Rear sleeve allows you to slip the tote on and off rolling luggage handles

Body: 9.25-oz 940-denier CORDURA® Ballistic 100% nylon with polyurethane coating

Lining: 3.3-oz 200-denier 100% polyester

Both treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish

1425 g (50.3 oz)


Cairo Liu says:

really like your videos. Could you please review the Tom Bihn SYNAPSE 25 bag?

Luan Vianna says:

Please make a video review from the Osprey Farpoint 40!

Taro Taguchi says:

Excellent review and I like your upbeat energy! The bag is huge, haha. It’d definitely make a great travel bag.

Rosalyn Anderson says:

Could you do a review on the incase eo travel backpack? I’m going to be doing some of my first traveling to Europe soon and I was looking into the outbreaker, aer, and the eo travel backpack to use. your videos have already helped me by taking the aer out of the running and I would love to hear your thoughts on the eo!

Thank you!!!

flpmrtnz says:

I like the xtra space for souvenirs and any other shit I can bring back home

Arturo Diliz says:

Please review redwing 50 reserve keep the good work

B S says:

“you can get a Compaq in here”

Matt Priven says:

Great review #supertrain

RefinedWisdom says:

Dude, your channel is the bees knees. We will get you some more subs, don’t worry! 😉

AimToBalance says:

love your bag review i find them very helpful. Do you have any future plans to review the incase EO travel bag?

Wandering Adventurer says:

I just love the way u review shit! Funny yet down to earth. U really keep the interest of your viewers and enjoy the details & added funny stuff!!

Luis Lozada says:

Dude please review the Synapse 25

Stephanie Grabowski says:

Does this bring a hip strap? or can a hip strap be attached?

Luther Cale says:

Chase, you are killing it on all these bag reviews lately! Thanks for all the work you put into them. Informative, entertaining, and you actually show all the pockets, show the bags packed, show them worn on the body. Imagine that! Best on the Web, as far as I’m concerned. I have an old MEI Voyageur that reminds me a little bit of this MLC (but even less organization and invented before laptops were even a thing, but shockingly good stowable straps and hip belt). It is definitely good for a very specific type of trip, which is what I use it for. Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work.

pblockification says:

And there you have it !!!

NorthernAvenger says:

Most entertaining in-depth bag reviews on the intertubes. Any interest in the Peak Design Everyday line or are you focusing on larger bags? Please never fire the screaming segment man, he’s doing God’s work.

m4mario says:

Please review the hylete icon 6-in-1 backpack 60.

Chris Wong says:

which do you like more for air travel this or the black hole duffel?

Edward Lee says:

Hey Chase, keep up the good work! Could you please do a review on the kp zero g backpack?

James Sharkk says:

just found you! best Review ever!

kernalsharp says:

Thought someone made a copycat brand called Padagonia for a sec

Marius Hofert says:

Good idea, but useless without a (weight-transferring) hip belt and more padded straps

fergus flory says:

yeah please review incase eo travel backpack

uconnapharm says:

if one used this bag as a CHECK-IN Bag , not a carry-on ; does it still have the durability to repeatedly handle baggage handlers , airport loaders and , cargo area of the airplane environments ?


Would love to see more commute bags reviews.

Rigo Soto says:

Hilariously, super informative, and just amazing overall. I didn’t even know I wanted this bag until I saw this video. Reviews on other gear or gadgets that use daily or just for travel would be amazing as well!

Carmen Thong says:

Kudos from Malaysia, thoroughly enjoying your reviews – extremely well made and brimming with charisma!

Would be super interested to know what you think of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack and the Hylete Icon 6-in-1.

Dean Guld says:

Can you review the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Weekender Bag next?

Michael Webber says:

For a while I experimented with one-bags this size (MLC but an earlier edition; Outdoor Products/Campmor; Steves with handy compression straps).

This is a VERY efficient way to travel when faced with a 7.5kg weight limit – these fabric “carry-ons” or “wheel-less wheelies” weigh only 2.5-3.0 pounds vs. 8-10 pounds for typical wheelies.

In order to pass muster at the ticket counter, I would carry the MLC or one-bag by handle, no shoulder strap and backpack straps tucked away. My “personal item” would be a small daypack, about 22L, on my back.

Believe it or not, once when wearing the MLC with backpack straps deployed and my daypack by handle, I got challenged for carrying two carryons – the agent was counting by “type” of bag (backpack straps) instead of “size” of bags. I never had this problem, on the other hand, when the MLC or other one-bag was in pure streamlined suitcase mode. Then their brains coded the MLC as a “wheel-less wheelie” (check!) and the daypack as a personal item (check1). Go figure.

My abiding gripe with the MLC was the huge waste of space for the laptop slot, given that I carry nothing larger than an 11.6″ notebook. The MLC is designed for up to a whopping 17.3″ laptop!

viajer m says:

Great review, excellent job like always.

t2p says:

Just got one ☝️ Black Hole MLC in Black can’t wait to use it …. also subbed

Straw Boss says:

11:16 Patagonia will not blindly replace products, they will pay or split the cost of repairs with you it is part of their environmental policies to not just replace and throw away.

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