Pakt One Travel Bag Massive Review!


Pakt One Travel bag

6:22 Filson 24hr Briefcase

10:23 Waterfield Bolt Backpack

19:34 Tom Bihn dual pouch

22:59 Wandrd Hexad Duffel

26:20 YNOT deploy packable backpack

26:30 YNOT swoop laptop sleeve

27:37 Wandrd Hexad Duffel

28:03 Patagonia MLC

29:07 Tom Bihn Aeronaut

30:07 GoRuck GR2


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More from their website:
PAKT One: The Only Travel Bag You’ll Ever Want
Lightweight. Durable. Stylish. Organized. Travelers, meet your new sidekick.

The Pakt One keeps the same innovative duffel/suitcase design of the original Getaway, which allows you to easily see and access everything you packed at a glance.

The size and shape of the bag also remain the same, but we’ve updated it to be even lighter and more durable, with upgraded hardware and state-of-the-art, animal-friendly fabrics.

We’ve also added thoughtful features designed to ease some of the hassles of modern travel. By helping you stay organized and giving you easy access to your stuff, this bag can actually make your traveling experience easier.

Keep travel simple.

In 2011, Malcolm Fontier produced a limited edition run of the Getaway, a bag that combined the portability of a duffel with the organization of a suitcase. The bag gained serious fans — including Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists — because of its groundbreaking duffel/suitcase hybrid design. Now they have teamed up to bring it back.


Alexander Riabokon says:

это просто сумка с 7-го километра

MRCnyc1 says:

that tsa pouch thing is MIND BLOWIN

Xenofilius Lunekjær says:

This one looks like the duffle I’ve been looking for. Thanks McReeves! Wouldn’t the inner (zipped) pockets inside both main compartments be perfect for an extra pair of shoes/sandals, or are they definitely too small for that?

Joseph Pitt says:

That internal pocket? Maybe it’s for the people that can’t leave home without their great great grandmas wedding ring from the old country…a little hidey hole for some extra cash maybe? A place for those always need ya never wanna see ya’s? (I feel like I’ve heard that before somewhere…)

Fadi B says:

You just made my day man!! 😀

Tiggerish Tompkins says:

What just happened with the desk???

Sekuso Sekuso says:

When is part 2 hehe.

Eddie Martinelli says:

Cool desk

MrBelongings says:

The ultimate deal breaker is when I have to bring a second bag. For it just not a true one bag experience. Not a fan of having the second bag along with it. I can see the appeal in that you never really have to unpack. For me, paying the prices I pay for these bags, it needs to do double duty to justify it’s cost. Just my 2 cents

Frohman says:

Another awesome review! Thanks for the heads up on the bag being veg friendly too. Would be cool if you could let us know for each bag whether that is the case. Maybe just in the description down low or something. Thanks! It’s the reason I went with the black peak design everyday backpack.

Blaine D. says:

You have three candles, two wine bottles, and two Gorilla pods on the shelf in the background. 3 + 2 + 2 = 7. I’m the seventh person to like this video. PROOF OF ILLUMINATI! #travelbagilluminatipropoganda

Jeff J says:

Hey brother! I’ve been hoping you’d get this bag to review. I learned about this bag watching The Minimalists and thought the bag seemed perfect.
I used your affiliate link and purchased.
This looks like the perfect weekender, use it with the Minaal or Aer EDC backpack and your good to go.
Keep the videos coming!

MRCnyc1 says:

Business papers notification squad!!

Krysin says:

This bag looks damn nice, looked at the other colors and that grey is stunning

Arnau Via Martinez-seara says:

Great review! Wrong video name! Kinda worried about where I would put my business papers. Thank you chase for being such a crazy guy

Benoit Potvin says:

This coupled with the Baron Fig.. oh.. oh yes…

Pepe Barajas says:

This bag is shit

Yul Vazquez says:

Best reviews…you keep convincing me to buy bags…

Pratik Khairnar says:

Check out Timbuk2 Never Check Briefcase Duffel. Same idea different execution. Same price tho. I’d pick the Pakt One.

Islam Askar says:

I really enjoy your videos, could you please review this one from Swiss Gear for us?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Kaige says:

God, this bag is sexy.

Carlos Rivas says:

Awesome review. Kinda disappointed to hear the carryall doesn’t feel nice, hope to get your review on that bag soon. Great work as always​ Chase.

Harry Stamas says:

Chase, would love a review of the Agile Backpack if you can get your hands on one:

Craig Watson says:

Never thought I’d be so rock hard for everything clamshell. It really did blow my mind a little to see it on a duffel just like you said. LOL.

Gary Martin says:

Nice looking bag, buy my shoulder hurts just looking at it ;(

Matthew de Paula says:

my business papers

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